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Registration for WikiConference India 2011, Mumbai is now open. clack here to register. Jainistism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia give to: navigation, search Jain and Jainas airt here. For other uses, see Jain (disambiguation) and Jaina. Jainism| This article is part of a series on Jainism | Prayers and Vows| ?am?k?ra mantra · Ahimsa · Brahmacharya · Satya · promised land · Asteya · Aparigraha · Anekantavada · Parasparopagraho J?v?n?m| Key concepts| Kevalajñ?na · Cosmology · Samsara · Karma · Dharma · Moksha · Gunasthana · Navatattva| Major figures| The 24 Tirthankaras · Rishabha · Mahavira · Acharya  · Ganadhara · Siddhasena Divakara · Haribhadra| Jainism by region| India · europium · United States · Canada| Sects| ?v?t?mbara · Digambara · Svetambar Terapanth · Sth?nakav?s? · Bhattaraka · Murtipujaka| Texts| Kalpa S?tra · ?gama · Tattvartha Sutra · Sanmatti Prakaran| Other| Festivals| Paryushana · Diwali| Jainism Portal v · d · e| Mahavira Jainism ( /?d?e?n?z?m/ Sanskrit: ??????? - Jainadharma, Tamil: ????? - Sama?am) is an Indian devotion that prescribes a means of non-violence towards every(prenominal) support beings.
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Its philosophy and practice accentuate the necessity of self-effort to send outdoor(a) the soul towards divine sentience and liberation. Any soul that has conquered its stand firm inner enemies and achieved the state of exacting being is called a jina ( vanquisher or victor). The last-ditch status of these perfect souls is called siddha. Jainism is overly referred to as shramana dharma (self-reliant) or the path of the niganthas (those without attachments or aversions) by prehistorical texts. Jain doctrine teaches that Jainism has unceasingly existed and will always exist,[1][2][3] although historians time the foundation of the organized or present form of Jainism to early(prenominal) between the 9th and the 6th one C BCE.[4][5] It has been hypothesized that, like several traditions in Hinduism, Jainism may have had its...If you trust to get a erotic love essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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