Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Biochemistry Mutagens

MUTAGEN| SOURCE| MUTATION slip| RELATED ILLNESS| 1. atomic number 11 Nitrite| nutrition:Sausage,tocino, Bacon, Hotdogs and other meat products.DRUGS: atomic number 11 nitrite and sodium thiosulfate (antidote to cyanide poisoning) environment:Rubbers, | Alkylating component| Stomach cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors and vesica Cancer| 2. hydrogen oil color| food:Margarine, crackers, cookiesDRUGS: environs:| Alkylating ingredient| Diseases of the philia, cellular decline in quality and nutritional deficiency.| 3. Excitotoxins or MSG| FOOD:Sausages, salad dressing, tin dope up and sodaDRUGS: environs:| Alkylating agent| Paralysis, chest pain, nausea, weakness, unfitness to breathe, tingling and gibbousness| 4. Acesulfame K| FOOD:Sunstitute to sugar the likes of Gelatin, tea mixes, coffee berry mixes, creamers(non dairy), sacramental manduction gumDRUGS: purlieu:| Alkylating promoter| Liver complication, renal indispositions, psychological confusion, visual impairment, headaches, malignant developments| 5. Aluminum| FOOD: taproom mixes, preserve foods, frozen dough, drop scone mixes, processed cheese, beer(in aluminum cans) DRUGS:ENVIRONMENT:| Alkylating gene| Alzheimers disease, dementia, red of motor coordination. | 6. Aspartame | FOOD: well-off drinks| Alkylating Agent| Seizures, headaches, dizziness, eye blindness, mental picture| 7. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
High Fructose corn whisky sirup| FOOD: urbane foods, Fruit drinks, cereals, soft drinks, tomato base sauces, baked goods.DRUGS:ENVIRONMENT: | Alkylating Agent| Obesity, diabetes, tooth infections and decay, anemia, fatigue, LDL and triglycerides increase, heart dishonor and heart disease| 8. Diacetyl| FOOD:Butter, Margarine, alcoholic beveragesDRUGS: MorphineENVIRONMENT: mosquito severe| Alkylating Agent| Wheezing, shortness of breath, unclothe and eye irritation, Alzheimers, | 9. Talc| FOOD: chewing gum, olive oilDRUGS: celebrate malignant pleural effusionENVIRONMENT: paper, rubber, cosmetics, ceramics, | Intercalating Agent| Tumors in ovaries and lungs. |...If you want to complicate a full essay, golf club it on our website:

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