Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health And Safety

Running Head : HEALTHY AND SAFETY healthy and dependabletyindicate your name hereindicate the name of your prof hereindicate the academic institution hereWastes atomic number 18 considered to be the by-product of processes deep down the environment that could not be recycled through natural processes and in itself , it could already cause ominous effects on clement beings and the environment ( What is waste 2008 . Added to this is the caper of proper waste temperament that is a common business when the financial institutional , and proficient capability is limited . The pip being much(prenominal) , it is ineluctable for the communities to have awry(p) means of disposing off wastes whether this is wise(p) or unintentionalIn a primer published by the environment-advocate non-government agreement EPA Guyana (n .d , it wa s lineation that thither ar four hazards that are expect from improper waste disposal . These are : a defilement of dig up and ground water b ) congest of drains c splay decomposition ( rot ) that can behave story to the development of unpleasant olfactory sensation and d ) scavenging (EPA Guyana , n .dFirst , as water from the ground and summon be injects contaminated with leach coming from inappropriately disposed wastes , there is the tendency that this could cause health hazards for the flock in the households This is strangely true for those who do not have access to risk-free water or have the capability to ensure that their crapulence water is safe There are various water-borne diseases that sight could encounter and unfortunately , it is the vulnerable groups who suffer the most from these diseasesSecond , as drains get clogged due to the wastes , the water system is stir which could be a very big problem when floods pass in because there are also health risks associated with floods such(pr! enominal) as leptospirosis .
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This is a communicable disease which human beings take up when they are exposed to water contaminated with the urine of animals that are infected with the disease ( Leptospirosis 2005 . If left untreated , this could eliminate to kidney constipation , meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord , colour failure , and respiratory distress ( Leptospirosis 2005Third , it could also lead to excite bunk of wastes that would emit foul odor (EPA Guyana , n .d . The bunk of the wastes is a sign of bacterial decomposition and this would be life-threaten ing in relation to the fourth hazards . It has been mentioned that organic domestic wastes serves as the breeding ground of microbial pathogens as they ferment ( wellness impacts of solid waste n .dFourth , scavenging involves direct contact with the decomposition garbage that would increase the health hazard to the scavenger more than than than those who do not interact directly with the wastes thrown ( health impacts of solid waste n .d . Likewise , as scavenging occurs , this would lead to the spread of diseases as scavengers come in and out of the dumpsites that are untreated . This poses a very high risk for the new(prenominal) plurality and would cause long-term effects on their healthAbove all in all these , it...If you want to get a full essay, disposition it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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