Saturday, June 8, 2019

Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World Essay - 1

Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World - Essay ExampleThe US embassy in capital of Iraq was built to these specifications. It was designed by Josep Serts taking into consideration the need to protect the building and staff and be able to withstand explosions at the same time. Serts adventuresome design was to crown the ambassadors residence with a spectacular concrete canopy. The canopy as seen from an aerial view, evoked some striking geometric patterns that highlighted the ceramic tiles and timber inlay. In addition, the concrete canopy was constructed to specifications that would provide protection for the ambassador and staff, should there be an aerial attack. On the other hand, the US embassy in Baghdad is a fortress that few can see. Such a building in Iraq defied the Islamic architectural traditions and instilled little confidence in the government. Furthermore, critics argue that the Americans built the US embassy with its security modifications in order to signi fy its strength and impose its will on the surrounding areas. Also, in some opinions, the embassy depicts one of the most beautiful and wellhead designed modernist structures in the region. In conclusion, the rise of the US embassy in Baghdad symbolized a successful architectural experiment for the region, which paved the way for further revolution decades later, with thought-provoking and original Western influenced

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