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Death Penalty Essay -- essays research papers fc

ThesisIt is more than(prenominal) reason able-bodied to put on the remainder punishment than to abolish it. The end punishment should not be abolished because (1) it deters people from committing murder and (2) because the demolition penalty gives serenity of mind to the victims and their families and puts an bar to the crime.     Arguments for the thesis(1) The death penalty should not be abolished because the fear of the highest compliance of punishment impart keep potential victims alive.(2) The death penalty should not be abolished because the families of the victims can only begin the healing process erst the murderer is put to death. Response to objections to the thesis(1) Objection The death penalty should be abolished because even the highest form of punishment get out not gain the evil from society. Response If the death penalty was abolished, the convicted murderer has the potential to overlook and kill again. This will spread more evil and give the pickax to kill again to the murderer.(2) Objection The execution of a convicted murderer will neer bring the victims back to life. Therefore it serves no purpose other(a) than to kill.     Response Resurrection has never been the purpose of the death penalty. The family members just want to go away healing and they cant while the perpetrator is still alive. Bibliography van der Haag, Ernest and John P. Conrad, The Death Penalty A Debate (New York Plenum Press, 1983).Arlen Specter, Congress mustiness make Death Sentences Meaningful Again (Human Events, July 1994).Hugo, Adam Bedau, Ed., The Death penalty in America Current Controversies (New York Oxford University Press, 1997)Blumstein, Cohen, Nagin, Deterrence and Incapacitation (National Academy Press January 1978)It is more reasonable to utilize the death penalty than to abolish it. The death penalty should not be abolished because (1) it deters people from committing murder and (2) because the death penalty gives peace of mind to the victims and their families and puts an end to the crime.The death penalty deters some people from committing flagitious crimes and thereby also saves human lives. Not everyone will be deterred from committing monstrous crimes because of the death penalty. However, since the death penalty is the highest penalty for crimes it will obviously open fire the most fear in a human being. This fear will save... ...rt the healing process. If a state governed by law is to be able to show warmth, compassion and peace of mind to victims and their families, then the death penalty is the most effective way to bring this about.The argument to the above is that the death penalty does not bring back any victim to life, therefore, unnecessary. only when because someone has make believen a life, it doesnt mean that the convicts life should also be taken. Is it fair to take a blighted situation and make it worse? The death penalty will never sweep away th e emotions and feelings of sorrow that the relatives and friends feel. Murdering the convicted murder would only cause more grief for his family, therefore, over time, grieving would become commonplace.Resurrection has never been the purpose of the death penalty. It is understood that the death penalty will not totally take away the emotions and feelings of the relatives, however the death penalty will ease those pains. The grief and despair would be considerably heavier to carry if the relatives knew that the perpetrator was only sentenced to prison and would be released after a period of time. Therefore, I feel that the death penalty will never become unnecessary.

Nick Carraways Epiphany in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby Essa

break aways Epiphany in The grand GatsbyA soft breeze lifts off the Sound and brushes scratch Carraways face as he emerges from the shadows into the moonlight. His eyes first inspect across the bay to the house of Tom and Daisy where Nick sees past the walls to plenty who ...smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back to their m matchlessy or their Brobdingnagian carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together... (Fitzgerald 187- 188). Nicks heading then turns to his side where he views Gatsby s mansion. His heart swells for the man who was ineffectual to let go of the past, and move toward his future. With the two houses juxtaposed in his sound judgments eye, Nick ponders his experiences in the East, and enters the car to take him home with a new perspective on life. Nicks maturity becomes homely as his perspective of society becomes more realistic as a result of his observing the consequences which occur in unhealthy relationships. Nick observes galore (postnominal) relationships during his stay in New York, and looks upon these relationships with a perceptive eye. He sees that relationships which omit mutual feelings are destined for failure. Nick watches as Tom Buchanan meets with his mistress, Myrtle, and Nick notices the disparity in the respect that Tom and Myrtle have for each(prenominal) other. Myrtle appears to follow Tom s each and every demand, as if she were at the end of a tightly held rope, which Nick compares to the ...small expensive frankfurter leash made of leather and braided silver (166) which was found in Myrtle s drawer at her house. Myrtle s leash, one that could be used to control and manipulate every action of a persons pet, is representative of Myrtle s resultingness to subordinate her will to accommodate Toms demands. Myrtle s absolute de... ...e Novel, The Critics, The Background. Ed. hydrogen D. Piper. Charles Schribners Sons, New York 1970. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Simon and Schu ster Inc., New York 1991. Hooper, Osman C. Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby, The Critical Reputation of F. Scott Fitzgerald. word A353. Ed. Jackson Bryer. Archon Books, Maryland 1967. Samuels, Charles T. The Greatness of Gatsby. Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby The Novel, The Critics, The Background. Ed. Henry D. Piper. Charles Schribners Sons, New York 1970. Trask, David F. The cobblers last of the American Dream, Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby The Novel, The Critics, The Background. Ed. Henry D. Piper. Charles Schribners Sons, New York 1970.Trilling, Lionel. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Critical Essays on Scott Fitzgeralds Great Gatsby. Ed. Scott Donaldson. Boston Hall, 1984. 13-20.

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Generation Y Essay -- Youth Papers

Generation YYour generation is nothing but a lot of computer addicted looses. You kids dont c be about anything. These phrases and others can be overheard plan of attack from the mouths of baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, and other Generation Y predecessors. What happened? For days now, Generation Y, those born between 1977 and now, mother been viewed negatively (Alch 1). Though the origins of the slacker title are uncertain, the term has certainly stuck. It could be considered a appointment title. After all, Generation Y performs poorly in school, has no motivating to work, and doesnt get involved with the issues, right? Well no, not exactly. Generation Y is largely misunderstood. Theyre actually extremely concerned with what goes on around them and are working harder than ever. These people are well on their way to reshaping order as we know it.Generation Y is a confident generation, with extravagantly self-esteem. They are opinionated and value their privacy (Article 15 1). They have a strong work ethic and have grown up perceptiveness the electronic economy. Unlike their predecessors, Generation Y has demonstrated a aesthesis of responsibility by having part time jobs while in mellow school and college. Often, they even help pay for their schooling (Alch 1). Clearly, it is worth fetching a second glance before prematurely judging this generation.Sure, immature Americans are addicted to the computer, but why wouldnt they be? Generation Y, as well known as the echo-boom generation, has grown up digital. Forget them buy notebooks for school, theyre buying lap treetops and zip disks instead. Times have changed and so have their focuses. Contrary to fashionable belief, this new generation sets their sights high t... ...eyre riding high on the engineering wave, too, and are a hardworking, focused people. At this point they definitely have the upper hand by understanding the technology the rest of the arena c ant grasp. Upon closer evaluation, Generation Y may even have a certain charisma that the baby boomers lack. BibliographyWorks CitedAlch, Mark. Get ready for the brighten generation. Society for the Advancement of Education 2000. 7 November 2000. Article 15. 7 November 2000. innovative survey shows that most young adults have strong opinions on top campaign issues, but many still not planning to vote. 25 September 2000. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 11 November 2000. Raising Student Achievement. gaberdine House. 11 November 2000. What happened the year you were born? SLACK Incorporated. 11 November 2000.

Introduction to Phonetics

INTRODUCTION TO PHONETICS Communication is possible only with use of language. A language can be used in two ways for the purpose of communication . The two purpose of communication is talk and written. public lecture is more important mass medium than the medium of writing. USES OF SPEECH * language comes prime(prenominal) in history. *Speech comes first in the history of any individual. *Speech is used much more than writing as a medium, * create verbally language is an attempt to represent the sands used in spoken language. * Modern technology has given more importance to speech.Linguistics is a dogmatic study of language. Phonetics is a branch of linguistics and it is the branch dealing with the medium of speech . It deals with the production, transmission and reception of sounds of human speech. THE AIR STREAM weapon Speech needs circularise menses. The air stream that flows off of our talk is modified into speech sounds by the action of creation organs of our body th ese are commonly known as ORGANS OF SPEECH. For the occasion of most speech sounds lung air is used.The respirative system consisting of lungs, muscles of chest and wind shout out (trachea). since the air steam mechanism involves (inspiration) breathing in and breathing out (expiration). It is the expiratory lung-air that becomes the basis for the articulation of most of the speech sounds. The air stream involving in lung-air is called Pulmanic Air-stream. There are three main air streams mechanisms 1. Pulmanic 2. Glottalic 3. Velaric The Pulmanic air stream mechanism is initiate by the walls of the lungs. The air is drawn into

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Cultural background Essay

1. How do cultures shape minds? The cultural ancestry of a certain individualist practically makes an impression on the individual itself. However, if the individual is more often exposed to a certain culture that is totally different from their ancestry, there is a greater chance of adapting to the said culture in set for them to fit-in with the population. 2. What cultures affect middle and high cultivate students?The Hispanic/Mexican and Asian cultures have more effect on middle and high school students since they make sure that the next generation realize the importance of having their make distinct culture careless(predicate) of their ability to adapt to the cultural conditions of the democracy where they reside. 3. What literacies influence students thinking and behavior in and pop of school? Literacy in the English language is the major influence followed by literacy in cultural heritage.4. Where is our insipid literacy crisis rooted? It lies in the ability of the ad olescent to adjust to both the family and social environment in relation to their bespeak for knowledge during their formative years. 5. How can teachers respond to literacy and learning challenges in their subject field area classrooms? The teachers can set the learning pace that would put the students, regardless of intellect or cultural background, at ease in the classrooms make them eager to learn more.

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Ap Language Essay

Foskuhl 1 Baxter J. Foskuhl Mrs. Murdock AP verbiage & Composition November 11, 2012 Our conceive of The Ameri crowd out stargaze is a principle. Our American moon is non written down, not created by our founding fathers. The American dreaming is a set of beliefs that dictate much more social change than the Government and even the Constitution. Since it is not written down or legalized, it can change, grow, and flourish however the people of this country decide it to. The American Dream does not prejudice by color or origin. It is not constrained by demographics nor can it be classified as a status.The dream cannot be amended, voted for, or killed. The word shalom comes from the language of Hebrew, meaning peace, community, home, love. Similarly, the American Dream is a belief that has nine-fold connotations work, equal, freedom, wealth, opportunity. These meanings are constantly creation redefined. Over time, however the American Dream has come to being something contr astive for every generation. The tremendous social changes that look at happened within the last forty years have significantly changed the definition of the American Dream. For example, there were almost 150 million people living in the United States.Since then, multiple recessions, social movements, technological leaps, all along with the current population of just about 308 million has significantly altered the definition of the American Dream. The classic batch of the Caucasian family of two kids, two cars, a unclouded picket skirt and a Labrador retriever is far from forthwiths American Dream, and society as a whole. The American Dream does not just consist of white Foskuhl 2 families anymore. It does not fulfill to the assumption that men are allowed to abuse their wives, and keep them at home where they are supposed to be.Also, the American Dream most sure enough does not promise the newest Ford every year. The Dream is the couple who tardily adopted an adorable Asia n baby. The Dream is the recently immigrated Hispanic family who can breathe fresh air, drink clear water, and live safely. Even more, the American Dream is a principle of hope, from the poor city kid who strives to be a Doctor, to the Hawaiian-born scholar destined to become the leader of the free world. The estimate of the American Dream has influenced arts, film, politics, literature, etc. , etc. For example, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses Jay Gatsby to portray the American Dream in the 1920s.In the novel, Meyer Wolfshiem talks about how he raised Gatsby up from nothing, a key comp peerlessnt of the American Dream. Wolfshiem shows this when he says I raised him up out of nothing, right out of the gutters (Fitzgerald 171). The process of going from rags to riches is one of the core concepts of the American Dream. Fitzgerald also displays the American Dream as money, wealth, the correct life. Fitzgerald shows Gatsby as a man wealth when Nick says The one on my right was a colossal affa ir by any standard- it was a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy (Fitzgerald 5).The kind of American Dream that Fitzgerald portrays in the 1920s is one of wealth as achievement and orgasm up from practically nothing to achieve so. Jay Gatsby was a simple gopher turtle boy with not too much given to him, who, as Fitzgerald would have it, climbed his path and attained a status of wealth. This was the symbol of achievement in the 1920s. Jay Gatsbys attainment of wealth represents Fitzgeralds portrayal of the American Dream in the 1920s. Foskuhl 3 The portrayal of the American Dream as presented in F. Scott Fitzgeralds the Great Gatsby does not hold true in todays society.I believe that the significant difference is while the 1920s American Dream is one of attaining the quantity of money the 21st century American Dream values the quality of life, and the equal pursuit of happiness. Currently, I think back the American Dream is not about having millions of dollars or a white picket fence with Lassie in the front. A more innovative American Dream is one about having the choice to who you love, the opportunity for learning regardless of your intellectual ability or income level, and financial security. Todays American Dream is about peace, safety, equality, opportunity, and not trying to become the 1%.

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Audio Linguaal in Study English

I. intro side is the just about gross conflicting lecture that has been studied for e really last(predicate) of disciple in our country. side of meat has been learned since in elementary drill until stand in University to get degree. In University, English run low the greens communication with the disciples. English neighborly functions in international communication, not whole in oral melodic line but homogeneouswise in indite discover. It has been cho ingestionn that savant in school often get fractious to guess English, they precisely consider love a little bit wide vocabulary and they argon very lazy to practice it.some metres they do those things be bring on they wear thint hand over interest in cultureing English they serious cultivation English in their school with old method and off them bored. Actually, they want to practice English but they not hand over potentiality on it, they just learn it but dont understand, and do not fill out h ow to intention it. Even in their school they acquit to be mastered the 4 skills in English they just engage capability in reading with their bad pronunciations. Teacher must enjoy exactly the condition of their disciple, and after that they subscribe to to do something to solve that problem.In this era, breeding program not able to devote satisfactory result. It is seen when the outgrowth of reading happen, the atmosphere seemed like the boring class. Teachers argon busy to deliver the clobber without c be to their students, be they understand the lesson or not. Most of determineers, always prostrate and lack of variations they almost stuttering engineering science, are not able to use media in discipline put to regulate. Teachers, consciously innovation a fleshationatic te gelt exercise by use all of things that basin increase interest in study.Teacher must grant creative idea to return their student mitigate in English on the contrary, they teach thei r student but their student never understand what they are studied. So they must pass off oppositewise way to teach their student and make them arouse in study English. Actually, to do rough student interest it is very easy, we must know what kind of method that bunghole make them interested in the lesson. Sometimes they notify ask the instructor to leave the juvenile method in teaching and their teachers check to open their mind in any case aware what the students profess up in their schooling functioning.Improved discipline timbre is unitary of the fundamental profit in tuitions a whole, improve the quality of education be an total part to improve the quality of the great unwashed. Both aspects of ability, personality and responsibility as a kindkind in the earth. Quality of education depends on the quality of the teachers and culture process. As a result, increasing quality in schooling process is a fundamental issue for the improvement of the quality of education in a rational way. Sometimes, to make enkindle lesson we butt end use media and teachers must know how to operate it. con raceway in general are influenced by what is seen, in its feel and hear.In other words, it is not possible when thither is a attend in the skill process. The above statement post be supported by Munadi (2008), in his book of account that some states that helps the human palpates in the acquisition of knowledge and experience is the sense of hearing and the sense of plenitude. found in the rendering above, teachers must realize their position in discipline process because they have big deal in the conclusion of acquirement. Author knows that in the process of learning student always take low participation and to make it high teacher must teach them in various way and make invention in teaching.If the student has interest in, there is a thirst for knowledge, learning becomes a pleasure, a pursuit, and a kind of enjoyment if students los e interest in learning, then(prenominal) learning becomes the bitterest errand under the sun naturally positive achievement provide not be desirable. When they are study, students foot also learn well-nigh honest- opthalmic aids and they are perfectly know how to use it. So when they are study or have their own presentation they cigaret observe their teacher and go off make their own way to study. II. AUDIO-VISUAL A. soundThe word strait is very familiar in our ear, because everyone knows that sound recording is a sound. We also know that phone equipment is employ for recording and reproducing sound. In daily life spate always use sound to communicate or may other function from it. According to Rouse (2005), strait recording is sound within the acoustical range available to earth. Badan standar pendidikan nasional conclude that sound or sound recording is great(p) is a wave of energy (vibration) that propagate done elastic media pass at the ears and vibrate the eardrum, ca utilise hearing process (2006).Audio media according to Sadiman (2005 9) is a speciality to convey the messages that have to be delivered in a type additive for, all verbal ( intercommunicate spoken communication) and non-verbal. The dictionary defines auditory sensation as clunky sound reproduced mechanically. In Oxford Learners Pocket Dictionary (2008) the definition of audio is hearing or sound. We always hear the word audio in our daily life. Sound from humans month ( such(prenominal) as at time chatting, singing, laughing, and crying) (artikata. com, 2011). We also found the consequence of audio in pengertianmultimedia. nfo spokesperson or Sound is a)Physical phenomena produced by the vibration of the object b)Vibration of an object in the form of analog signals with amplitudes that vary continuously with time From the explanation above, we ass conclude that audio or sound is something that heard by humans and produced a vibration from the object, and causi ng hearing process in human body. Sometimes audio use to record and reproducing sound, when the sound produced it make a vibration in the air and directly through humans ear. A. Visual found on yourdictionary. om Visual describes something that is seen procedural (2012) and A ocular is a subscribe clip or image employ to lucubrate a story or a message noun (2012). According to the freedictionary. com opthalmic is a picture, chart, or other presentation that appeals to the sense of sight, apply in promotion or for illustration or narration. Often used in the pluralan ad campaign with striking opticals trying to capture a poem in a cinematic visual noun (2012) and as an adjective visual is something that Seen or able to be seen by the eye (2012). AudioEnglish. et tell that visual is relating to or using sight and able is also one part of the learning activity. Where the activity of learning itself consists of somatic (learning by despicable and doing), auditory (learning by t aking and listening), intellectual (leaning by problem firmness of purpose and reflection), and visual (learn by seeing, find and describing). Earns the fourth activity must be controlled so that learning croupe take couch optimally. base on Wikipedia (2012), The visual system is the part of the central nervous system to be seen (2012).Visual closely related to eye or hallucination. Which enables organisms to process visual detail, as well as enabling several non-image forming photo response functions. It interprets declareation from visible light to build a representation of the surrounding solid ground. In Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, visual is visible to the sense of sight. Hakim give tongue to that, Visual is a necessary condition for introducing a brand to the costumer. scarcely Olivia stated that visual is one way of organizing thoughts and thought skills and improve communication.The definitions of visual have been found from many queryer and they lush that in to several points a)Visual is an important part in cultural dialog process ( Sachari ) b)Visual is the act of seeing ( Herwono ) c) Visual is a person who prefers to use vision in receiving data (Royan) d)Visual is to learn by observing and describing (Meier) Visual Media (Daryanto, 1993 27), meaning that all props used in the process of learning that tummy be enjoyed through the eyes of the five senses.Additional information from internet stated that visual media is a tool or means communication that can be seen of sight (eyes). Visual combine art, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, and color in delivery process because visual stop of many important aspect. In conclusion, visual is all of things that can be seen by deal and contain of many aspect like picture, videos, graphic and many else. Visual can be understood by message, because when people see something in their eyes, they can limp some rude(a) idea from the things that they look.Like a painting, someon e can see what the meaning of the painting and can understand it by themself. From something visual people can learn well-nigh many things because they try to observing and describing the things that they saw (Meier). B. Audio-Visual In English dictionary for learners Collins (2003), Audio-visual equipment and materials refer two(prenominal) recorded sound and pictures. The said(prenominal) idea stated in Yourdictionary. com (2012), an audiovisual aid is something that has components that appeal to both sight and hearing.Also in Merriam-Webster Dictionary inform that Audiovisual relating to, or involving both hearing and sight (2012). Audiovisual use both audible and visible, The Free Oline dictionary by Farlex (2009). establish on Wordink. com, audiovisual is relating to materials, such as films and tape recordings, that present information in audible and pictorial forma corporations audio-visual department. People use some equipment for audio visual, Audio visual equipment can be any equipment that is used to engage the senses of sight and sound.Audio equipment may be used separately from visual equipment, but often they are used unneurotic (ehow. com). Almost aforementioned(prenominal) information stated in Wikipedia (2012), The term Audio-Visual (AV, or A/V) may refer to works with a sound and a visual component, the production or use of such works, or the equipment used to create and present such works. Additionally, in AudioEnglish. com inform that Involving both hearing and seeing (usually relating to teaching aids) (2012). thither are many in effect(p)s that have idea some audio visual, such as a. The combination of computing device and video (Rosch,1996) . The combination of three element sound, images, and text (McComick,1996) c. Combination at least two media input or output. Can be either audio ( voice and music), animations, video, text, graphics and images (Turban et al, 2002) d. Tool that can create changing and interactive presentati ons that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video ( RobinLinda, 2001) According to (Hermawan, 2007), audio visual media is a modern instructional media that accordance with the time (the nurture of science and technology), included the media that can be seen and heard.Almost resembling information, audio visual is a modern instructional media in accordance with the times (the coachment of science and technology), that can be seen and heard (Rohani, 1997 97-98). From all of the explanation we can conclude that, audio visual is the using both of sight and sound. In audio visual have a media to support it, the equipment can be used in one time or separately. many a(prenominal) scientists also stated about audio visual, most of them have the same opinion about it. They think that audio visual is combination 2 media or 2 things that used to make an input or output, such as video, animation, images or many else. III.LANGUAGE LEARNING A. Language Languagemay refer either to t he specificallyhumancapacity for acquiring and using complex systems ofcommunication , or to a specific instance of such a system of complex communication (Wikipedia 2012). In American heritage Dictionary (2012) the definition of phraseology is communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of peremptory signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. Based on Dictionary. com Language is a body of word and the systems for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same culture tradition (2010).Besides that, another expert (Albert Einstein) stated that Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a prescript, be expressed in a language apprehensible to everyone. According to Ensiklopedia of Britania (2012) Language is a system of conventional spoken or written symbols by means of whichhuman beings, as members of a hearty groupand participants in itsculture, expres s themselves. The functions of language includecommunication, the expression of identity, play, inventive expression, and emotionalrelease. Additionally, there are many expert stated about language.Such as a) Bill Adams Language is a system of individual psycholegitimate developing in a context of inter- prevail overive b) Wittgenstein Language is a form of thinking that can be understood in touch with reality, and has the logical form and subject c) Ferdinand de Saussure Language is the most differences between people because with language people can differentiate their self to others. d) Plato Language is the essentially a statement of ones mind trough the medium of oomata (names of something) and rhemata (speech) which is a mirror of their idea e) Bloch TragerLanguage is a system of symbols that are arbitrary and the system is social group working together Language used in humans life, they used it for communication. Language can be cognize by rule or systems. As Owenin Stia wan(20061) stated language can be delimit as socially shared combinations of those symbols and rule governed combinations of those symbols. Same with information before, Mackey (198612) said language may be form and not matter. Thus, language is something that people use to communicate with others. Sometimes know by a rule or system and also thinking of people in daily ife. Language can be spoken or written and there are many others type of language. It also known by the most fundamental ideas in science. B. attainment Based on Wikipedia (2012) Learning is acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, deportments, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. In learning process we heard about new information and we reinterpretation it in our life, like Ramsden (1992 26) said that Learning involves comprehending the world by reinterpreting knowledge.According to Winkel, Learning is all mental or psychic activity that takes place in an active interaction in the environment, which produces limitings in the management of the understanding. other opinion comes from Ernest R. Hilgard in (Sumardi Suryabrata, 1984252) learning is a process that was done intentionally, which then caused the counterchange, which was different from the changes brought about by others. Same information comes from Gayne, in his book (The Conditions of Learning, 1977) a similar study demonstrated changes in doings change and support by idea from Moh.Surya (198132), the definition of learning is a process of individual efforts to attain a new behavior change overall, as a result of the individuals own experience in interacting with the environment. Thursan Hakim (20051), learning is a process of human personality changes, and the changes of revealed in the form of change magnitude quality and quantity of behavior such as increased skills, knowledge, attitudes, habits, understanding, skills, intellect, and so other capabilities.Slameto (200313) believes that, learning is a process of ones efforts to acquire a new behavior changes as a whole, as a result of his own experience in interaction with their environment. While other expert mule skinner in Dimyati and Mudjiono (19999), learning is the relationship between stimulus and responses are created through a process of behavior. Many experts found the definition by themselves by done he research, and here are their opinions a.Learning may be defined as the process by which behavior originates or is altered through training or experience. (Whittaker, 197015). b. Learning is shown by change in behavior as a result of experience. (Cronbach, 195447) c. Learning is the process by which behavior (in the broader sense) is originated or changed through practice or training. (Kingsley, 195712) d. Witherington (1952) learning is a change in personality that is manifested as patterns of response that a new form of skills, attitudes, habits, knowledge and skills. e.Hilgard (1962) learning is the process by which an emerging behavior or behavior change due to appear in response to something the postal service From all the explanation, can be concluded that all mental or psychic activity that done by people can cause changes of behavior before and after learning. So learning process make many changes in personal life, not only behavior, manner, knowledge, but also all of things that connect with humans every individual. C. Language Learning Based on sil. org (2012) a language learning method is an overall plan for learning a second language, found on the theoretical riseselected.It involves the design of a syllabus for the course, which in turn consists of learning objectives andtechniquesfor achieving those objectives. hardly another opinion comes from eu. wiley. com state that (2012) Language learningis a scientific journal dedicated to the understanding of language learning broadly defined. It publishes research articles that systematically apply methods of inquiry from disciplines including psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, educational inquiry, neuroscience, ethnography, sociolinguistics, sociology, and anthropology.Language learning based on cognitivealtas. org (2012) language learning is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive, produce and use words to understand and communicate, this capacity involves the picking up of diverse capacities including syntax, phonetics, and an extensive vocabulary, the language might be plainspoken as with speech or manual as in sign. But according to Scribd. com (2012) language learning is an obligation for all those who want to bastinado the world. Language at once becomes a culture that should be preserved existence.By learning a language means also learned to cultivate them, develop them, make them change into a great people. Actually, people studied about foreign language and they study it in school and other place. There are some opinion about foreign language learning based on expert, those are 1. Thomson (1993) The process of learning a foreign language is exceedingly difficult, but at the same time, surprisingly easy. When I think about the difficulties of it, I am amazed that someone can actually do it at all. Fortunately, all the difficulties of this process are in your sub-conscience and you dont even know about them.The objective then becomes to steer the sub-conscience in the right direction. Then and only then does learning to speak a foreign language become simple 2. Robert W. Blair (Creator of the Power-Glide Method) With few exceptions, language-learning methods have not changed much in the past 50 years. What you typically find today is the old listen-and-repeat methods done with new technology tapes, CDs, computers, etc. , packaged and worded to make them seem new. But they usually arent new at all. They are the same old uglies of language learning repackaged to look new.The essence hasnt changed. 3. Ivan R. Dih off (Professor of Language and Linguistics) In short I am very impressed by the heedful and insightful work that Dr. Zilberman has placed in these important language teaching materials. He and I have discussed at length how his materials would function in self-instruction as different from the classroom. My conclusion is that they are perfect for self-instruction, and would work extremely well in the classroom once the instructor is trained and learns to use them as adjunct to classroom conversations in the language. In conclusion, language learning is the process of producing and receiving information about language, included word, linguistic, and syntax. From language learning people can communicate with other people and study how to write or speak correctly. In language learning, use a syllabus of course that consists of learning objectives andtechniquesof receiving information process. IV. DISCUSSION Audio-visual is fundamental things in our life, with audio visual we can commu nicate with other people and also make something interesting that can be seen and learned by other people.Without audio-visual, learning process can be monotone and not interesting adequacy for student. When they are study with old style, they cannot catch the lesson directly and easily, sometimes they must study it by themself in their own house. The using of audio-visual in learning necessity some media to support it, almost all of the media are the electronic tools and fate new technology to make it more interesting and more update. new-fashioned technologies provide the means to help reshape both the content and processes of language education.As seen from the above three case studies, appropriate use of new technologies allows for a more thorough integration of language, content, and culture than ever before and provides students with unparalleled opportunities for autonomous learning. Computer technologies not only help teachers and students to transcend linguistic, geog raphical, and time barriers but also to build bridges between bilingual, ESL, and foreign language programs. The use of new technologies allows students to engage in the types of online communication and research which leave alone be paramount for success in their academic and professional pursuits.Nowadays, students very like to playing games, watching movie or many else. They like that because all of that have interesting part in their packaging, like film and game it give us interesting site with the visualization and the sound or audio. stick out can make them have their own visual sense and sometimes we can add funny pictures and can make them focal point on the lesson. Audio and visual make they left chief work and increase their study fear, left brain studying is more strong because they can remember the lesson in a long time.Visual also give student some adrenaline to analyze what they are seen the visual media that disposed(p) by their teacher. In this case, teacher in the modern era, have to know how to use audio-visual aids to support their lesson. Sometimes teacher just know about Microsoft word, all of us know that this kind of software just used to make a text and from some research that students seldom like to read the text because they just feel sleepy and do not want to recall back to their old lesson.Teacher is the people that have the biggest influence to their students, because children get more lessons from them than their home. The key to successful use of technology in language teaching is our human capacity as teachers to plan, design, and put on effective educational activity. Language learning is an act of creativity, imagination, exploration, expression, construction, and profound social and cultural collaboration. If teacher use computers to in full humanize and enhance this act, quite than to try to automate it, they can help bring out the outperform that human and machines have to offer.Studied by using audio visual ha ve a lot of benefits, because the use of audio visual can gain more experience, impressive, more clear and concrete. Besides audio-visual media have the potential subject according idger dale as travel alongs (Ali Pandie 1984) a. fork up concrete foundations for thinking a. Make lessons more interesting b. Allow a longer lasting learning outcomes c. Provide real experiences d. Develop the regularity and continuity of thought e. Can provide experiences that are not acquired any other way to make learning more efficient and diverse depth. . Audio visual media can be repeated Some studies have shown that learning is absorbed through the medium of vision (visual media), as well as the auditory (audio media), can further the absorption of learners in understanding the lessons presented. One of the advantages of learning the use of audio visual media is looks can be made as attractive as possible, so that children are interested to learn. For example, the animation animated cartoon ab out a living creature in the forest that can be directly liked by students or children.Audio-visual aids in the classroom can enhance teaching methods and improve student comprehension. Todays technology offers many choices to the informed educator who wishes to capitalize on a new generations thirst for multimedia presentations. Lesson plans that incorporate the use of audio-visual aids should be consistent with program objectives and not segued improperly. Audio-visual in language learning also have the disadvantages, those are 1. Forced stressed the importance of the material rather than the process of development and still looked upon as an audio-visual aids in teaching teachers. 2.Too much emphasis on the mastery of the material of the development process and still looked upon as audio visual aids teachers in the learning process. Have orientation course in the real media. 3. Audio-visual media tend to use one-way communication model. 4. Audio-visual media cannot be used an ywhere and anytime, because audio-visual media tend to remain in place Thus, audio visual system in language learning especially English is really needed because trough audio visual student can learn something by themselves easily. This kind of method can make student pay more attention to the lesson and they can analyze all of things in their lesson.There are so many advantages in audio visual learning that can help student and teacher in the learning process. On the contrary, there are a few of disadvantages of audio visual learning, most of them just have technique program, such as cost, tools, and also the obligate of the tools. This method also has a problem in the way of learning but it just a piece of cake to repair it. The epochal problem of audio visual learning is not serious enough it can solve and covered by all of the benefits of the method. V. CONCLUSION A. ConclusionLearning English in school is quite hard because student cannot pay attention to the lesson, they th inks that the lesson is seems boring and make them cannot catch the idea of what the teacher explain before. With this condition, teacher as a people who have more influenced to the student need to know the media that can improve their student interested in study. They can use audio visual media as a teaching media, because with audio visual their student can be more attractive and interested with the lesson. Student very crazy about movie, game or other media lately, and this entire media connected to their audio and visual.If the teachers use this media, student can catch the material easily with their own understanding. They are very imaginative, so when the teacher teach them with what they are like and understand about, they can memorized it every time. Audio visual media help student in learning process because this media have a sound, color, picture or many else that can balanced their brain. Picture and many interesting things that student like is connect to the left brain s tudying, because when student study with left brain style their lesson can be memorable.Language learning is an act of creativity, imagination, exploration, expression, construction, and profound social and cultural collaboration. If the tecaher use audio-visual to fully humanize and enhance this act, rather than to try to automate it, they can help bring out the best that human and machines have to offer. C. Suggestion Learning process is quite difficult for students, teacher must be well-thought-of to their student and give the interesting lesson. so that, they can accept the lesson directly. Teachers have to up to date about technology, because technology very useful in language learning.Many technologies can be operated by teacher easily if they understand how to use it. Teacher have to change their teaching style become more interesting to increase their student interest to the lesson, teachers can follow the computer course or other creativity course to find the way to make th e lesson memorable. The teacher must to do the best for the student because succeed of student is come from the teacher. BIBLIOGRAPHY Atoel, Roby. Media Audio Visual. Blogger, 10 May. 2011. Web. 4 May. 2012<http//robiatulfazriah. blogspot. com/> Audio Visual Definition. Wordink. com. 2011. Web. 4 May. 2012 <http//www. ordnik. com/> Definisi suara. Artikata. com. 2012. 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Silent Stars

Home. Finally. I overthrow ploughed the heater, the lights, and whereforece the engine. execute was difficult. Another 7-hour shift, completed. I grab my belongings, open the door, and walk to my house. The dogs are barking already. The uncivilized bark of Reggie and the low, almost growling of Checkers can be perceive from the porch. I open the door to find the addition lights on. Everyone else is asleep. The dogs greet me with their public delight. Checkers sniffs my legs, and Reggie stars at me, wagging his little nubbin.Turning clog to the door, I turn the lock. With a little push, I make original the door is entirely endd. I turn the knob in one case to make sure it is in truth locked. You just never know if someone will come in your home in the middle of the night. I pull the cord, and turn off the light. I hate the dark.My parents snore so loudly. Creeping past their sleeping room to my own room, I open the door late in an onslaught to smother the inevitable scre eching sound.Erin? Is that you? Dad asks the instant the door sounds.Yeah, Dad. Im home.I turn on my bedroom light, and close the door. Theres no need to relate ab show up the sound it makes now. Dad is already awake.My shoulder throbs from all the slant Im carrying. I put my book bag down in the recess of the room. Placing my orange bag on my bed, I begin to take out all the clothes that need washed. First, my tennis shorts, then my shirt, then my socks, then my shoes. Yep, everythings there. Next, I take out my shoal clothes my jeans, my shirt, and my shoes. Good, didnt forget anything. Finally, I take the clothes and put in them in the hamper. Ill never imagine in the morning.I go to my closet to pick out my pajamas, choosing my chthoniangarments first. Next, I choose a shirt to sleep in. The last article is my pants. Everything has to match. If they dont, I have to put them back. Another ten-minute process.Time to shower. The smell of grease, fries, and fat, fast diet is o verwhelming at night. I slowly slide the door closed, turn on the light, and open the hamper. Showering quickly, I make sure to wash my pilus twice. I hate stiff hair. I turn off the wet and dry myself. Then, I get dressed, and get ready to brush my teeth.I take my toothbrush out of the holder. The nice, shiny, pink cover needs removed. winning off the cover and placing it to the left of the sink, I wet my toothbrush once and apply the toothpaste. I wet the brush again. Brushing my teeth slowly, I make sure to get every tooth perfectly clean. Last, I slowly make soft circles on my front teeth making sure to get them cleaned extremely well. I run the brush under the body of water again, and then rinse my back lecture with the hottest water that will come out. knife the water out, then rinse again. Its normal in my routine. Now my mouth is clean enough to talk.I sneak to the computer room, and quietly morsel the prognosticate from its charger. Returning to my room is difficul t. I have to slowly close the door to avoid waking my parents. I hold the phone under a pillow so my parents cant hear me dial. Placing my finger on the 9, I dial his number with ease even though I cannot cast the buttons I am pushing. Memorizing the location of the numbers on the phone has do this action easier. I quickly cover my indicate before he answers the phone to drown out the sound of my voice. He picks up and we talk for a while. The floor creaks as the furnace turns on. The sound is reassuring to me now. We hang up after a half an hour and I sneak the phone back to the computer room. Im almost ready to sleep.I walk back to my room and close the door for the final time. Turning on the radio receiver to Q 102, I grab the pink dinosaur he bought me for Easter, and climb into bed. Quickly I pray for my family and my friends and thank God for all the days he has devoted me. When I am finished talking to God, I shut my mouth, and then my eyes. The excitement of the day runs through my head again.I wonder round the events that have happened. If I had said something diametricly, or acted in a different way, what would have happened? Thinking about the fun things that occurred at work and school today makes me smile. My friends are impossible to replace. My mind seems to jump around more(prenominal) quickly now. Thats the sign I was looking for. I am acquire close to sleep. As I begin to drift off, I list to the radio. The words I hear begin to float in my head I probably wouldnt be this way. I probably wouldnt hurt so bad. I never pictured every minute, without you in it. Oh, you left so fast. Sometimes I

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Application Essay

With a solid international experience and background in write up and Finance, I am eager to pursue these ii rice beers by dint ofout my proximo career.Choosing an readingal institution, I also kept my career plans in mind. I am applying for a transfer to New York University, since a beginning(a) condition located in the most vibrant economic detonating device of the world result undoubtedly befriend me to maximize my contribution to the accountancy profession and open up new career possibilities.Besides, at the flake when I was standing on top of the Empire State Building, I decided that I am eager to study and spurt in the wonderful city of New York.The main reason is definitely my legal opinion in superior quality of dismal Business Schools educational program as compared to most other universities.Knowledge is more completely-important(prenominal) than ever before in our information-driven age, and in my deepest conviction, crude(a) depart offer me with more p rofound courses that pass on expand the knowledge from the basic courses for Accounting Major completed in my community college. Eager to complement my study with Finance classes, I anticipate finding magnificent opportunities at Stern that ranks as one of the top US blood line schools forFinance curriculum. I acquire ascertained that I can be successful in this celestial orbit after my expertise was confirmed by the victory in two stock investment contests in Korea and I obtained experience managing a individual(a) asset management company together with my colleagues.These successes prompted me to switch from Engineering and IT to Accounting. With As in all accounting classes at my community college, I believe the magazine has come to move onwards and to take my knowledge of Accounting and Finance to a new level that will enable me to leverage my experience and inborn abilities.The international focus of Stern is, from my perspective, some other important advantage of th e school. Looking on my experience in mainland China where I workplaceed at my fathers international trade business for two years, I still feel the positive effects of this work that helped me make better my knowledge of the Chinese language, as well as shit presents-on experience in trading and enhance my intercultural competence.The diversity of Sterns student community is a great asset since it will help me expand the boundaries of my cross-cultural competence and start friendships with people from all over the world. Drawing on my experience of working as a Korean language teacher and participating in the International College Students crossties cultural exchanges in my community college, I hope to make my contribution to diversity on NYU campus.I also recognize that, given the indispensable importance of networking in todays competitive business environment, analyse at Stern can help propel my career through acquaintance with professionals likely to obtain positions in the leading international companies.This international focus of the school will give me a competitive advantage in achieving my final goal, the position of a CFO in a renowned multinational company. Combined with my knowledge of Chinese, Korean and English, a course obtained at NYU will maximize my choices for a successful career start.Access to the hub of the global economy is another important criterion for my choice. I feel that to lift up the most more or less the US economy, I have to get to the nucleus of business located in Manhattan. Using this opportunity, I can help make contacts with those who are at the forefront of what is happening in the US business community.Located in the middle of the global economy, NYU will give me an excellent chance to search for a job in a top-ranked accounting form after graduation. During studies at NYU, there will surely be plenty of opportunities to increase my prospects of employment through a range of internships and widen my work experience that is often a decisive factor in accounting careers.I am positive that Stern Business School will be an important step toward the realization of my ambitious career aspirations. With capital faculty, exemplary curriculum, world-wide reputation and international focus, Stern is the ideal match for my future plans.A degree obtained from NYU will become the next building block of my professional career, taking me further in the exciting pursuit of knowledge about the business world. I strongly believe that years from now, I will be looking at this pivotal point in my manner, recollect with gratitude my student years at Stern, full of intriguing discoveries, intense prep for future work and friendships with outstanding individuals from the whole world.Application EssayThe reasons for including hearty sciences in my life long career originated at high school when I showed a deep interest and enthusiasm in perusal of government, basics of law and psychology. Since that time Ive realized that my professional life would be connected with work on government agencies with focus on social relations.My deep interest in law and psychology as well as my critical and logical thinking abilities have been doing me a great favor in my professional life which is associated with two various spheres of professional activity finance and psychology.After graduation from college in 1998 with a decimal point in Psychology I have been working part time as a counselor for mentally challenged people in host homes and also had a job of accountant and tax consultant in consulting company. This versatile professional experience gave me a great and invaluable practice of working with people and studying psychological issues as well as it gave me a great chance for further improvement of knowledge in the field of human behavior and nature of human relations.On the other hand the work in finance sphere gave me an opportunity to develop and improve my critical evaluation and conclusion skills and gave opportunities for essential item-by-item thinking and independent work practice that is one of integral components of my future career goals. My exuberant and deep knowledge of human nature and behavior and my long interest in studying law prompted me to think about continuation of my education and pursuing of Criminal Justice Master degree, which is caused by my career plans to work for FBI or federal Patrol.A solid background in psychology on the hand with my critical and analytical reasoning skills will serve as a strong basis for studying law and criminology. Thats why John Jay School of criminal justice, that has excellent criminology programs, will pave the agency for further professional growth and excellence. 

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Strategic Plan

Using what you have identified in DQ 1 as a base, what elements are important when attempting to agitate an inhering air in a company (e. g. improve customer service). (Hint Insert the strategical supply process in your answer). How does identifying the best figure for this involve aspects of scientific and gay management? Improving customer service is the one of the names to achievement in healthcare ease. Ingrained carriages of the healthcare professionals brush aside hinder success. If the patients, families, community, and the diagnose goes on are not happy with a healthcare adeptness it can cause some real problems for the facility.Any facility that has problems with on-going ingrained behaviors need to revise their strategic invent and fix the problem. The key elements to strategic aimning is the charge, objectives, plan of action, resources needed, plan how to measure the performance, and evaluation plan. The mission argument needs centralise on the expecta tions of how the employees will act when buy the farming in the organization. The objective should be produced by the staff that will be supervise it. The objective needs be attainable and clear on the focus of behaviors.The action plan is coming up with steps on how to urinate goal of the objectives. This is good place for coming up with ideas on how to change the ingrained behaviors and throw out the old plans that are not works. The resources is a big part of the strategic plan because this where the facility comes up with resources they may need to complete the action plan. The resources for changing ingrained behavior could be education, money needed for the changes, and so forth. The evaluation system is where the strategic plan is being monitor for effectiveness.Ways to evaluate if the strategic plan is no-hit for changing ingrained behaviors is through random audits in the facility ceremonial employees, doing a survey, talking with the stakeholders of the facility to s ee if they have spy a change (Liebler & McConnell, 2008 5th ed. ). The scientific management examines modify work place performance with using easy elements and systems. This type of plan should be used when it comes to changing work place behaviors because one of its focuses is on performances in work place (Scientific Management Progression in Hr, 2008).Strategic PlanUsing what you have identified in DQ 1 as a base, what elements are important when attempting to change an ingrained behavior in a company (e. g. improve customer service). (Hint Insert the strategic planning process in your answer). How does identifying the best plan for this involve aspects of scientific and human management? Improving customer service is the one of the keys to success in healthcare facility. Ingrained behaviors of the healthcare professionals can hinder success. If the patients, families, community, and the list goes on are not happy with a healthcare facility it can cause some real problems f or the facility.Any facility that has problems with ongoing ingrained behaviors need to revise their strategic plan and fix the problem. The key elements to strategic planning is the mission, objectives, plan of action, resources needed, plan how to measure the performance, and evaluation plan. The mission statement needs focus on the expectations of how the employees will act when working in the organization. The objective should be produced by the staff that will be monitoring it. The objective needs be attainable and clear on the focus of behaviors.The action plan is coming up with steps on how to reach goal of the objectives. This is good place for coming up with ideas on how to change the ingrained behaviors and throw out the old plans that are not working. The resources is a big part of the strategic plan because this where the facility comes up with resources they may need to complete the action plan. The resources for changing ingrained behavior could be education, money nee ded for the changes, and so forth. The evaluation system is where the strategic plan is being monitor for effectiveness.Ways to evaluate if the strategic plan is successful for changing ingrained behaviors is through random audits in the facility watching employees, doing a survey, talking with the stakeholders of the facility to see if they have noticed a change (Liebler & McConnell, 2008 5th ed. ). The scientific management examines improving work place performance with using easy elements and systems. This type of plan should be used when it comes to changing work place behaviors because one of its focuses is on performances in work place (Scientific Management Progression in Hr, 2008).

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Enhancing Employee Job Satisfaction Essay

1.Executive SummaryCommunication problems a good deal become probable due to their consequences. If a surgical incision suffers from high lag turnover, this often female genitals be a sign of brusque conversation amongst and supervisory program and the team. If the team doesnt conceive what is expected from them, seed ill-defined instructions or is non certain(a) approximately the over on the whole scheme and why they be asked to do what they do all issues down to scurvy intercourse they often witness dissatisfied and this bath expiration in employees release the business after a relatively short occlusion of time.a nonher(prenominal) cause that hind end justify reviewing if in that location be every partal communion problems is low motivation, productiveness and poor business implementation. If lag does not receive the information they require or do not tang appreciated, valued and kept informed they might not go the tautologic mile for their emp loyer. They might musical note frustrated and usher outt moderate the point of what they argon doing and this in turn leads to poor generateance.Open and unremitting disagreements between managers and the team, such(prenominal) as open conflict or jilted appraisals, argon in like manner a clear sign of intercourse issues and should be looked into.But suspecting that a departmental issue is down to poor confabulation is not sufficient to bring mitigatement about. Once you suspect that there ar converse problems how do you find out for sure modify you to tar come up them?A good method of identifying if there ar dialogue problems is to talk to the involved parties and try to gain an understanding about their opinion. wherefore do they think the department under carry outs? Do they feel they get all the information and feedback they hire to do the trade? What would they change if they could? be their opinions comprehend and accepted? I is beta to keep this feedba ck confidential in read to ensure that dear feedback is received either through anonymous surveys or through individual conversations with a neutral party such as an HR manager. An different method is to question staff about the things they should know, e.g. how their naturalise fits in with the business strategy and why they do what they do. If they are not able to answer these questions, it is likely that communication is insufficient or ineffective.Identifying communication problems between managers and staff freighter be easily identified using above suggestions. By rectifying these major positive jars on business perpetrateance and employee satisfaction can be achieved.A final suggestion on how to identify communication problems between managers and staff is to observe how both parties interact. Are conversations kept courteous and respectful and channelize trust or are they sharp and without showing signs of a good relationship. Body language should in like manner be observed to identify if both parties listen to each some other and communicate effectively or if information is not arrive atn in and heard or offered effectively. A review of the tonality communication carry use can also be very valuable, e.g. email should be used for clear step to step instructions to ensure understanding, simply at the same time direct communication face-to-face or per earpiece is needed to ensure a relationship is developing and queries can be easily resolved.2.Background of the study To avoid the consequences of blood line dissatisfaction. Employees lack motivation, set poorly and possess negative attitudes means that they are dissatisfaction on the jobs. These symptoms can like a shot affect a companys profit and vision. We should understand the reason outs why employees are unhappy at wreak. Understanding the causes can benefactor us find the right solutions.To improve employee motivation and performance, we wonder how to get employees to work wi th a higher degree of effort. What motivates an employee to perform varies from employee to employee. Some population work to satisfy needs, meet goals or fulfill accomplishments. Motivation to perform is not a rule that can be enforced it comes from at heart the employee. To inspire motivation, we essential create a work environment that encourages employees to feel cause.Improve employees engagement to prevent unhappiness, turnover and even profit declines.To improve teamwork, is to realize the importance of teamwork and become proactive about having colleagues work unitedly as an important element of the business.We need to improve and enhancing employees job satisfaction, engagement, collaboration and teamwork to resulting in increased productivity. Employees are a companys livelihood. How they feel about the work they are doing and the results received from that work directly impact companys performance and, ultimately, its stability. For instance, if employees are highly motivated and proactive, they testament do whatever is necessary to achieve the goals as comfortably as keep track of performance to address any authorisation challenges. Employees have low motivation is completely vulnerable to both essential and external challenges because its employees are not going the extra mile to take the company stability. An unstable ultimately underperforms.3. Introduction and background of Hotel3.1 Introduction & axerophthol background of Hotel We are one of Hong Kongs best designed hotel are perfect choice for travelers who demand the best short term check mark and long term accommodation.Since we opened in 1997, our hotel in central Hong Kong has been accept by clients and the hospitality industry for its outstanding performance.The 350 leaf node rooms are all tastefully furnished and are completed direct telephone line with voice mail. Our equipped kitchenettes acknowledge microwave, induction cooker and refrigerator and broadband internet a ccess are available in our hotel.Location determine in the heart of Hong Kong Island, superbly located in the mid-levels commanding prominent views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria harbor. It is also a prestigious address that enjoys the proximity to boot business regularises of Central and Admiralty.Attraction The Hong Kong Park and Botanical Garden are in the proximity, with lush greenery and ample open space close Central MTR station and Hong Kongs popular nightspot Lan yuan Fong are also within 10 minutes walking distance. swell connected by public transport to the main shopping district areas, Causeway Bay Hong Kong. It is perfectly located in an area with a mix of history, art & culture, and a touch of stylish contemporary. browse shops, art galleries and designers boutiques scattered around, together with high rise office buildings, coarse shopping centre and party venues of Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo.3.2 Hotel Structure The Hotel mental synthesis thats split into tw o basic groups administrative and operations. The administrative military position of the structure includes such departments as sales and marketing, accounting and human resources. The operations side is generally split further into food and beverage and rooms. both(prenominal) administration and operations report to the general manager.The administrative group is reasonably straightforward. Any function that does not consistently interact with the guests or impact the service level falls into this group. The operations group is a point more complicated. Food and beverage, for instance, might include the hotels restaurants, bars, nightclubs, banquets department, catering department and sometimes room service. Rooms might include the front desk and front-door personnel, hold, concierge, guest services and sometimes security and engineering.Human Resources Department The human resources department plays a vital role in a hotels efficacious operation. The functions of the human resources department are employee recruitment, benefits administration and training. Although the human resources department recruits, interviews, and screens prospective employees, the final hiring decision rests within the department in which the potential employee lead be working.Accounting Department The accounting departments responsibilities are include recording financial transactions, preparing and interpreting financial statements and providing the managers of other departments with timely reports of operating results. Other responsibilities, carried out by the assistant controller for finance, include payroll preparation, ac-counts receivable, and accounts payable.Rooms Department Responsibilities of the rooms department include reservations, guest reception, room assignment, tracking the status of rooms (available or occupied), prompt send of mail and phone messages, security, housekeeping of guest rooms and public spaces such as lobbies, and answering guests questions . This very department provides the services guests expect during their support in the Hotel.The front office is usually considered one of the most important departments in a hotel because that is where the most interaction with the hotel guests takes place. Frequent and consistent communication among front-office functions is critical. Reservations, for instance, must communicate with the front desk each day about the soma of rooms that have been presold. The front desk must communicate with housekeeping staff members to let them know when guests check out. Management for all front-office departments must underline consistent and frequent communication to ensure a smooth-running operation.The housekeeping department is vital to attracting and keeping guests through its role of maintaining top quality decor, cleanliness and service. The housekeeping department includes many roles in the service staff of a hotel. away from room at plyants, who tend to room cleanliness, the depart ment includes gardeners, maintenance men, bellhops, laundry staff and floor managers, as well as, occasionally, customer service professionals.Food and boozing Department Food and beverage department is to provide food and drinking to a hotels guests. Arrange multiple events scheduled for the guest. A coffee berry shop, gourmet restaurant, room service, banquet halls and function rooms where food and beverages are served. This department is an integral place in the hotel which is responsible for the systematic and the factual Service of food and beverage to the general public or customers as per the order in any F &B outlets. merchandising and Sales Department The marketing and sales departments managers who assimilate up the marketing and sales department are sales, or the selling of the hotel facilities and services to individuals and groups. Sales managers sell rooms, food, and beverages to potential clients through advertising, attendance at association and conference mee tings and direct contacts. The marketing and sales department is also removed from most of the day-to-day operational problems faced by other departments. The division of work among the sales managers is based on the type of customers a hotel is attempting to attract.Engineering Department The engineering departments responsibilities include rubber maintenance determine replacement improvement and modification to furniture, fixtures, and equipment and ensuring uninterrupted grooming of utilities (gas, electricity, water). Preventive maintenance involves routine checks and inspection of the key components of all equipment. care of recreational facilities may be part of the engineering departments responsibilities. the engineering departments responsibilities include preventive maintenance repair replacement improvement and modification to furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) and ensuring uninterrupted provision of utilities (gas, electricity, water).Organization graph Appen dix I4.Methodologies 4.1 Questionnaire (anonymous)A staff questionnaire is an effective tool used to find out what the employees feel about the organization, it policies, work environment, job responsibilities, co-workers, superiors etc. In any work environment, it is important for the upper management to be aware of what its staff wants and expects this will lead to better retention of employees and a mutually productive relationship between the staff and the boss.Staff questionnaires to regain what are employees really thinking. These are completed on an anonymous instauration usually once or twice a year. Because the employees cant be identified we are more likely to get honest answers. This information can be revealing it may also help to tackle hidden problems quickly and, more importantly, before staff gets blown out of proportion.Sample of Questionnaire Appendix II5.Analysis & finding of watercourse problems5.1Problems in communications Some employees might also be aquaphobic or not feel comfortable to speak up about problems they are having with other co-workers. Some employees might think that if they speak up about trouble they are having they will be frowned upon for future projects.5.2Employees green light and commitment Some employee not willing to handle multiple tasks, responsibilities and take on new challenges. Hidden interest in and no vehemence for the job and completes assignments slowly and non-efficiently. Not able to adapt to new situations and changing work priorities and responsibilities when needed.5.3Employee job dissatisfaction Staff expects to get a commensurate reward. The wage should be fair, reasonable and equitable. Employees who feel stuck in their job position are less motivated to maintain high productivity. Managers with poor leadership skills tend to offer little feedback on employees performances.5.4Inter-department conflicts A manager or employee will know an important piece of information, and assume that because he knows it, then everyone else must know it as well.5.5Employees behavior Employees feel threatened by peer employees, experience workplace burnout, lack respect for management and feel unappreciated.6. closingBusinesses without effective staff communication suffer from lost profits, poor productivity and poor employee morale. In order to solve many business problems, employees need to be able to collaborate and cooperate effectively. Good communication can encourage employees to work harder, solve problems together and work towards a public goal. It is the job of every supervisor, manager or boss to make sure employees are communicating effectively.If a department suffers from high staff turnover, this often can be a sign of poor communication between and supervisor and the team. If the team doesnt understand what is expected from them, received unclear instructions or is not sure about the overall strategy and why they are asked to do what they do all issues down to poor communication they often feel dissatisfied and this can result in employees leaving the business after a relatively short period of time.Another cause that can justify reviewing if there are any departmental communication problems is low motivation, productivity and poor business performance. If staff does not receive the information they require or do not feel appreciated, valued and kept informed they might not go the extra mile for their employer. They might feel frustrated and cant see the point of what they are doing and this in turn leads to poor performance.Employees feel dissatisfied with their jobs at one point or another. Some employees move over their jobs for better opportunities, while others choose to stay. Employees with low job satisfaction can negatively affect a company because they typically lack motivation, perform poorly and possess negative attitudes. These symptoms can directly affect a companys bottom line. Managers should understand the reasons employ ees are unhappy at work. Understanding the causes can help managers find the right solutions.One of the first-string reasons for job dissatisfaction results from companies underpaying workers. The stress of paying bills with limited income causes many workers to feel dissatisfied with their jobs.A lack of career growth and advancement is another reason why employees are dissatisfied at their jobs. Employees who feel stuck in their job position are less motivated to maintain high productivity than those who do not. Workers feel valued when employers include them in their long-term plans and show their appreciation through promotions. Employees who move up in an organization and receive just compensation to reflect their title and responsibility changes usually commit themselves to the company for the long term.A lack of interest in the work is another reason why employees are unhappy. Most employees want to perform job duties that are engaging and challenging. Monotonous work causes an employee to experience boredom. world-weary and unchallenged employees experience little incentive to concern themselves with workplace productivity. The spirit of employees work accounts for the most situational influence in workplace satisfaction.A key reason employees perform poorly in the workplace is poor management. Managers with poor leadership skills tend to offer little feedback on employees performances. Micromanaging and dictating to employees instead of do them can cause a decrease in employee productivity.Poor communication is one of the main causes of conflict between employees in the workplace. This can result in a difference in communication styles or a failure to communicate. For example, a manager reassigned an employees task to the employees co-worker but failed to communicate the reassignment to the employee. This may cause the employee to feel slighted, which can vary into animosity among the two employees and the manager. Failing to communicate in the w orkplace may cause employees to make incorrect assumptions and believe workplace gossip. Poor communication in the workplace not only causes conflict but decreases productivity and employee morale.

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Fashion Theory

Its a jungle Out There he establish his design work on the Thomson gazelle, open up in East Africa. The collection subprogram many living organism skins, and featured this cook fur jacket with horns protruding from the shoulders. Macaque apply this to symbolize the relationship between wolfs and humankind. With this Jacket Macaque uses the horns as a signifier signifying power, immunity as well as extract Using this on feminine models sensation power and strength thus braggy them empowerment, which was one of his signifier.With usage of the fierce organisation techniques, the feminine form appears formidable and mighty. The symbolic saluteation of the horns utilize suggests power and the ability to press them selves Just as the Gazelles do with predators and when courting, sequence the leather symbolisms resilience. Macaque strategically places the horns on the shoulders of the Jacket, creating a broader silhouette on the female forming an androgynous profile. T his then link up to the stereotypical cordial structure, in which males dominate.The exaggerated shoulders appear to symbolism the limbs of the gazelle reinforcing the minimalists eaters at heart the design of the garment forming the set out of the human- animal hybrid. Macaque believed that like a Gazelle, humans atomic number 18 doomed in life story and are destined to die at the hands of their predators. Just like a gazelle will be hunted and destroyed, a human will be forgotten and lost if they do non oppose for their survival is society and continue to be remarked and discerned. It is ironic that although animals are usually seen as a inferior existence in rank to humans, Macaque uses them to portray strength and power.Here the roles are reversed and unmans are relying on these beasts to agree their ennoblement signifying an exchange of power. Having said this, Macaque, with the animal symbolism, sensory faculty freedom. A freedom of expression and personal identity as an individual, as apposed to conforming. Suzan Hens Macaque however was not the only designer to used horns as imagery and symbols within his collection to represent society through fashion. South African born designer Suzan Haynes also used this symbolism in her newly unfastened store in Mellower Arch.Suzan admits to gathering her influences from her travels and motion picture to the natural. Haynes replaced the organizes of her mannequins in her Mellower arch store with those of reindeers. Her excogitation of this was to create a fantasy within her store. The signifier identified is a female form with a reindeer head thus creating the hybrid. This signifies the fantasy that Suzan intends to create. The female form is positioned in such a manner in which to present a ladylike heir of grace to the mannequin. This overmodest stance is Juxtaposed by the use of the reindeer head. This signifies raw animal instinct.The animal instinct in this context (Store setting) is erectly related to the carnal desire in relation to consumption. It signifies that consumers should be able to interpret into this desire for fashion as an animal would towards their instinct. This image emphasizes human restraint impertinent to animal impulse. This correlates with Roland bathes semiotic theory that links to stories and fabrication. He argued that there is an agenda goat communication and that agenda is ideology. The idea that the myth is a misrepresentation and has to do with coating something up and what is really going on. inanimate and animate models and animals

Playing games teaches us about life Essay

People find themselves performing games through with(predicate)out their entire lives. Games are essential to two(prenominal) children and adults since they memorise mass about vivification in a variety of ways. By vie games we can set our incoming dreams, reflect on our personalized traits, and come upon deportment-long morals. First, children can determine their future goals through playing games. For instance, a girl with puerility memories of dressing up her dolls or figure doll clothes with paper may choose to become a elan designer. Likewise, a soldier can situate his reason for joining the army as the shooting games he played as a young child. In both cases, the role of games extends from mere entertainment to a major contributing factor of wizs future dreams. Second, temporary hookup playing games, population are given the obtain to reflect on their characteristics. To be more than specific, one can evaluate their sportsmanship and teamwork while playing a soccer game, both of which play an important role in succeeding later in life.Moreover, games assimilate it possible for others to comment on your personal traits, which can promote healthy and heartfelt behavior in your relationships with people. Last, games indoctrinate people life long morals. A elemental board game can teach someone to gracefully accept defeat, tick off that cheating should be avoided, and enjoy the gustation of victory when won fair and square. alone of these morals end up playing a significant role in how we think and act in society. In conclusion, playing games teaches us about life in various ways. Playing games provides focussing in setting our future goals, allows people to reflect on personal characteristics, and teach life long morals that total to a persons success in society.

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Topshop Marketing Plan

Market OverviewTar becharm commercialize The Topshop sess local anaestheticize on the guests of progeny muckle, who is between 15 and 30 years old, especi bothy for tender females who likes to pubbing, clubbing and bring forth a find of fun. For this moment, our consumer market niche is non the high income direct however the offspring people on budget. Customer profileOur customer profile is young people compulsive by a need to be flairable and turn outy, they like tout ensemble trend setting magazines. Our sword to a fault appears to students, professionals, contrive taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike. contest profileThe main competitors includes H& ampM, Zara, French Connection and GAP. These companies argon all retailer corporations, which has worldwide c atomic number 18 and online retail origins, and larger market shares in air retail market comparing with Topshop.Marketing ObjectivesGoals . The objectives give the axe be divided into d evil parts. Firstly, the Topshop weed is focusing on the international line, the juvenile objective is built more than ampere-second workshops all over the world in less than five years to compound the awareness of the blot. Secondly, in order to growing the sales, the Topshop corporation decides to complicate their market targeting level, facts of life the brand line, promoting the cooperation with celebrated international devise designer, the objective is to build a international mould brand with different position of sales.Marketing StrategyYour strategy and merchandising mix Use this role to summarize the overall strategy and trade mix (The 8 Ps Product The Topshop corporation al measly not change fashion garment as its main ware, further more accessories allow for be promoted to the market,Place and Time Price promotion Process Physical Environment PeopleProductivity and pure tone you forget use to position yourself at bottom the market to meet your cu stomers involve. Whatever your strategy, you nuance should be to differentiate yourself from your competitors to encourage customers to choose your business first.Action Steps Top 10 Action Steps Create a tip of the Top 10 action steps that will bring your theoretical objectives (your merchandise strategy and objectives) to life. E.g. Finish S.W.O.T. Activity Sheet, over(p) marketing budget Background AnalysisThe background analytic thinking should give a snapshot of where you are right now, where you have been and where you want to go. confinement this process will help you to gear up your businesss capabilities and find opportunities within your particular market. Finally, formation your core business elements will get a line that your marketing plan and overall business strategy work together seamlessly.Business overview The overview should foil the nuts and bolts of your business includingThe name, structure and insure of establishment Topshop is a British intern ational retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, even out and accessories. It was established in Sheffield, UK, in 1964. expound roughly the owners (their names, roles and levels of experience etc.) What your business is about (your business mission, vision and values) The key business objectives you would like to achieveAn outline of the main products and service sold A financial digest of your business including sales and profitability A S.W.O.T. analysis of your business to set a line in the sandSWOT analysisThe strength of the Topshop mass is that the owner of Topshop is theArcadia Group, which can provide affirmatory coiffurement and strong financial give for its subsidiary federation. Moreover, the Topshop brand has take a large market share in the British mainland, the influence of the brand is secret among British people, and it has more than 300 stores nationally and provides many different kinds of choices in product lines and design variety of pro ducts with thousands of looks per season creatively.The weakness of the Topman breadbasket is their international market, the company is global, scarce it has stores unaccompanied in a fewer countries worldwide, the market share is poor in US and chinaware which are the two large-mouthedgest markets in the world. A large bet of staff and products make it difficult to manage and increase the management costs. And, big store space lead to weak customer services. On web shopping, there is no detail and size for accessorizes.The opportunity for the Topshop confederation is the potential market in the oversea market. There are lots of young people in China and US, and they have great purchasing power, which is a approximate opportunity for Topshop to invest. And compared with other fashion retailers, it is not just targeting at young people, but also white-collared workers and a part of mid-aged persons who follow up on the latest fashion.The threats are from the competitors l ike Zara, H&M and French Collection. corresponding Topshop, they are all fashion clothing retailers, the competitors may have lower market shares in Britain than Topshop, but their sales are mostly from the foreign market, and their brands have been legitimate by the local people. If Topshop want to expand the oversea market, it is necessary to show its strange features and improve quality and retain low price and good design, and face more or less limitations from government policies and to know about the cultural and demands of the local environment as presently as possibleObjectives Vision and missionThe Topshop Corporation is an international fashion retailer, it has over 440 shops all over the world, more than 300 in Britain, which takes more than50%. For the recent years, the British economy was not actually good, so the sell in the mainland was below average. In the age of rapid globalization, technological innovation, universe boom, and environmental change, the n eed of international marketing are pressing. From the topshop international segmentations, we can get the point that the international market has not been fully developed.US, the biggest scotch entity in the world, only have four topshop stores, and the second biggest economic entity, China, only have one. This market shares is not enough in these two countries. have Zara as an example, we can know the richness to expand an oversea market. The Zara Corporation is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer, very withal with Topshop, but Zara lighted more than one hundred fifty stores in China, almost every big cities in china, and Zara corporations sales grew with an amazing speed, and became the leader in the fashion clothing industry.The first goal is named seek the new world, which means the Topshop Corporation is aimed at developing the oversea marketing, specially China and US. The plan for the company is to percipient 50 stores in China and 40 stores in US in the side by side(p) five years.The second goal is named the amicable network, the point is aimed at e-commence. In China, E-commerce is becoming more and more normal nowadays, in the date of 11 NOV and 12 DEC every year, there will be a large deduction online, on those date the sales will be more than 35 cardinal RMBs, the number is really amazing. The topshop has already had their online stores, and also have international business online, but only takes small shares. Our plan for the company is to build a world level website in different countries, and develop overseas online market.StrategyThere are some steps to finish the strategy, firstly, the advisement.For the customers in China and US, they may not very familiar with the new brand, so a good promotion is very important for Topshop. In the advertisement, we should emphasis our brand is intentional for local people, for example, in China, we should bring out that the fashion clothing are designed for the eastern people, and inte grated with some local culture cooperate with some famous designers to promote the new product.To open the Chinese market, the first thing our brand needs is to publish Production Promotion inflammation Conference in the biggest cities in China like Beijing or Shanghai, and open the first store in the important zone of these cities. In the summer of 2013, US famous fashion retailer brand Hollister open the first store in Salitun, Beijing, which is the popular commercial district in China, and release a fantastic fashion model performance, after that the sales of the store was growing very fast. This movement elevated the awareness of the brand and gained more popularity among young people, the topshop may learn a lesson from it.

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Influence of Parents on Academic Performance Essay

Authorities parenting, psychosocial maturity and donnish success among adolescents, think of Steinberg et al. (1989) describes that when a parents pass over their electric shaver warmly, democratically, and firmly, they will develop incontrovertible attitudes, they will achieve much than than and do better in school. Multidimensional conceptualization of parent battle in childrens schooling according to Grolmcks (1994), it describes that parents must abide their child specially to their experiences. enatic Involvement and pedantic exercise of accomplice accepted and peer rejected children, a work by Chowdhary and Jayasmita (1997), describes that parental involvement whitethorn have influence to the faculty member performance of a child as a accepted or rejected. comparative degree ingest of parent-child comparisonships of high and down in the mouth achievers, study by Kang et al. (1997) the Tiwari (1997) was employ to develop this study, it used eight dimensions at parent and child relations such as acceptance, rejection, dominance-submission, encouragement-discouragement, love-hate, authoritarian-democratic, reward-punishment, trust-disburst, tolerance-hostility. In this study it reveals that children who had warm descents with their parents achieved higher in classroom. Parent-child relationship and academic motivating, study of Suman et al. (2003), it revealed that the achievement pauperization was higher when adolescents perceived their parents as loving and demanding. Sibling contest and relation to achievement motivation, study of Vasuki et. al (2004), entropy were from Neerakatwals (1988) and Deo Mohans Achievement motivation Scale (1985), it showed that rivalry towards blood relations, tended to have low levels of achievement motivation. Effect of Peer donnish Reputation on AchievementGest et. al (2005) argued that peer academic reputation (PAR) may influence childrens academic motivation and achievement even if it is not v eridical. This wrinkle is consistent with research on the sum of teacher expectations on achievement, which demonstrates that teacher learning of childrens academic ability, whether accurate or not, affect students grades and rack up on standardized achievement tests (for reviews divulge Brophy, 1983, Jussim Eccles, and Mardon 1996, and Jussim and Harber,2005) Developmental IssuesResearchers speculate that growth in social cognitive skills, including the capacity and motivation to use social comparison reading to shape egotism-evaluations, account for the trend toward more negative and more differentiated self-perception in grades K-3 (Kuklinsks and Weinstein 2001 Markus and Wurf, 1987). Also make children the transition from kindergarten to the more formal academic setting of grades 1-3, more social comparison cues, may be available, and feedback on ones academic performance may be base more on comparison to others versus amelioration over ones prior performance (Eccles e t. al, 1993 Ruble and Frey, 1987 Ruble, Grosovsky, Frey, and Cohen, 1992) Influence of blood relatives on adjustment of adolescentsConger et al. (1997) carried a study on parents, siblings, psychological control and adolescents. info were obtained by using Rosenberg measure of self esteem (Rosenberg, 1965) Pearten measure of control and ascendence developed by (Pearlin, 1981), SCR-90-R (Symptom checklist revised Derogatis, 1983) was administered. Results of the study indicated that psychological control both by parents and by siblings contributes to increase adolescents adjustment problems and to atrophied self-confidence. Vasuki et al. (2004) carried a study on sibling rivalry and its relation to frustration, mental health and self conflict of adolescents on a sample of 60 girls and 60 boys from triplet city schools of in the age convocation of 15-18 years. entropy were obtained using Neerakatuals (1998) sibling relationship questionnaire, Chauhan and Govind Tiwaris (1969) Frustration test, Smt RamaTiwaris (1986) self conflict questionnaire, Jagdish and Srivastavas genial health questionnaire. Results of the study revealed that both males and females of dyads and multiples showed rivalry towards their siblings in a homogeneous way. great extent of sibling rivalry to a fault lead the adolescents to become more frustrated. Oliva et al. (2005) carriedout a study on sibling relationship during adolescence on a sample of 513 adolescents older between 13 and 19 years. Data were obtained by using an instrument created by Steinberg et al. (1991) to assess the parenting style,questionnaire on sibling relationships (QSR Arranz et al., 1994), stock-taking of peer attachment (IPA) developed by Armsdeu and Greenberg (1987) and Rosenberg self-esteem scale (RSES Rosenberg, 1965). Results of this study indicated that having siblings was tie in to adolescents social and individual(prenominal) adjustment, although only among girls and only in cases of advanced s ibling relationships. In cases of poor sibling adjustment, it was the negative effects of every mean solar day situations of rivalry and conflict outweighed the benefits of any support that was provided.