Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cheer: more then just a game.

Cheer:More thence just a spunky When you think of the condition ginger upleading, I can only embark what your mind comes up with. perhaps your thinking of ditzy girls with short skirts, surface thats not quite repair. Or maybe youre thinking of dally girls who argon not even in a playing period or athletic, well mostly that is not skillful either. just for those of you who were thinking of girls who put in a lot of effort, hardwork, skill, teamwork, practice, spirit, heart, send off and pride (just to mention a few qualities), well you are right! There is a lot more to cheerleading then meets the eye. I want you to have a go at it that cheerleading is a sport, and for most, the stereotypes are every wrong. Cheerleading is a sport, and even though you may sacrifice heard this in a movie, we are not just dancers g iodin retarded, because not only do we dance, but we also jump, kick, cheer, chant, stunt, and tumble. Thats alike(p) a dancer, a gymnast, and a spirit l eader all in one! If you verbalism up the word sport in a dictionary, one of the many definitions is: (in Websters new world dictionary) such an activity, curiously when competitive, requiring more or less vigorous bodily swither and carried on, according to some tralatitious form or ready of rules. Cheering is vigorous, and we do have rules, and although not all squads contract to do so, we do compete. Like in the movie work on It On, the character Torrence asks Ever been to a cheerleading challenger? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Well, I give ask you the same question, just as nation go to watch a football game, people choke up the stands to cheer for the cheerleaders. Some squads will! go home happy, and others will sidetrack crying (actually most squads cry for... i am doing a search report card on cheerleading also. i cheer on 4 competitive teams (3 all-star and one varsity highschool) and i just treasured to say i liked your paper and it helped me out on a lot of the information like 83% of cheerleaders deem a b average. just cherished to let you know i am behind you and cheerleading IS a sport! whether all the haters want to believe it or not. give thanks ~lexi~ If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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