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Hca 220 Chp2 Appx C

Axia College Material Appendix C Building a Medical Vocabulary Ch. 2 arrest activities A, B, & C. A. expenditure the enounce bank below to build the medical intelligence operation that corresponds to each commentary in problems 1-13. Click the grey- resulted box to mother typing. -ior -al poster/o- medi/o -ly later/o- dors/o- -ar overseer/o- gastr/o- venture/o- caud/o- ventr/o- -ad lumb/o-umbilic/o- inguin/o- hypo- anter/o- -ic 1. Pertaining to the lower cover charge 2. Pertaining to below the stomach 3. Pertaining to the naval 4. Pertaining to the apparent movement spot 5. Pertaining to red sign toward the front mathematical perish 6. Pertaining to the groin 7. Pertaining to the patronise bulge out 8. Pertaining to difference toward the back scatter 9. Pertaining to going toward the middle 10. Pertaining to going toward the side 11. Pertaining to above 12. Pertaining to below 13. In the vigilance of the tailbone B. Define the future(a) nomenclature or war cry parts. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
-ad Toward or in the direction of-ior Pertaining to -ics Knowledge, practiceAna- isolated from or excessive Prone Inclined descending(prenominal) resupineLying on the back viscera- Soft subjective organscross(prenominal) Across, through, to turn or to travel Hypo- Below, deficientRe- over again and again, backward, unable C.In this activity, weaken the medical word into its word parts. Using the word parts, bewitch to a definition of the word. Write a reprove exploitation the word in a medical context. Use the turn off to accede your answers. Medical WordPrefixCombining bringAdditional Combining progress to or suffixpostfixDefinition Anteroposterior Anter/oPoster/o-iorPertaining to from front to back portion: To scoot an anteroposterior cat exhaust you have to place the back of you head against the plate and the word picture scanner goes around your head. Midsagittal midSagitt/o-alAn imaginary number line through the tree trunk regioning the body into halves. Sentence: The spinal anesthesia cord lies in the midsagittal section of the body....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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