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International Trade Theory & Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Trade hypothesis & Policy - Essay ExampleThe theoretical account further assumes that all markets conducting trade ar perfectly warlike hence goods are monetary abide byd according to costs within the countries that produce them where there is a competitive profits in for each one country. Another assumption is that get is present in fixed supply in two countries and is static between countries yet perfectly mobile within each country. Modern formulations of the Ricardian model specify for both countries utility functions that the consumers represented maximize on the basis of budget constraints. According to the model, each country specializes in producing goods for which it has comparative advantage. This allows both countries to export goods for which it can gain profits (Bowen, Hollander & Viane, 1998). With such specialization, productivities and labor endowments determine food payoffs hence world prices are dictated by the countries demands, which is equ al to the supply fall of one country in free and frictionless trade. Both countries gain from such trade as trade allows for the expansion of exports production and labor is reallocated to exports from importing industries. Additionally, trade under the Ricardian model increases the relative price of both countries exports. ... The model assumes that both trading countries have similar production technologies, thus producing identical output of any commodity can be attained with an equal cap and labor level in both countries (Suranovic, 2010). The model also assumes that output product has constant return to scale in instal to produce equilibrium. Additionally, technologies utilized in the production of both commodities differ substantially and labor is costless in terms of mobility within countries. The model also assumes that commodities produced in the countries have similar prices everywhere and countries operate in perfectly competitive markets internally thus labor and capi tal do not affect prices or production factors. It also assumes that trade is free of government interference in market functioning. When labor becomes to a greater extent expensive than capital, labor-intensive products are at a disadvantage and become quite expensive compared to products that are not labor-intensive. Under free trade, assumed in the Heckscher- Ohlin model of trade the price of goods in both countries is similar hence the wage-rent ratio is also the same in both countries. However, when labor becomes expensive, more capital in needed to produce products that are labor intensive and those that are not (Krugman & Obstfeld, 1988). When machine employ per worker is similar in both countries, these factors will falsify the equality of wage-rent ratio. Effects of tariffs imposed by small countries A small country refers to a country whose trading partner is big bountiful to meet its imports supply. Tariffs imposed by small countries increase the price of imports above world prices by the value of the tariff (Jonathan & Kortum, 2002). This

Each student will provide the class with an overview of the marketing Term Paper

from each one student will provide the class with an overview of the marketing strategies used by two companies competing for the same cu - Term Paper ExampleP&Gs marketing strategy is to develop scattering channels at the local level, and has correspondingly organized its market development units according to its regional markets. It overly aims to develop new product brands and enhance its current brand portfolio. Its core competencies include innovation, brand-building, go-to-market capabilities, scale, and consumer understanding. Among the companys strengths are its slopped R&D focus, market leadership, product portfolio diversification, and strong cash position. However, it has experienced change magnitude incidences of product recalls, high product prices that have caused a decline in sales volume, and a exhalation in market share. The company expects to recover, however, by widening its customer base and increasing its worldwide market share by advancing more aggressive ly into emerging markets. It will realize this goal by means of three initiatives, namely integration, simplification, and digitization. Eventually, it expects to resume its former positive market ingathering. Unilever is a international leader in the manufacture and distri just nowion of fast moving consumer goods. Its portfolio includes some of the best known brands in the world, in foods, space care, and personal care. The companys forerunner was founded in the late 19th century by William Hesketh Lever, but assumed the name Unilever in 1930 when it merged with other consumer goods companies that had likewise been in existence before the debate of the century. It turned global in the sixties, and attained market leadership in the eighties which it maintains to the present. The firm has manufacturing facilities worldwide, and serves a broad cross-section of the market since its products target customers of all walks of life. Among its core competencies are the ability to conc eptualize products, its global logistics network, its scientific research in nutrition, and the ability to communicate and influence public behaviour. Its strengths include a strong brand portfolio, diversified revenue streams, and strong focus on R&D and sustainability. It has a problem, however, in maintaining its sales and profitability performance which have constantly declined in the three years covering 2007 to 2009, indicating that it has a particular vulnerability to the current economic recession. This is attributed to intense competition, rising inflation and reduced consumer demand. The company foresees opportunities for growth in emerging markets and chances to enhance its product portfolio by making some select acquisitions. The firm intends to foray some of its non-core business activities and concentrate on its principal product lines. In the immediate future, it aims to double the size of it of its business while reducing its impact on the

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Whether the rise of China is a threat to Asian stability Essay

Whether the rise of China is a threat to Asian stability - Essay Example insure of indicators that not only include measurable wealth (GDP) and military spending, but a host of factors that essentially defines a states reflective position beyond its borders. That the Asia-Pacific is undergoing tectonic shifts in terms of the elements of backbreaking power in now a forgone conclusion China overtook Japan in 2010 to become Asias largest economy, only second to the United States globally in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), and in the process, taking advantage of the latters woes in the wake of a deadly financial crisis to extend its influence in the neighboring nations growth momentum. The increasing influence of China in this region, not to mention its strategic office as a major international actor, coupled with its gradual move towards greater power status, a puzzle widely theorized as the China Threat with uncertain predictions, none of which has ever materialized, forms th e basis of solution herein.All nations pursue their interests of security and prosperity within a context of political diplomacy that ropes in economic, and, if need be, military forces as directed by a history that underpins national ethos and the existing relationships with states in question (Lemke, Douglas, and Suzanne Warner 237). In the mix between the national ethos and political history are the personalities of leaders in power and their respective abilities to further the two elements to certain commensurate heights. As the adage goes, nations only restrain permanent interests. Accordingly, friendly nations may turn hostile to a neighbor with weird interests, bringing together former enemies to secure a common interest a grim picture captured in literary analysis in the context of an increasingly influential China in the Asian power political sympathies during the past quarter century (Kaplan 3). Indeed as expected, the collapse of the Soviet Empire, marking the end of the mothy war, heralded an era of fractured global power structure, hitherto

Earthquake Impacts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Earthquake Impacts - Essay slipAlthough more times than not temblors are tectonic, they foundation also occur in volcanic regions.Although umteen people seem to think that the only quakes that take place are those which can be felt, that whimsy is completely false. Instead, large numbers of earthquakes take place daily across the world, but the majority of these can only be felt by seismometers and cannot be felt by the person and cause no geomorphologic damage of any sort. The strength and damage caused by an earthquake can vary dramatically, depending on the strength of the earthquake. Smaller earthquakes may go completely unnoticed, while larger earthquakes can cause grave destruction and massive loss of life. In fact, most of the larger earthquakes are then followed by small one(a)s - these are otherwise known as foreshocks or aftershocks foreshocks existence smaller earthquakes which precede the larger earthquake, and aftershocks being those which procede it.The first method of recording earthquakes was through of certain scales called intensity scales. The United States, Japan, and Europe each postulate their own form of scales. However the problem with all of these scales is that they are often a poor pulse for the relative size of different events in different places. Seismologists now favor a measure called the seismic movement, which relates to the concept of moment in physics, to measure the size of a seismic source. The 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake - which is commonly referred to as the Kobe earthquake due to the fact that it took place near Kobe, one of Japans largest and most populated cities - was one of the most devastating earthquakes to ever hit Japan. Although over ten years have passed now since this earthquake hit, it is motionlessness considered to be one of the most disastrous ever to hit Japan since the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923, and will not soon be forgotten. In due to this earthquake, more than 5,500 people were ki lled, with more than 26,000 leftfield injured. The total economic loss was estimated as being approximately $200 billion USD. During this earthquake, it was recorded that the nation moved 7 inches in horizontal shaking, and 4 inches in the vertical direction, and the earthquake itself is actually still active, with 716 aftershocks recorded by 10 AM as of January 18, 1996, 74 of these could be felt by the kind body, and 14 of these occurred on the 18th. The epicenter of the earthquake was 20km underneath the island of Awaji, across a strait from Kobe. With a magnitude of 6.9 (Mw) and a duration of roughly 20 seconds, in regards to the structural damage caused by the earthquake, there were 144,032 buildings destroyed by ground shaking, 7,456 buildings destroyed by fire, 82,091 collapsed buildings, and 86,043 severely damaged buildings. All Kobe ports were shut down to multinational shipping, there was substantial damage to containing loader piers, and all access to Kobe via high way and railway were blocked.The Kobe earthquake strike early in the morning without any warning, taking the city completely by surprise. It was due to the city of Kobes high population density and linear layout, that there was such substantial damage and trauma caused al-Qaida networks were made much less redundant because of this, and this was a key factor in the significant structural

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Key Words in Marketing (Customer Relationship Management) Essay

Key Words in Marketing (Customer Relationship Management) - Essay ExampleIn the discussion section of the essay, the way how CRM evolved in the market and benefits of this mechanism in the marketing field have been explained. Customer Relationship Management The marketing belief of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implies an unconventional strategic initiative to align organisational goals with the customers expectations and preferences. With the adoption of this process, the companies tend to purify their transparency commitment towards the customers and attain substantial competitive advantages through their correspondence of customer likings accurately. With the collection of data, the companies fecal matter also design better strategies for developing the consumer behaviour and therefore, stimulating a change in the boilersuit marketing trend. Today, when the market diversity has become a major challenge owing to globalisation cause and technology advancements have ma de communication processes more effective as well as complex, understanding the various segments in the market and serving the customer effectively has become a major factor out of concern for unexampled day companies. It is in this context that the concept of CRM has gained considerable importance among modern argumentation firms that binds all the aforementioned factors in a strategically oriented and objective-driven manner (Kamakura et al., 2005). The major benefit that a company can derive from the adoption of CRM is the analysis of the long term relation to be develop with the present and probable customers and also move ahead with an intention for increasing the profit margin and sales of the company. CRM also helps to increase their value towards the shareholders by conducting various marketing activities targeted towards the development and maintenance of the relationship dogging amid the customers and the company (Kamakura et al., 2005). Thus, CRM facilitates in the overall development of an organisation, maintaining a deeper association with the customers expectations and thereby, ensuring a more sustainable harvest-tide altogether. Literature Review In the recent years, it has been observed that the concept of CRM has received an increased importation in the business and marketing contexts of organisational management. According to Parvatiyar & Sheth (2002), CRM, as an unconventional marketing management framework, implies a broader attention of the modern companies for understanding the various needs of the customers and also incorporating their knowledge of customer preferences to align the strategic operations accordingly. The significance of practicing the CRM concept can also be argued with respect to the companies need for obtaining accurate understanding of customers preferences and expectations to be incarnate in their marketing strategies with the intention of improving the cooperative relations with their customers and increase t he sales and profitability in a sustainable manner therefore. According to Tadajewski & Saren (2009), in marketing, the terms, relationship marketing and CRM are used as an alternative to each other. Both of these terms are used for forecasting a wide come in of perceptions observable amid the targeted customers that further influence the market trends to a substantial extent. Among these perceptions, few of them provide a precise narrow explanation of the functional marketing whereas few of them determine the broader framework of the marketing

The Legislative basis for the assessment of the Smiths needs; Essay

The Legislative basis for the assessment of the Smiths needs cookery of go and types of service available - Essay ExampleThe standards include the concepts of dignity privacy preference safety realizing potential and equivalence and diversity.In conjunction with the Regulation Act, the Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002 seek to promote equity, choice and dignity among clients like the Smiths, by shifting the focus from institutional address and promoting a collaborative flak by health and care services.However, there have been concerns voiced by critics that some of the objectives of these Acts are undermined in terms of discriminatory recitations, especially toward elderly citizens. It appears that age discrimination is widespread across health and care services, present in day-to-day language where it is considered benign and evident in beliefs, values and attitudes that perceive the older someone as characteristically different from the rest of society. This vi ew is reflected in the chronic under funding of kind care for older people.The Smiths, like many elderly indoors the population of Scotland, have ongoing health care costs, the need for kindly support, the need for education and up-to-date information pertinent to their social wellbeing and health needs, as well as idiosyncratic personal needs and expectations, such as aid and support with their son going to court (Sim, 2005). In this respect, there is a critical need for a review of social and health provisions to the elderly who are living at home. Provision of service The Scottish Ministers encounter that the provision of services meets a high standard of quality service by regularly reviewing the national care standards that apply to care services, and this includes the delivery of services to the elderly. To enable the optimum provision of services, the standards and services are continuously evaluated with the inclusive consultation of those who are the end users of the services such as the Smiths. The Scottish Social Services Councils codes of practice are also taken into consideration. The code states the responsibilities of employers when regulating the activities of social service players. As a code of practice, a list of expectations of social service workers details standards for master key conduct and practice. The code ensures a standardisation of care services across the Scottish community.Hence, an employer mustiness ensure that a competent social worker is part of the services workforce, and this means they must understand the responsibilities of their role. Policies, procedures and protocols must exist in hard document form to enable social workers to meet the code of practice standards. Training and ongoing professional development opportunities must be made available to social worker staffs. Policies must address issues of discrimination and dangerous or exploitive behavior. And finally the code must be promoted among social worker s as well as the wider community. Types of Service For a couple like the Smiths several service care options are available housing support services (which provides assistance, advice, and counseling) to support the elderly to live within their home home care services an independent health care service a maintain agency respite care

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East Asia Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

eastbound Asia Studies - Essay ExampleAlthough much of the regional transformation in the recent years has been so positive, principally in the economic sphere, various challenges abound, this challenges pose the risk to constancy in this region. It is rather hard to count on which of the two economic and security, could trigger stability in the region. The discourse of security and economic situations has been hugely dominated by the stick out of Chinas prudence which has a huge role of the foreign affairs and has also transformed the geographic landscape of the region, which has direct the policy makers in the region searching for effective ways to cooperate, while still evading uncertainty concerning its prox course. Another trend that is being overlooked in the region is Japans own stabilize transformation. The growth of China in the region accompanied by global political influence and rapidly growing defense expenditures has stirred up the public sentiment of Japan towar ds China. Additionally, situations at the Korean peninsula suck in been in recent years has become increasingly destabilizing security and the geographical flashpoint. Most importantly the keep growth of Chinas economy and its current modernization has the great security concern in the region (Beeson 187). Another reason for tension in the region and its neighbors is the use of water due to the increase existence pressure the whole per capita water accessibility has declined by between forty and sixty per cent. This creates a security concern in the scramble for resource now that there is a great rise of China population and the great industrialization in Japan the great weather that is experienced in the region does not come to of help to the highly populated region. The currency crisis has also been a major concern of the East Asian region. This issue has been of concern for quite a long time bed covering from Thailand and becoming more regional. This issue has brought about retrospect in the imbalances of the structure of the economy of Thailand which exposes it to short landmark debt this has in turn affected the currency values of the countries that have had the same experience such as Koreas, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines (Beeson 206-210). Amongst these countries, some of them such as Indonesia did experience great currency movements with their currency facing up to 80% loss of its value. It is significant to note that this financial crisis had an influence on the regional institutional development, and it affected the story and standing of the major powers in various ways with Japan suffering the greatest damage of its regional leadership ambitions (Beeson 203-206). With much concern to the environment, the capacity of China has faced some greater challenges which are associated with the go along processes of economic developments, which have also been extended beyond the borders. There is some indication of the impact of the populati on of China on the East Asian countries with the growing prices of commodities and resources such as Oil. The consumption of such commodities in China continues to rise which brings about the continued thinking of the significant development and significant future of the East Asian. Some sources argue that unless the externalities that are associated wi

Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre - Read volume 1, chapter 7, from the Essay

Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre - Read volume 1, chapter 7, from the set about to ..... they were then propped up with monitors high stools. How is Language used - Essay ExampleYet, Jane is similarly portrayed as a woman who has strong inner feelings that refuse to be ignored and constantly cause her difficulty. As Jane grows through the book, this conflict between rescripts rules and her inner feelings becomes more and more obvious, finally comer a resolution at the end in which she has found both an accepting home and a social status that permits her some freedom while still retaining her own inner fire thank to her ability to retain a degree of independence even from her husband. As can be interpret from this brief summary of the book, one of the key themes revolves around the struggle between the social constraints of Victorian society and the personal need for self-expression and fulfillment in the individual. This concept is addressed repeatedly throughout the novel as Bronte continues to paint pictured thoughts to illustrate the various elements that contribute to or that relieve the struggle. A close tryout of a brief passage found at the beginning of Volume 1, Chapter 7 illustrates how these pictured thoughts and vignettes serve well to support the theme of internal and external struggle.The specific language Bronte chooses to place in Janes express regarding her first year at Lowood frames a bleak image of denial. She describes it as an irksome struggle (63) that exists non just on the physical flat, but, to an even greater degree on a spiritual plane The fear of failure in these points harassed me worse than the physical hardships of my lot (63). The physical hardships are also given strong adjectival support as the girls remained trapped by deep snows, impassable roadstead and forced to work within these limits of a small, sparse and bitterly cold garden (63). The clothing they are provided is insufficient and nonexistent while such neglect c aused irritation, torture and swelled, raw

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Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Germany, 1933-45 Essay

Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Ger galore(postnominal), 1933-45 - Essay ExampleThere are no records about how many men perished in those concentration camps and it is genuinely enceinte to looks for an exact number of how many bore the cruel treatment (Grau, Claudia & Patrick 1995). They were not only punished by the German soldiers instead they similarly received persecutions from other prisoners, they were beaten to death. Homosexuals in forced labor camps were assigned grueling and blood clotting jobs on the sentence of extermination through work these individuals faced worst punishments than other Jewish inmates in the camps. Estimates of 100,000 men and women sapphics were arrested in the geezerhood between 1933 and 1945 out of which 50,000 were persecuted. Although it is hard to specify, how many of them perished in the concentration camps from hard labor and death sentences. After the end of war these persecutions and deaths were unacknowledged by many countries but lat er on some men were arrested on the basis of evidence found that dated back to the years of Nazi. It only happened very recently in 2002 that the German government tendered an apology to the gay and lesbian residential area of their acts. However, these events in the history still serve as a huge controversy and offense among the homosexual community of the society. There are many German famous Jews who have made their mark in the history. Most German Jews either left the country or they were murdered in the Holocaust. Some of the very famous German Jews in history are divided according to their fields.

To develop a policy to address an issue identified in a practice Research Paper

To develop a policy to address an issue identified in a practice setting in treat - Research Paper ExampleThis is achievable through the establishment of an effective bedside policy that promotes effective trade off in the health care setting.Reporting in this case refers to the transfer of accountability, responsibility, and authority of a patient of and their care from one caregiver to another. Bedside newspapering, on the other hand, refers to a concept that involves providing a musical composition to the incoming caregiver in the presence of a patient. This report provides a policy that seeks to maximize the benefits bedside report (Athwal, Fields, and Wagnell, 2009).To maximize the benefits of bedside report in the hospital, nurses lead be required to adhere to the following policy initiatives. Firstly, this instant on the day of admission, a bedside nurses or any other hospital staff will be required to explain briefly the process to patients and families, as well as inv ite patients and families to form start of the bedside shift report. In addition, bedside shift nurses will be required to give patients a brochure on the bedside shift report.Secondly, at each shift, nurses must ensure that the shift report takes place at the patients bedside. At the same time, nurses will be required to invite patients and families to take part in the shift report.Anderson and Mangino (2006) observed that, in some instances, patients or families might not be privy to genuine information or diagnosis. However, bedside shift report is not the right place to discuss bad news. In this regard, nurses will be required to refrain from divulging any subtile information or diagnosis during bedside shift. Instead, they will be required to follow the procedure set out by the hospital for discussing such sensitive information.Families also tend to complicate matters during bedside shift report (Griffin, 2010). This sometimes makes it difficult for nurses to know

Economic History of Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

economical History of Europe - Essay ExampleHowever, in the late 13 century the providence started to slide down due to land shortages, over nation and depleted soils for food production and other agricultural activities. Conversely, the vast famine of the 1315-17 contributed vastly to the decline in economic growth and development resulting in stoppage of population growth. Agriculture in addition shrank further profits declined as prices reduced in 1348 due to the Black Death outbreak in which almost half of the population of England was kil guide, thus plaguing the gains the economy had achieved further.England faced similar economic challenges just alike(p) the rest of Europe that were characterized by rapid inflation as a result of loss of palpable wages and an increase in New World golds. To understand further the how stagnant the economy of England was during the pre-industrial regeneration era, the Malthusian theory of income determination cannot be ignored. In Englan d, during the pre-industrial era, which was between 1200 -1640, living standards were dictated by the population (Nicholas and Steckel, 1991). According to Malthusian, decrease in population led to the increase in the per capita income in England. Malthusian overly stated that the tradeoff between mortality rate rate and fertility rate determined the income in the pre-industrial economy. The put shows how the economy of England was, thus stagnant by the following assumptions developed by Malthusian (Galor and Wepl, 1999).The birth rate, mortality rate and the living standards among the ancient people were the three assumptions that Malthusian used to explain why the economy was stagnant. Birth rate increased the population in England, which in return led to the decrease in the living standards among the people (Galor and Weil, 1999). On the other hand, the death rate that resulted in the decrease in population, led to the increase and improvement in the living standards among the people in England. The three assumptions, which are also referred to

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A promotional plan to launch the new brand Assignment - 1

A promotional plan to launch the new-fashioned stain - Assignment ExampleHuman needs endure provided be satisfied by a return. Additionally, such products need to have a searching identification. Such identification adequately distinguishes the new product from those that exist in the market. This identification creates a product scar. Additionally, besides branding, packaging and advertising add together towards a brand name. For instance, coca Cola is globally recognisable for its name and brand that exercisings red writings against white backgrounds. Brand naming may be employ as a strategy in successful business. Therefore, a brand name can only be launched after thinking of the long term effects of the name on the consumers. Once established, ever-changing of brands may incur huge expenses. A brand of a product serves both the buyer and vendor since it helps the consumers to differentiate the products form other varieties. Sharp, effective, memorable and distinguisha ble branding helps in ensuring customer loyalty. Consumers are believed to use a product repeatedly only when they are fully satisfied by the product (Haig 2005, pg. 65).For new products in the market, branding involves various terminologies that are distantly distinctive. These terms include trademark, brand, brand mark and the brand name. According to (Haig, 2005) a brand can be a format, design, term, symbol, name or a cabal of these elements. Mainly, a brand needs to distinguish the manufacturer and distributors of the product from those that exist in the market. Alternatively, a brand name refers to the pronounceable brand identity of the product. A good brand name may contribute towards product popularity. Often, a brand name needs to be patented to hinder replication and imitations. On the other hand, a brand mark needs to identify its products using a distinguishable symbol. In most cases, consumers identify the manufacturer of a product using the symbol. For instance, othe r products manufactured by Coca Cola can be

Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Business - Assignment deterrent exampleThe academic journal by Orlando Behling (1998) titled Employee selection will intelligence and consciousness do the argument has put concerted effort to settle this challenge.According to Behling (1998), there seems to be commonalities among the employers during the recruitment of employees which attempt to go over the high hat employee to the jobs. The interest of all employers is to recruit the best that they suffer select, however the method that they use does non lead to the wish that they have. On that account, a number of the managers now questions the succinct matching approach that can buoy give the best from the group of job seekers. In that line, the managers now have an idea that top performers argon those that can be successful in al about, if not all jobs. This is one of the yard stick that can be used.In further attempt to unknot this conundrum, an examination that was do at Gatewood and Fields military personnel resource s election, had footsteps that could establish the best matching approach of the best performer with the job. According to the examination, an emphasis was made on the imperativeness of the industrial psychologist and the human resource managers in in matching the best performers and the avocation (Behling, 1998).The article goes ahead to explain the other modalities that atomic number 18 on the use to enhance the matching of the best performer to the employment. The use of intelligence is hinged on the idea that the smart people finish first. Using this mantra, most of the employers having been using this matching technique to have the recruitment work done. The explanation of the word has been used in getting into the core reason why it has been used weather consciously or unconsciously. It defined as the human talent to solve problem. There are ten intelligence that human being are endowed with. They include deductive, inductive, memory, mechanical, numerical, perpetual reasoning , spatial, verbal and vocabulary. Using this

Wills, Trusts, and Probate Week CD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wills, Trusts, and table Week CD - Essay Examplemethod of military rank with which one can find the fit profit by subtracting purchases from the calculated amount of the organizations earnings, which is further divided into two parts, for the renter and the landowner. Hence by means of this renters profits, one will be able to determine the propertys value (Lamance, 2011).This method of valuation is used for determining the value of those properties that are not yet developed or such construction that possibly upgraded or have no value, and expected replacement and destruction (Lamance, 2011).Article three of the opus prescribes the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, according to which the jurisdiction mainly regarding Federal queries and variety of cases that are brought between citizens of opposite states. As probate matters are not frequently involved in federal law that is wherefore federal court do not have jurisdiction over probate matters (Thomas, 2012).Lamance, K. (2 011).Alternative rating Method For Gross Estate LegalMatch Law Library. Retrieved from http//www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/alternative-valuation-method-for-gross-estate.htmlSingaporeprimedistricts.com (2012).Importance of real estate valuation and the variant methods of valuation. Retrieved from http//www.singaporeprimedistricts.com/importance-of-real-estate-valuation-and-the-different-methods-of-valuation/Thomas, A.P. (2012).Florida Probate Lawyer Florida Probate Blog Probate, Guardianship & Trust Litigation. Retrieved from

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APPLICATION PAPER Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

APPLICATION - Term Paper ExampleAs a tradition, the two leading political parties the Democratic and the Republican Parties select the best view to range their troupe (4- Impression Management, Haun 50). In the primaries of each of the political parties, potential panoramas file for nomination and they canvass for votes by revealing leaders of the party why they are capable of winning power in the national elections (5- respect Gaining Strategies, Haun 64).In order to ensure the best results in the general presidential elections, the parties select the best candidate to represent them (6- Uncertainty Reduction, Haun 23). In doing this, a lot of checks are done on each candidate to verify and validate his or her claims of eligibility for the Presidency as well as acceptability to the voters (7- Fidelity Checks, Haun 69). subsequently successfully convincing the leaders of the respective parties (8- Evidence Test, Haun 69), they are chosen as the Presidential aspirants to repres ent the two major political parties in America.The Presidential candidates are presented to the American electorates by the parties. The candidates are involve to present a positive image about themselves and their parties (9- Impression Management Theory, Haun 50). In order to assay the promises made by each of the candidates, most presidential elections are marked by various presidential debates. In these debates, the presidential candidates tell the American mass what they would do if they are voted into power. This provides a platform for ratting electorates about the kind of leader who will fill the White House over the next iv years. Presidential debates provide a strong insight into the policies that either parties have for the people and influences the way people think about the candidates (10- Perception, Haun 68).This year, the two contenders for the US Presidency, President Barack Obama and Senator Mitt Romney

Management Accounting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Management Accounting - Assignment ExampleThe cultivation is used to analyse the influence of the bon tons undertakings on key accounts such as cost and profits. Therefore, it is fair to mention that the cost systems drive decision-making by providing critical information suitable for operation analysis. The common types of costing systems are the activity base costing and the absorption costing system. The paper go away provide a profit and loss recital prepared using both the ABC and absorption costing system. In addition, a discussion will be included to explain to Riptide Plcs manager that the ABC system provides extra information suitable for decision-making.Let us determine the absorption invest for the two departments (machine and assembly department). The absorption rate for machine department = ( hit allocated to machine department/ machine hours) = (504,000/420,000) = $ 1.2/ machine hour. Therefore, the overhead cost per product is as below.The absorption rate for th e assembly department = (overhead allocated to assembly department/ direct labour hours) = (437,000/530,000) = $ 0.8245/ labour hour. Therefore, the overhead cost per product is below.Profit statements have been prepared using the ABC system and the absorption costing system. In the process of making the profit statements, the costs incurred by Riptide plc when producing the three products have in any case been identified based on the two costing systems. Based circuit card F below, the cost per unit of measurement under the ABC system for product XYI, YZT and ABW are 39.25, 92.025 and 73.583. Under absorption costing, product XYI and YTZ cost more than than the same products costs under the ABC system. However, product ABW cost more under the ABC than it costs under absorption system. Therefore, the differences in the cost of the products under the two costing systems are summarized in Table F below.Based on Table G below,

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9Live strategic analysis - general environment Essay

9Live strategic analysis - general environs - Essay ExampleBeing one of the leading innovators in the realm of interactive T.V, 9Live seems to targeting every person. Since it is originally a quiz TV channel and gouge be accessed through internet therefore its demographic study includes most of those viewers who are either fond of using technology or having some(prenominal) tendencies to gamble. Besides, the concept was of an interactive T.V. running without advertisement revenues therefore there was an strong tendency that channel moldiness lure people from all walks of life to constantly call in during all time of the mean solar day so that a constant flow of revenue is insured. Since It was largely believed that solving crossword puzzles, or respondent quiz shows was the job of those who probably are of old age or unemployed therefore demographical factors shew a different challenge to 9Live.Germany is by far the largest scrimping in Europe. 9Live emerged on the scene when German market was not developed for the concept of interactive T.V. however emergence of shopping channel equivalent of H.O.T. was suggesting a change in the industry dynamics. Germany is one of the most critical and important members of the European colligation as for as the economy is considered. Government deficits in budgets were virtually not existening however Germany was marred by low GDP growth i.e. 0.7% in 2001 when the channel was launched whereas unemployment level was at 9.5% suggesting strong downturns in the economy. (Ewing). Clearly, the downward turn in the business cycle is hitting Germany hard. But this is more than just a cyclic bout of bad news. It was largely believed that the economic efforts at that time were stalled as Germanys 3.9 million unemployed was head no way. Apart from that the period of 9Live launch was marred mainly by recession in the economy of Germany and due to widening unemployment gaps, the probability of attracting the paid callers see ms to be low no matter how cheap it can be.Though German media

Political Science-Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Political Science-Critique - Essay ExampleSo there be always a hardly a(prenominal) who are free to make knowledgeable opinions and pay attention and cause compound, James Stimson further explained this quandary that politics or political change is exerted at the margins lonesome(prenominal). Very few passel or only limited group of people brings about a political change. The history has shown that the leaders have never repented on their mistakes. Therefore if a dramatic critical change is subdued whence its a game play of very few numbers of people who are knowledgeable and contri notwithstandinge to the change through order, systematic each(prenominal)y (Stimson, pp. 158-159). He explained his points through a mathematical formula of aggregate gain. Here he contrasted this mathematic term with politics as the real probability of change and effect lies at the centre and the middle. These fiddling scale shifts clustering around the middle cause change. The cardinal extreme spatial relations if treated equally then this 50-50 situation is broken when these very few people that accounts for one or two percent of the electorate and thereof cause a change and winning position for either of the party. James stressed on the detail that the 50-50 line is the decisive part which is the median and constitutes of one or two percent of the electorate if the elections is divided closely. ... If two out of every 100 Americans change uniformly then the 98% stood still from either egalitarian or republican and the 2% is the product of change (Stimson, p. 162). James Stimson classified citizens on tether segments. The prototypic being the Passionate, these are the most involved people and make lifetime commitments adhering strictly to one side / one political party only. Their ideologue of commitment continues to remain the same over the lifetime getting a small portion of the American public. The third group is the Uninvolved people who lacks interest and does nt pay attention to movements at all and cancels the Passionate in the aggregate. The second group of people is the Scorekeepers, who are the most dedicated, knowledgeable persons and lies in the centre of both the extremes constituting the non-ideologists pragmatists. They dont focus on who is elucidate or incorrect solely focus on the outcomes doing a good job or not. These three categories change in sizes over time, but the middle group is responsible for producing the change. Moreover the individual movements on random basis cancel out itself in the aggregate (Stimson, pp. 163-164). Two important points are acknowledge here where a change is a resultant of responses of those people who pay enough attention to the movements but not being judgemental and adhered to a single party as the passionate, calling for a systematic change. Those people who are really uninvolved dont participate in surveys those who do might be ignorant but politically active. He further briefed that the scorekeepers of the middle group are dispassionate but are well informed. All the people cannot be knowledgeable in the same way all the people can

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Case study analysis Nike sweatshops and business ehtics

Analysis Nike driveshops and business ehtics - Case Study ExampleThe sells a number of their products per grade but the familiarity lacks a production unit and thus contracts other companies to manufacture for them all more or less the world. It is estimated that over 900,000 million people are employed in these different companies around the world to arrest Nike based products alone. A commodious number of these companies are based in Asian countries like Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Indonesia where critics render accused Nike to offer poor working condition for the workers as opposed to the United States labor laws. The community has been accused on several occasions for exploiting the sweatshop labors upon which its operations are based to increase their profitability plot exploiting the locals and rewarding them poorly. Nike had total revenue of $16 billion in 2007, a slight improvement from what the association posted in the previous years. Intr oduction This paper provides a minute case study of Nike sweat shops as they are currently operated and managed across the globe. As part of the abstract, the business model adoptive by Nike shall be analyzed in this paper, providing a comparison with other business models that do exist. The core mission, determine and visions of the company pass on also be discussed to ascertain their relevance in the progress of the company. This paper will adopt the five porter analysis technique to describe the strategic plans and approaches adopted by Nike sweatshops. hall porter five force analyses is a framework developed to enable consultants conduct critical industry analysis and business strategy development. SWOT analysis of the company will also be conducted to help melody a clear basis upon which their success and/or failure will be weighed. Ethical issues in Nike sweatshops have been a major topic both in the United States and in other countries where the companys goods are manuf actured. This case study will also seek to provide a detailed analysis of the ethical conduct and misconduct of Nike sweatshop to ascertain the relevance of the claims. Finally, recommendations based on the results obtained from the analysis will be provided emphasizing on the legal requirements that guide such recommendations. Existing business model duty model provides an in-depth analysis of the practices of the business that seeks to create, deliver and capture valuate for the products being handled. In this section, the core useable aspects of the business, strategies employed organizational culture and structure and trading policies will be evaluated. The business model adopted by any organization contributed to a larger percentage its ability to succeed and deliver value to its consumers. Nike has a value proposition that translates into nothing is impossible if you put the right effort and practice into whatever you want to achieve. This has been a marketing strategy ado pted by the company for long to enable it fulfil its sport consumers who require motivation in their daily endeavors. The creation of innovation and inspiration to all athletes in the world the companys core target and this has enabled Nike to maintain its traditional customers in the sporting federation (Drago 117). Nike has for long adopted the franchising business model to enable it produce large volumes of products that can meet the demands of its large consumers spread across the world. Franchising is defined as a practice of using other

No Topic, Follow the attachment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

No Topic, Follow the attachment - Assignment ExampleCompanies should work as a team up not an organism. Organisms function independently from each early(a). If the barriers are broken down finished chat future problems can be reduced and eliminated.10. stave off slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and red-hot levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity rifle to the system and thus lie beyond the power of the work force Instead of requiring unrealistic goals, since only workers and the system are human creation, expectations should reflect a level of breakdown. Instead of quotas, employees should be encouraged to do their best. Rewards and punishments should be based on performance of the worker, not the system or apparatusry. For example, a broken machine should not impact the employees negatively. Machines wear down and break. Laying o ff employees or sending them home referable to mechanical failure should be the last option. Companies always need to have cleaning, trash removal, or other mundane chores that employees can complete while their machinery is being fixed. If the factory workers feel that they are part of team instead of part of the machinery, work can be more productive in a loose environment.Eliminate work standards (quotas) on the factory floor. Substitute leadership Instead of quotas, leaders should be on the factory floor encouraging good work habits. If a leader, manager, or foreman is visible, employees have an motivator to work harder. When seeing an employee talking on a cell phone, or being unproductive a leader can nip it in the bud right then.Eliminate management by objective. Eliminate management by numbers, numerical goals. Substitute leadership Management that is not seen but heard through dictates, letters, or other means does not impact the employees as much as true leadership

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The Glass Menagerie' by Tennessee Williams Essay

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams - Essay role modelJim OConnor, the gentleman caller, bears the same name as the young man who called on Rose Williams, before her credit line into insanity. The action takes place in a small apartment in a poor regulate of the city, crowded revealside and in, surrounded by many dark alleys and fire escapes, exploring the illusory lives of the three briny characters as they attempt to achieve their dreams, only for it all to end in failure and disappointment.It has been interpreted diversely as a psychological drama portraying a dysfunctional family, the tragedy of a breakable psyche (Laura) edging into madness, and a socio-political statement, his personal testament to the Great Depression (p.20, Hale, 1998). It is all of these as becomes unvarnished as the action moves from the past to the present as gobblers recollection are recalled andCharacter Analysis - Tom Wingfield Tom is a poet, working in a boring low paid job in a shoe fact ory, the main economic support for his mother and sister. Despite his position as the main provider, an adult male, he is denied that status, simply by how his mother perceives things should be, rather than what they are, and by her demands on him to be that provider until another appears (a husband for Laura). He is complex, shy and intelligent, his creativity dismissed and ridiculed by his mother. He seeks escape finished the illusions of the movies, but recognizes the reality of the times in which he seeks his dreams Tom Hollywood characters are supposed to take a shit all the adventures for everybody inAmerica, while everybody in America sits in a darkened room and watches them gestate themYes, until theres a war. Thats when adventure becomes available to the masses....Then thepeople in the dark room come out of the dark room to have some adventure themselves-....(Williams, 1936, Scene Six, p. 282)Some connection to socialist value appear when Tom paid his dues to the Union of Merchant Seamen, rather than the electric bill - thus high spot a belief in the unions and socialism, as opposed to capitalism. His relationship with his mother is volatile, as she is the nagging movement preventing his escape and fulfillment. He loves his shy, fragile sister and the most telling example Williamss lyrical language and symbolic representation which elicit poignant imagery and the emotion of guilt can be found as he reflects on his escape.Tom I didnt go to the moon, I went much further - for time is the longest blank space between two places...Perhaps I am walking along a street at night, in some strange

Judgement and decision making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Judgement and decision making - Essay illustrationThis tool is in addition essential, non-egocentric social propriety thus, Madoff should use this tool to win investors trust on their $50 billion.Notably, Bernie Madoff might have capitalized on this tool to influence that belief and trust of investors that he could manage the $50 billion economically and profitably (Kramer, 1998). On this utterance, Madoff should use the Cialdinis principle that includes the mode of dress, education, physical characteristics (age, posture), and direct of education and experience in handling the entire investment funds persuasions. Additionally, Madoff could have removed the self-interest from the investment (Connolly, Hammond, and Arkes, 1999). The principle of removal of self-interest from the persuasion often increases the perception of other interested parties in the discussion.However, thither are chances that Madoff can fail to convince the investors to entrust him with $50 billion. This mi ght happen if he lacks the expertise or rather the miss-entitlement to allocate incentives. Notably, the decision can only be taken in the self-interest of Madoff but not that of the business (Connolly, Hammond, and Arkes, 1999). In such a case, some of the investors may suspect his profess judgment in the persuasion deal and fail to follow his authoritys instructions. Therefore, if Madoff remain cheeseparing and persuades the investors at the interest of the business, there are high chances that the investors may entrust him with their $50 billion price of investment.In addition, Madoff should apply the liking or the affect as a persuasion mechanism to note that the things that make people feel valued are things that are equally beneficial to those people. The approach also has a strong motivating power, love, anger, pride, and attraction among others. Well articulation of this principle shall overwhelm reason that in conclusion become extraordinarily difficult to change

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Eucharist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Eucharist - sample ExampleEarlier Christians apply it as the synonym of Hebrew term berakkhah, meaning a bless. As the Christians opened the gates of vernacular versions, the terms were being translated into other languages in a good sense to convey the restricted thoughts of the church rather and so exact meanings, the term Eucharist also got accomplished and was restricted to the specific meaning of the ritual of the bread and wine1. Among the different churches, it is known by other names as well, such as, the Lords Supper, devoted Communion, the Divine Liturgy, the mass, the blood sacrament or simply as sacrament2.As we look at the history of church, in early period in that location were not much scientific discussions going on , rather the major move in those times was when the shift of the authorisation of church to the authority of the Bible. For Roman Catholics both the written and unwritten word of God was taken in authority with equal devotion. Written word was t he Bible and unwritten was believed to be the tradition of the Church. For centuries the church remained content with a rough and ready arrangement of the canon but it could not live long. Tradition introduced the doctrines to believers and the tidings was used at the later stage to test and amplify those doctrines. After sharp discussions over it, the Council of Trent decided that the scripture and the traditions (divine and apostolic) are at the same level of authority, to be taken with equal devotion and veneration. But there were certain doctrines that were coming merely from the authority of traditions which became the object of reforming attack and Eucharist was one of them3. In the beginning, the Holy Eucharist was held as an ordinary meal in Christian household which they adopted from the Judaic culture. By the 2nd century C.E. the practice of sharing the Eucharist became a traditional sacrament honored as both, a Sacrament and a Sacrifice in the commemoration of Jesus the Christ. Since then, Christians began to gather for Holy Eucharistic ritual. The Catholic Eucharistic prayer and the formal consecration of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ became the underlying features of this sacrament in proceeding centuries4. The Middle-Ages is marked as the period of Dark Age in the Christian history. With the coming of Barbarians, the characteristics of earlier time began mingling and merging with the Barbarian. By the 800 C.E. the pontiff at Rome got his program line over the civil power and from there began the time when many doctrines sprang up. One of those doctrines understood to be substantial by the western church was transubstantiation i.e. the doctrine that under the appearances of bread and wine, Jesus Christ is contained, offered, and received. The skilful Christ is really, truly, and substantially present at the consecration of the elements of the Eucharist5. Eucharist and Christian denominations Eucharist is suspected to have been develop as part of the general doctrine of the sacraments. As we look behind in the history, the first full scale discussions over the issue in the Catholic west emerged out after 9th century and then it began to be celebrated. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest single grouping in terms of numbers of adherents. For them Pope is the spiritual leader and have the authority. On the other hand, reformed churches are those whose separate

The Impact of Westward Expansion during Jefferson's Presidency on Essay

The strike of Westward Expansion during Jeffersons Presidency on Native Americans, African Americans, and on American - Essay role modelThe greatest achievement of Jefferson in his first term as president was the grease ones palms of the Louisiana grease in 1803 from France. The Louisiana Purchase was one of the leading land deals in history. The United States paid almost $ 15 million dollars in 1803 for over 828, 000 square miles of land2. This act served as the main achievement in the period of Jeffersons presidency (The Jefferson Monticello 6). The westward expansion of the land had some(prenominal) impacts on the Native Americans, the African Americans and the Americans as a whole. The Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson purchased a large piece land from France that was referred to as the Louisiana Purchase. The land consisted of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, some parts of Minnesota to the south of Mississippi River, sections of Montana, Northern Texas, Kansas , Wyoming, and Louisiana on the either sides of River Mississippi as well as the city of New Orleans. There are several areas that are besides included in the land Purchase. Before Jefferson purchased the land, United States had only thirteen states. The purchase of this piece of land almost doubled the size of the United States. There are mingled reasons why President Jefferson purchased land. The main reason was because the New Orleans was the main port for trade. The port was primarily use to store the export items and was also used for importing the goods coming from the other countries. However, the nation was under a constant threat of having the port taken away for trading purposes. For that reason therefore, President Jefferson thought that it would be wise and best for the country if he purchased it3. The plans of President Jefferson depended on the western expansion and access to the markets for the American products, especi tout ensembley the farm products. Due to the e xpansion, the new American settlements on the west of the Appalachian Mountain mainly depended on river transport in order to get their goods to the market because the overland trade to the east was really costly and impractical (The Jefferson Monticello 4). The impacts of westward expansion Baldwin asserts that even though the westward expansion was of vital importance, it also affected the Native Americans, African Americans, and the entire American society differently (41). America did not get New Orleans in 1800 which acted as the major factor to the economy of Mississippi valley as a whole. Most parts of North America were controlled by the European powers, Spain, France, England and Russia4. Another reason why Jefferson agreed with the Napoleons offer of selling Louisiana was to ensure that the United States of America dominated power in the northern part of the continent. The expansion had several impacts on the people. For instance, it caused difficulties in transportatio n, lowered frugal level, increased racism and in the process wars took place leading to destruction of property and loss of life. all in all individuals including the Native Americans, the African Americans and the American society as a whole experienced the impacts of the expansion. In general, all Americans were affected during the westward expansion. The effects of the westward expansion on Native Americans The Native Americans experienced various impacts due to westward expansion. For instance, social instability as most parents could not control their children because they thought they were enceinte enough to be independent. They therefore left their families

Consumer Behaviour in the Consumer Electronics Market Essay

Consumer doings in the Consumer Electronics Market - Essay ExampleThe company has recently released the Walkman MP3 player Z series. This particular increase is able to combine several elements of the past MP3 players into a new alternative for medicinal drug while providing the conterminous step to listening to music that many can enjoy within the market. The concept of ILaz is one which true from the main philosophy of providing new and innovative products based on entertainment needs. It was recently established, specific entirelyy with the foundation garment of using the new ideologies of engineers to enhance the products and to create unique electronic features which could be introduced on a spheric basis. The founding ideology is to create innovative products and technical features that enhance entertainment. The mission is to offer high death and newer electronics to the community which will establish entertainment and offer a different use with better alternatives for empty activities. The vision is to offer several types of electronic products with a strong reputation for quality and enjoyment. The MP3 player which is provided uses or so of the technologies which have been produced by other engineers, such as Sony, and enhances these with newer features that provide more alternatives for listening. The meaning of entertainment devices is inclusive of music, scene, photography and other digital products that ar specific to the entertainment realm. By having this approach, there is the ability to alter in high end products that need different resolutions and alternatives for better listening. The product which is offered by Ilaz is the Z-serial publication Walkman MP3 player. This is an upgrade to the MP3 players offered by other companies, specifically because of the approach to upgrade technology for better use. The main approach is to offer music in the digital, handheld device that has a clear and distinct sound and which has higher res olution with videos for those that are looking at entertainment through the player. The technology used for better sounds and resolution of video includes digital sound enhancement, noise cancelling, clear stereo and clear bass technologies. The ideology is combined with creating an experience with sound, video and other applications. The arranging has alike incorporated content transfer software, which offers music, video and photo that can all be added into the product. There is the ability to have more transfers, automatic options for downloading as surface as updates and the represent of digital rights management. There is also a management system incorporated, which consists of sorting files, plugging and transferring files and moving from one syllabus to another, such as from the PC to iTunes. The product has also incorporated options of moving from different players for better playing. The MP3 system incorporates Bluetooth technology and some of the latest looks and feel s of the new device. The product is based on the latest ILaz Z Series walkman however, it has enhanced features to offer even more compatibility for both music and video (Sony, 2011). The concepts which have been added to the MP3 player, as well as the popularity of the product can be looked into in terms of the UK market. In general, the UK market has increased in the number that is looking at the different digital players, as seen in graph 1. Graph 1 Increase in UK Electronics Market (National Statistics, 2007). This is combined with the alterations with MP3 players which include 26% of individuals age 15 and over owning the player. It is also

Impact of Dizzy Gillespie or Bill Evans (select one) Essay

Impact of Dizzy Gillespie or turn on Evans (select one) - Essay ExampleWorth noting is the fact that broadsheet Evans is a great brilliant pianist, who worked to the best of his capabilities in the United States of America to lift the farting manufacture into greater heights by taking the opportunity of his talent into consideration in improving the cushy trio and its democratization (Cankaya, 35). This paper analyses the various musical techniques of nozzle Evans in the development of modern jazz music. Many jazz musicians have adopted his techniques, a factor that makes Bill Evans highly influential in the development of the modern jazz style, as will be highlighted in this paper.Bill Evans was born in 1929, and started building his talent right from his mothers church in Russia at an age of 6 years. His motive to grow in the industry grew, and he developed a school labelled Bill Evans style where he became influential in the industry and encouraged, gave hope and helped coll eagues pursue their talents. For instance, he inspired and mentored Petrucciani and Andy Laverine. investigate indicates that Bill Evans indulged in heroin abuse a habit that he opined would boost his energy.Bill Evans face up the compulsion of selecting a favourable career. Since he had an outstanding talent in playing the piano, and opted to pursue it. He ventured into the music industry and due to his reformed chord he exhibited remarkable growth in the industry. A critical review of history indentifies Bill Evans as a pianist of jazz music (Schachter, et al 42). However, heroin taking was not a merit because it accrued his death in 1980, and led to the severance of his two-marriages. Bill Evans received five grammy awards as a recognition for his exemplary work of art. Some examples of the just about appreciated Bills songs include, Beautiful Love, produced in 1961 and Are you all things created in the year 1975.Bill Evans had a reformed chord that was specifically a gift in him, but he eternally exerted efforts to ensure that all his songs

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Architecture - Avant Garde Architectural Theory Essay

Architecture - Avant Garde Architectural Theory - Essay ExampleIn the beginning of 1922, the Viennese Hungarian Activists were gaining victory. After banishing from Hungary they got together in Vienna. Earlier this year, some of them started to get cut off from Kassak and Ma, do their own groups. In impact of Russian Avant garde was the main cause for the Hungarian Activists to break from Dada and wed International Constructivism. The Activist artists and writers were the main groups forming the Hungarian Avant garde during that time (Botar, 1993).Brutalism was a movement in architecture which flourished in the 1960s and 1970s. Pioneered in continental Europe by Le Corbusier, its main protagonists in Britain were the husband and married woman team of Peter and Alison Smithson. The Smithsons were determined to preserve the best aspects of the heroic Modernism of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and other too soon pioneers, and to save British Modernism from what they considered creeping w himsies. The term itself (often credited to the critic Reynar Banham) is perhaps unfortunate- suggesting as it does a type of mental synthesis which is ugly and unfriendly, and its association with much of Britains welfare state architecture has not helped the movements reputation, at least in the eyes of the public (The New Architecture, 1955). Also in the research paper, one building and one piece of text will be analysed. The building to be analysed is the Hunstanton school, by Alison and Peter Smithson in Norfolk, Britain and the piece of text to be analysed is Banham, Peter Rayner 1955-The New Brutalism from architecture review. After the Second World War, British Modernists were increasingly sought after by the authorities who wanted to rebuild a physically burst country and enact social change through the construction of a cradle-to-grave welfare state. But the architecture of the early welfare state avoided the stringent Modernism advocated by the pre-war pioneers in CIAM, opting instead to ape the sonant style of Swedens long established social architecture. The apotheosis of this humanist Modernism came in 1951, with the Festival of Britain, centred on the southeastern Bank in London. (The New Architecture, 1955)For Peter and Alison Smithson, modernism was not just that. They demanded a return to a more rigid, formal architecture and put their ideas to work with their Secondary School in Hunstanton, Norfolk, completed in 1954. At Hunstanton, the Smithsons made a virtue of the construction process of the building structural and service elements were left exposed and the austere steel and glass frame gave the building a skeletal appearance. This truth to materials greet was anti-aesthetic, but, the Smithsons believed, more honest and true to Modernisms basic principles. Reynar Banham dubbed the school the New Brutalism, a movement which aimed, in his words, to prove the whole conception of the building plain and comprehensible. No mystery, no ro manticism, no obscurities about function and circulation. In France, Le Corbusier was also experimenting with new ways of using the Modernists favourite material, concrete. His breton brut (literally, raw concrete) technique characterised his Unite dHabitation in Marseilles a giant housing block with shops and other

Public Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Public Policy - Essay ExampleThe 2012/2013 compute plan of the state that was approved by the Governor and Legislature in June 2012. In the event that the voters slump this form _or_ system of government measure, the budget have a backup plan that demands reduction in spending, also referred to as trigger cuts. The policy affects the upper income tax payers because they are the one to pay additional tax for the sustenance of the states budgeted programs. However, the beneficiaries of the policy range from community colleges and schools, universities, division of development services, department of parks and recreation, department of fish and game, city police departments among other funded educational programs.The Proposition 30 will increase the treasure of Sales Tax from 2013 all the way to 2016 by 9.3%. This policy measure will increase statewide rate of sales tax by almost one quarter for each dollar of purchased goods. The policy will be effective for four days. The Propo sition 30 will also increase the rank of Personal Income Tax from 2012 to 2018. The policy measure will increase the already existing 9.3 percent rank on the higher incomes. The supplementary marginal rate of tax will increase with the increase in taxable income. The policy will add state revenue from 2018 through to 2019. Through the fiscal years in which both the personal income tax and sales tax increases as stated above collectible to phasing in and phasing out of the higher rates of taxes, the smaller increases in revenue are likely to be seen in 2011/2012, 2017/2018, and 2018/2019.

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MUSCULOSKELETAL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MUSCULOSKELETAL - Essay ExampleFactors such(prenominal) as doing heavy physical work may cause devolvement of discs. Obesity, which can be colligate to the uncomplainings lifestyle and the familys history, may as well cause disc degeneration (Rajasekaran, Venkatadass, Babu, Ganesh, & Shetty, 2008). A thorough understanding of the five factors and how they are interrelated is important in the treatment of the patient.I agree with Christopher Johnson on prioritization of treatment as the best thing to do. This is because it aims at relieving the acute nature of the patients injury thereby alleviating upset. This way, his good health will see to it that he can draw out on with his activities of daily living. When treated, the patient will be capable of reaching out to his relatives and friends for assistance. The assistance may come I form of meal preparation and transportation to and from physical therapy (Fink, Gebhard, Fuerst, Berger & Schfer, 2013). The patients intemperate c ould be caused by factors such as stress and depression, which can lead to overeating or pitiful food choices (Mikhael at al., 2013). The patients counseling will only be effective if the pain is relieved first.(2013, April). Management of newly diagnosed symptomatic multiple myeloma updated Mayo Stratification of Myeloma and Risk-Adapted Therapy (mSMART) consensus guidelines 2013. In Mayo Clinic legal proceeding (Vol. 88, No. 4, pp. 360-376).

Arguments in Favor of Capital Punishment and its Alternatives Essay

Arguments in Favor of Capital penalty and its Alternatives - bear witness ExampleThis punishment has been applicable since ancient times to curb crimes and bring felons before justice. Worlds major religions such as Christianity and Islam have also prescribed final stage for murder, necromancy and rape attempts as presented in Holy books including Bible and Quran. For instance, we have to consider the viewpoints, arguments, opinions, ideas, and understanding of every individual as we jazz in the democratic society where every person enjoys the freedom of speech, expression, and open communication. It is worthwhile to mention the point that anti-capital punishment campaigners usually disregard the universal truth that everyone is mortal when defending Life Imprisonment against the expiration penalty. For instance, such campaigners argue that life-long wait for natural death by criminals will increase their agony of torment and emotional anguish in comparison to the pain and hur t they receive before hanging in public for death. However, they fail to provide a legitimate explanation against the argument raised by endorsers of the death penalty whether Life Imprisonment to culprits is the just decision for those who have lost their loved ones killed by felonies for individual(prenominal) reasons. Some of the major arguments raised for and against capital punishment will now be demonstrated in the following sections to reach an appropriate conclusion. The first major argument in favor of Capital Punishment by supporters is that it leads to permanent eradication of notorious criminal groups, gangs or individuals from society. In addition, the death penalty serves as an example that no one is beyond the law as well as permitted to take law in ones hand by brutally assassinating the innocents in society. Also, the punishment makes society safer and restores the reliance of the general public, which remains frightened from the presence of such malefactors in p risons.

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Social policy in theory and practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Social policy in theory and practices - Essay exercisingNevertheless, this functionalist view of the affinity between economical policy and mixer policy does not clarify the oecumenic inclination to give more importance to economic policy than affable policy (Walker &Wong, 2009). This essay analyses the relationship between kind policy and economic policy in terms of Keynesian and Monetarist economic ideas in relation to welfargon.Theoretically, there should not be any inconsistency or disagreement between economic policy and social policy if the latter approves and supports the economy. Nevertheless, in reality, social policy is generally viewed as a hindrance to economic development it is viewed as pulling out economic resources and spending them on noneconomic activities (Kesselman, Krieger, & Joseph, 2009). Basically, social policy does not possess an independent and rightful sphere it is considered to be a poor soulfulnesss economic policy (Moroney & Krysik, 1998, p. 231 ). However, the ground has a natural obligation to make sure that its social policy and economic policy are not conflicting. For this author, once a welfare state is founded the principle of its activities starts to work. The citizens become used to taxation and tend to view social policy as an integral split up of social institution in highly industrialised or developed economies. On the contrary, citizens in pre-welfare states are less likely to recognise or allow taxation because of the absence of confidence in state agencies and the absence of actual experience or knowledge of the advantages of a welfare state (Walker & Wong, 2009, p. 1). In such(prenominal) circumstances, social welfare is commonly limited to the poor or substantially dispossessed by reason of charity.Regardless of the form of taxation (e.g. income tax, excise tax, etc), the capacity of the state to financially support its political and social activities relies on the capacity of the private sector to produ ce, invest, and accumulate

Human cloning is not playing god Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Human cloning is non playing god - Essay ExampleHowever, this depicts that only God has the power to create and sustain bearing as opposed the concept of cloning.On the other hand, cloning does not play god as it carries out the theatrical role of man as given in the scriptural accounts of creation. This is concerning going forth and fill up the world, where man attempts to sustain life by extending it. This is d wiz by using cloning for is benefits in overcoming legitimate health conditions that may lead in fatalities. The entire process involves the manipulation of DNA, as opposed to the biblical accounts, where man is created from dust thus, cloning has no hand in an attempt to take over Gods role (Human Cloning).Therefore, human cloning does not play the role of god in every way following the distinct differences in the creation process. This is as seen in both cases of cloning and creation, where one is the source of life, while the second is only but a means of extending l ife.Human Cloning. American Medical Association. n.d. Web. 9 Oct. 2012. Candel, Joseph. Playing God? Facts and Thoughts on Human Cloning. Activated Ministries. 2003. Web. 9 Oct. 2012.

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Love and Its Tribulations Essay Example for Free

Love and Its Tribulations EssayLove is one of the most sought after things in the world. Love cannot be bought, it can only be found by the lucky few and those who argon suitable to uncover it never want to let it go. In Jane Eyre, our heroine meets Mr. Rochester, who is a possible love interest, when she carry ons up vex as a governess at his estate. There are valety things that could hinder their quest for love, manage the presence of doubt and suspicion. Other factors that could deter a healthy relationship are their different levels of experience, and their variant personalities.The reason why some relationships do not last long is because of jealousy and distrust. In this character reference Janes rival is Blanche Ingram. It is dependable that Jane is not envious of Blanches mind, but she resents Blanches ability to gain the complete attention of Mr. Rochester. It is already evident what Janes reaction will be when other, more desirable wo custody, are in Rochester s presence. Neither of them has publicised their feelings for each other yet they cannot bear the sight of the other with somebody else. Rochester emits his jealousy as well, when Jane receives intelligence of Mrs. Reeds illness. He does not agree with her decision to leave Thornfield, because he is afraid that she may not return. He is resentful of Janes relatives for the reason that he knows that his bond with her could not compare to her family ties. He cannot compete with that kind of familial connection. He only has money to give, and money cannot buy the time Jane spent with her relatives, no matter how badly she was treated.A factor that could complicate a new romance developing is Janes lack of experience with men and Rochesters willingness to take advantage of it. The men she has come across thus far have treated her with mercilessness and disdain. For example her cousin John Reed bullied and tortured her from morning until night when she was only a comminuted girl. Ja ne was never presented with much affection or care by her benefactress, Mrs. Reed. So when she meets Mr. Rochester, she finds herself confused as to what her feelings are towards him. She has never experienced romantic love before, so she does not know if what she is feeling is love or just fondness.And if she does sort out her feelings she would not know how to communicate her emotions to Mr. Rochester. As well, Mr. Rochester is a manipulative man he enjoys havingpower over those around him. This is shown where he misleads Jane into believing that he will marry Blanche Ingram, when his true intent was to marry her. As if he didnt have enough power over her already, being her employer, supplier of her home, and her only source of income. His demanding nature and her poor judgement could be detrimental to the progress of forming a life-threatening relationship.Jane is a stubborn being, and this character trait could lead to discrepancies in her associations with Mr. Rochester. Jane is very much aware of her position at Thornfield manor as the governess. She is completely dependent on Mr. Rochester and she does not like it. This is demonstrated when Jane essential leave Thornfield to visit her Aunt, and needs money to fund her journey. Mr. Rochester willingly overpays Jane, but her obstinate nature refuses to take more than she earned.Perhaps the reason for Janes cautious-like behaviour can be accounted for by her dismal childhood, which hardened her. She became modify to working for everything she received. Mr. Rochesters abundant wealth and generosity, does not help the situation either. For instance if Mr. Rochester offered Jane gifts, she would not accept them and could flat feel insulted by the gesture. Also Mr. Rochester would be offended by her decline, therefore both parties would walk away(p) feeling disheveled by each others actions. Their contrasting qualities could inhibit their ability to obtain a working(a) relationship.These problems will c ontinue to play a role in the downfall of their relationship. Mr. Rochester and Jane have many barriers in their way such as trust issues, differences in experience, and their distinctive personalities. These problems will continue damaging their relationships, unless Jane is able to gain independence from Rochester and they are both willing to compromise for the sake of the other.

Penelope Lively & Going Back Essay Example for Free

Penelope Lively Going Back studyJane retells the book Going Back for us, and how she, now an self-aggrandising with a family of her own, is looking back into her childhood memories, she has had to revisit Medleycott, as now her child home is being sold. She recalls her childhood memories of Medleycott, where all summers atomic number 18 one hay making and raspberry succession and all winters be one scramble across glass-cold lino to execute quickly. Jane and her elder brother, Edward, live a peaceful life in the country. Their misunderstood founding father has been sent aside to fight in the war and they are loved and cared for by Betty, their motherly figure.The childrens mother died whilst they were young and their father stupefys it difficult to understand their innocent childish ways. This shows us a strong border between the adult and children world. Lively has also dis finded this border through Janes different perspective, how her images of live have changed no w she is an adult. Lively has uttered this by describing the different characteristics be to child and adult, the different ways in which they speak, the differences in their languages and how adults and children both enchant different surrounds.We lived in the playroom and in the Garden The way in which Lively uses different territories belonging to different characters, represents a strong border between the Adult and Child worlds. The children like to spend intimately of their time, when at Medleycott, in the garden. It is a place where they can retreat and live a world of their own. To Jane and Edward their garden is their paradise. Their innocence and naivety makes it come overm like the perfect haven, The Garden of Eden. It is a safe place, where they have everything they lease and they are free to do what they wish, within the garden borders.The adults within the book also have their territory. Betty has her kitchen, which is where she spends her time cooking, cleaning, washing and other household chores. Lively describes the Fathers territory in terms of the furniture within it. His crock up of the house, beyond the glass door on the upstairs landing, had thick carpets and smelt of polish, you had to be careful non the knock over flowers There is a substantial difference between his area and the childrens area compared to Bettys kitchen and the childrens territory.The children find it easy to relax when they are in the Kitchen, but they have to be careful and smart when well-nigh their father. Lively has done this to show that there is a closer bond between Jane, Edward and Betty than with the Father and his children. This may be due to the death of the childrens mother, but Jane and Edwards father finds it difficult to communicate with them. With the war on, all of the adults are worried and careful, yet the children only see it as a game.Standing on the lawn, staring up at those blue and white skies out of which Germans would come. We would m isdirect them. Ah, wed scupper them London pointing west, and send them storming. The children see the war in the one-dimensional view that children do. They take every thing they hear literally, basically accept anything that they have been told. Jane and Edward do not understand the seriousness of the situation around them all they have observe is that the war put an end to Bettys Saturdays at the cinema.There was a war on, so you couldnt have piles of sweets anymore, just one sixpenny bar of chocolate a week, and no more oranges or bananas. Jane and Edward are not worried if they get a chocolate bar or not, they have their garden to play in, it is natural and simple, they dont understand why the Adults are worried. The adult world is a very materialistic and order world, and they care about what will happen and that everything has to be right.

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Harmful Effects of Plastic Essay Example for Free

Harmful Effects of Plastic EssayComposition and Types of PlasticA moldable is made up principally of a binder together with moldableizers, fillers, pigments, and other additives. The binder gives a plastic its main characteristics and usually its name. Thus, polyvinyl chloride is both the name of a binder and the name of a plastic into which it is made. Binders may be natural materials, e.g., cellulose derivatives, casein, or milk protein, but ar more prevalently synthetic resins. In either case, the binder materials consist of precise long chainlike molecules called polymers. Cellulose derivatives are made from cellulose, a by nature occurring polymer casein is also a naturally occurring polymer. Synthetic resins are polymerized, or built up, from small unproblematic molecules called monomers. Plasticizers are added to a binder to increase flexibility and toughness.Fillers are added to improve particular properties, e.g., hardness or resistance to shock. Pigments are us ed to impart various colors. Virtually any desired color or shape and many combinations of the properties of hardness, durability, elasticity, and resistance to heat, cold, and acid can be obtained in a plastic. There are two basic types of plastic thermosetting, which cannot be resoftened after being subjected to heat and obligate and thermoplastic resin, which can be repeatedly softened and remolded by heat and pressure. When heat and pressure are applied to a thermoplastic binder, the chainlike polymers slide past each other, giving the material plasticity. However, when heat and pressure are initially applied to a thermosetting binder, the molecular chains become cross-linked, thus preventing any slippage if heat and pressure are reapplied.-Be Wise With PlasticsPlastics are everywhere and in most cases are very low-priced and convenient. But, increasingly scientists are finding that a hidden cost may be our health. Some common plastics release harmful chemicals into our air, f oods, and drinks. Maybe you cant see or taste it, but if youre serving your dinner on plastic, youre likely eating a little plastic for dinner.beyond the immediate health risks, our increasing use of plastics is causing an enormous amount of enduring pollution. Every oddball of plastic that has ever been created still exists (except for the little bit that has been incine yardd, which releases toxic chemicals). In the ocean, plastic waste is accumulating in giant gyres of debris where, among other thing, fish are ingesting toxic plastic bits at a rate which will soon make them unsafe to eat.Plastic is generally toxic to produce, toxic to use, and toxic to turn out of. Luckily, we can all make safer choices.What to DoThe best thing to do is to reduce your use of plastic. discover for natural alternatives like textiles, solid wood, bamboo, glass, stainless steel, etc. Also, look for items with less (or no) plastic packaging. If you do spoil plastic, opt for products you can recycl e or re-purpose (e.g. a yogurt tub can be re-used to workshop crayons). And, get to know your plastics starting with this guide The most common plastics have a resin figure in a chasing arrow symbol (often found on the bottom of the product). PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) invalidate viridity Uses Soda Bottles, Water Bottles, Cooking Oil Bottles ConcernsCan peel antimony and phthalates.HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) SAFERCommon Uses draw Jugs, Plastic Bags, Yogurt CupsPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride, aka Vinyl) AVOIDCommon Uses Condiment Bottles, Cling Wrap, Teething Rings, Toys, Shower Curtains Concerns Can leach lead and phthalates among other things. Can also off-gas toxic chemicals. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)SAFERCommon Uses Produce Bags, pabulum fund ContainersPP (Polypropylene) SAFERCommon Uses Bottle Caps, Storage Containers, DishwarePS (Polystyrene, aka Styrofoam) AVOIDCommon Uses Meat Trays, Foam Food Containers CupsConcerns Can leach carcinogenic styrene and estro genic alkylphenols Other this is a catch-all category which includesPC (Polycarbonate) AVOID can leach Bisphenol-A (BPA). It also includes ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile), Acrylic, and Polyamide. These plastics can be a safer option because they are typically very durable and resistant to high heat resulting in less leaching. Their drawbacks are that they are not typically recyclable and some need additional safety research. New plant-based, biodegradable plastics like PLA (Polylactic Acid) also give into the 7 category.

Novel by Haruki Murakami Essay Example for Free

Novel by Haruki Murakami EssayThe myopic myth On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning by Haruki Murakami connects with the reader through the idea that you mess encounter true love by chance. Unfortunately, that chance can get away from you without any real action from yourself. The story is set in Tokyo in 1981 on what is described as a well-favored April morning. It sounds like a tied(p) day, what made it beautiful for the main character was that he saw the girl that was 100% perfect girl for him. The methods of fiction dish out us better understand and connect to stories. The narration is done in the first and thirdly soulfulness points of view. The first psyche point of view inserts the reader into the situation, making the story very personal. The third person narrative gives a different, larger perspective on the story and gives us more than of an insight into the image of chance.From a characterization stand point the main character is portr ayed as a regular person and really only encounters a regular girl but in his eyes, she is really more like a girl from another world. There is one other person in the story but only provides a little bit of dialogue and is not developed at all. The third person narrative develops the two different main characters in ways first person does not. The boilersuit tone of the story is somber. The idea of once having your true love so close then permit fate run its course only to never feel the same way again is discourage As a whole, this story connects the reader to an event that many have probably encountered in their emotional state seeing the perfect person, just for a second but not taking action. We go on with our lives and think nothing of it but this story delves a bit deeper into a possible scenario connecting the two people. In the end however, the characters still lose each other.

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Bahlawane discussion Essay Example for Free

Bahlawane discussion assayConclusion Taking in account the scheme of galactoglucan synthesis enactment (Fig. 4. 1) and the scheme of motility regulation (Fig. 4. 2) proposed in this translate, we may try to fol kickoff the effect of such regulation paths in the life styles of the bacteria. The buy the farm one is named as free living microorganism or as symbiont in the coif root. In the scratch case, the bacteria atomic number 18 exposed to dryness and nutrients starvation. At this stage, the biofilm production is a pre-requisite for survival. Therefore, the EPSs biogeny has to be switched ON. As it is quite improbable that the cell density is uplifted enough to activate the quorum detecting system, we can speculate that MucR plays a key role in activating the succinoglycan biosynthesis. Since the soil exhibits very low level of Pi, galactoglucan is, at this point produced through the activation via phoB and WggR. Upon biofilm formation, the cell density probably incr eases and could activate the quorum comprehend system, allowing the bacteria to produce more galactoglucan and swarm towards better conditions.In such conformation, the cells present within the amount of the swarming population are non mobile and synthesized EPS thus the cells present at the migration front are highly motile but do not synthesized EPS. It would be interesting to clarify whether a cell differentiation, as proposed by Soto (Soto et al. , 2002), takes place at this stage. Finally, if the host is present in the next neighbourhood the chemotactic compounds, as strong as the nutrients found in the rood exudates, will attract the bacteria.When approaching the root, the moisture increases, along with the nutrients availability so that swarming motility will be replaced by swimming motility that decline progressively. Indeed, the bacteria attached to the root, increase the cell density that may lead to the inhibition of flagella production via ExpR / QS. Instead, EPS are produced, allowing recognition between the plant and the microbe as well as the invasion of the new synthesized infection thread. Once within the root, the bacteria will differentiate to bacteroid and start fixing nitrogen.We tried to highlight in this thesis the relevance of exopolysaccharides and motility for an efficient symbiosis. Great advances have been made the last years, leading to the identification of the quorum sensing interaction with motility. We participate in inclusion of MucR, as new regulator of motility and ExpR as requisite for swarming. However, the dear understanding of the influence of motility in symbiosis establishment will require finding prohibited which signals are inducing mucR and exoR/ exoS.Moreover, some tests have to be implemented to investigate the symbiosis establishment in more realistic conditions. Indeed, the bacteria are usually directly inoculated to the root, so that motility, via swarming or swimming is not inevitable. Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would uniform to give thanks Prof. Dr. Alfred Puhler, Chair of the Genetics department, for allowing me use the very good home that promotes a very pleasant and conducive atmosphere during my research using performant techniques. I am specially grateful to Prof.Dr. Anke Becker, my supervisor, for giving me the chance to come back to research. Without her advices, ideas and resources, this work would not be possible and achieved. Thus, I thank her too for the freedom she gave me, as well as her support to test new ideas and her spacious help by conceiving and writing the manuscripts that become the pillars of this manuscript. Within the laboratory members, I would like to thank first Dr. Birgit Baumgarth who introduced me to the lab and to the investigated organism.Then, special thanks to Dr.Matthew McIntosh for the quorum sensing related work and his help for preparing the derived publication. Furthermore, I would like to deeply thank Dr. Natasha Pobigay lo for her friendship, her helpful discussions and for giving me courage when I am about to lose it. I thank Manuela Mayer, too, for the assistance in microarray hybridizations as well as Dr. Lisa Krol, Javier Serrania and Thomas Montfort for the everyday help in the lab. Finally, I would like to thank all Exopol group members for the support and advices.Least, I would like to thank my family for their unending and heartwarming support in many ways. Special thanks to Rachida Bendaou, my mother-in-law, for her support in caring my children during my research. I would like to thank my children, Ines, Soraya and Jasmine, for filling up my life with love and happiness. I would like to apologize for the bad inclination and stress dapples that are unfortunately connected with such a thesis. My heartfelt gratitude to my understanding and loving husband, Naoufal, for his lesson and financial support, for believing in me and for sharing the passion for science with me.Resume In order to land symbiosis with its legume partner, Sinorhizobium meliloti has to face continual changing conditions. It has more ability to adapt quickly to the situation than the ability to face it efficiently that makes the difference in term of symbiosis efficiency. For the first interactions with its host, motility is required by S. meliloti to move towards the chemotactic compounds released by its host when exopolysaccharides (EPSs) are required later on, for the attachment to the root as well as for the invasion of the infection thread, leading to the formation of the root nodule.We focused in this study the regulatory networks leading to the coordination of motility and EPSs production in the strain Rm2011. Depending on the phosphate assiduousness encountered in the environment Rm2011 synthesizes two different exopolysaccharides (EPS). Galactoglucan (EPS II) is produced under phosphate starvation but also in the presence of extra copies of the transcriptional regulator WggR (ExpG) or a s a consequence of a mutation in mucR. The galactoglucan biosynthesis gene cluster contains the operons wga (expA), wge (expE), wgd (expD), and wggR (expG).Two promoters, differentially controlled by WggR, PhoB, and MucR, were identified upstream of each of these operons. The proximal promoters of the wga, wge, and wgd transcription units were constitutively active when separated from the upstream regulatory sequences. Promoter activity studies and the positions of predicted PhoB and WggR binding sites suggested that the proximal promoters are cooperatively induced by PhoB and WggR. MucR was channelizen to strongly inhibit the distal promoters and bound to the DNA in the locality of the distal transcription start sites.An additional inhibitory effect on the distal promoter of the morphologic galactoglucan biosynthesis genes was identified as a new feature of WggR in a mucR mutant. Motility is create in S. meliloti in a hierarchical cascade, with Class Ia genes, encoding the majo r regulator of motility VisNR authoritative the expression of the variety Ib gene, rem, which encodes a central regulator, activating the expression of the downstream Class II and class III genes. We could demonstrate that MucR binds a DNA sequence upstream of rem, following a different instrument as previously observed upon binding upstream of the wg genes.By this way, MucR inhibits rem expression as well as the expression of the Rem-regulated genes such as flaF and flgG. Furthermore, we addressed a balance of the swimming and swarming abilities of several S. meliloti strains derivatives of Rm2011.We could show that all strains, able to build flagella, were swimming on low viscosity agar plates. However, swarming over high viscosity agar plates required all a functional expR / sin locus, the ability to build flagellum and the production of exopolysaccharides. Finally, we propose a model for the coordination of motility and EPSs synthesis in S. meliloti.