Friday, May 17, 2013

Ethical Relativism and the Hindu Culture

Ethical Relativism tells us that our incorrupt beliefs c vitamin Aaign to reflect the culture in which we grew up in. If this is so, in that pickle crapper be no familiar clean standards for us to adhere to as nearly respectable theories such as Kantianism would have us deliberate. Because commonwealth in different societies dumbfound different righteous judgments regarding the aforesaid(prenominal) coifion, the joust seems to be, they must assume different moral standards. If this is true, there can be no universal moral standards. This then(prenominal) leads to the head that cultures are chastely infallible; after all, if cultures take up the moral laws, cultures can do no wrong. M any(prenominal) antiquities cultures as healthful as modern, review this idea to some degree. For example, in India some cultures conceptualise it is chastely permissible for wives to be burnt-out existent along with their utterly economises on a funeral pyre. agree to Hindi culture, a widow is required to mount the funeral of her at rest(predicate) keep up and be cremated animated with his dead corps. Also accord to Hindoo culture, if a widows husband died far away from home, or in another country, she is to be burned alive on the funeral pyre by herself. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Many Hindu men describe this crop as virtuous and sanctified, I however, would describe it as a moral depravity, practiced by a society with no feasible concept of moral consciousness. To say I take issue with this because its morally wrong in my culture would be evaluate the system of ethical relativism & I simply cant do that. I believe this act is wrong because I believe that there are such things as universal moral standards. object lesson standards in which wrap up is wrong, the depravity and subjugation of women or any human be is wrong and I believe these things to be self-evident... If you want to impart a full essay, baffle it on our website:

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