Tuesday, December 10, 2013

English Worksheet

WISHES AND REGRETS Wanting to change the present PRESENT SITUATIONS years are so short in winter I inclination long time were longer Shes coloured she never wins a match She paying attentiones she won a exclusive match He works actu totallyy diminutive I wish he worked harder - Regretting the past PAST SITUATION very few tribe came to my party I wish more(prenominal) people had come John failed his effort test turkey cock wishes he had passed his driving test I got ill aft(prenominal) eating lobster I wish I hadnt eaten lobster quetch ANNOYING BEHAVIOUR Youre eer petition for specie! I wish you wouldnt ask for money all the time Stop playing the music so brassy! I wish you wouldnt play the music so loud The students never pay attention to the teacher He wishes they would pick up to him - TRANSFORM THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES: 1.- I lend John my tennis racket and he broke it I wish ... 2.- He is always breaking my things I wish ... 3.- Tom lavatoryt speak French He wishes ... 4.- I dont like the town where I live I wish ... 5.- Her economize never eat what she cooks She wishes ... 6.
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- I got cheerburnt because I didnt use sun cream I wish ... 7.- Marys marriage ceremony party was a disaster because it rained torrentially She wis! hed ... 8.- The plane was delayed because in that respect was a hit at the airport I wished ... 9.- all in all my friends are on the beach I wish ... 10.- He is telling stupid jokes all the time Everybody wishes ... 11.- Susan has very bantam free time She wishes ... 12.- Everybody saw him fall down in the middle of the street He wished ... 13.- She never locked her car and it was robbed She wishes ... 14.- TV programmes are always the same People wish ......If you indispensability to get a teeming essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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