Friday, May 3, 2019

Bus Lw AM Wk 5 6 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Bus Lw AM Wk 5 6 7 - quiz Example2. The Liebeck v. McDonalds case is a perfect illustration of the modern civil justice transcription which allows the individuals to rise for their rights against the autonomy of big corporate companies. In my opinion, the award of punitive damages in attachment to the compensatory damages was sufficiently justified but $2.7 million is an outrageous amount of money for such case. The decisiveness of the judge to reduce the punitive award was reasonable as this case might have guide to several similar cases where a person might have caused intentional damage to himself in hopes of abundant reimbursement sums.3. Privacy is a big concern for public figures, and the invasion of personal space is the violation of their rights as a human being. The law must offer more privacy to such individuals by oblation strict action against paparazzi photographers and media personnel. Loss of privacy should not be considered a price of success at all. The publica tion of any material (photograph or written) regarding the private life of celebrities must be prohibited unless a proper consent is acquired.1. An employees defamation in front of a potential employer without any outlet of privilege from the employee is the issue. There are strict laws against employers who endanger or damage their employees reputations by conveying fictive information to other potential employers or co-workers. The victimized employee can sue the employer for defamation. Since Gates was never turn out guilty of theft therefore, the allegations made against him might be false. To post notices around the office, or mentioning the allegations to another play alongs personnel officer, thus, would not only be unethical but also make me probable for a defamation lawsuit.2. The legal issue is the wrongful detention for doubt of shoplifting. The existing rules establish the social movement of sufficient probable cause for guards action. The woman was approached by t he guard,

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