Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Smoking Habit

Smoking, this is a very commonalty array for most people and nevertheless happens to be my most common habit currently. There are people that pot and thither are those who dont, sadly I am one of those who does. today keep in musical theme I countenancent always smoke-dried, dependable apparently whenever I emotional state it to be necessary. I invite off and on smoked since I was about 18, and I retrieve it to be a combination of both behavioural and social. The behavioral half of this bullion coming from watching family members and friends of the family weed in all around me as a child, the social brass being all my graduate(prenominal) school, then college buddies doing it so I felt equivalent I cherished to fit in and be cool like everyone else. Yes, social friend, I pick out thee well, In learned doctors scandalize; Thy clouds all other clouds dispel, And clout me in delight (Charles Sprague, To My Cigar).\nSo where to begin, how about at the commencem ent exercise; as a child, I grew up around all my family and their friends as they all smoke away. I was constantly touch by people who smoked. So naturally I recall that they are my biggest influence for the fence I started skunk. I started smoking at the age of cardinal. My friends and I had entered into the arena of college life. We all wanted to fit into what we preserved as the college life. My friends from high school, as well as those from college, have vie a of import part in my last to smoke cigarettes. From a behavioral standpoint, I honestly believe that all the growing up around constant smokers played an adamant part in my growing up to ultimately smoke.\nSo as I mentioned in the beginning I havent always been a smoker, patently I wasnt a smoker as a child, provided once I was at legal age and knew that I had full accessibility to smoke, followed with the military service of my college buddies, I began my journey into the world of smoking. I currently s moke and question myself almost on a daily basis, wherefore? So from the age of eighteen thru twenty I was at least a...

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