Sunday, October 30, 2016

Internship Risk and Resilience Paper

The purpose of this physical composition is to identify potential issues of hazard and resilience at my proposed internship site.\n\nI am applying for internship sites where I wish to be working with puerile age nodes struggling with intoxicant utilize and drug aim issues. The research is vast regarding this unsounded problem facing many another(prenominal) of our youngest and most at peril members of society, therefore raising a multitude of public wellness c formerlyrns. Alcohol is the most commonly used amount among U.S. youth, with 71% of high school seniors account that they keep back tried alcohol at least once in their lives and more than 40% of seniors reporting alcohol use in the previous month (Cleveland, 2012). The issue of labeling these younger clients and facilities into categories for manipulation purposes and the impact of discredit and/or feelings of humiliation by the client may create a obstacle to resilience, mitigation, and/or treatment.\nLabe ling a client as an monstrosity or alcoholic or junkies may provide the cosmopolitan health care residential district with convenient ways to enactment medical billing, or peradventure even give counselors a method to understand what they hope to be appropriate clinical definitions of client issues. However, the actually temper of labeling clients and/or treatment settings may indeed provide the very barrier to guiding a client to greater apprehension of his or her therapeutic objectives, finickyly among the adolescent client. The idea of Labeling, shame and stigma was looked at by Rebecca Grey (Grey, 2011) with a envision intent to study attainable barriers to treatment. The stigma, guilt, and often shame felt up by clients labeled or categorized often brings closely adverse feelings, thus constituent as a barrier to effective treatment.\nThere have been a whole forces of studies addressing the issues related to adolescent substance abuse. One in particular (Whites ell, 2013) clearly outline somewhat of the issues and problems related to ad...

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