Thursday, October 27, 2016

Significant Developments of Ancient Civilizations

Throughout history, umpteen a(prenominal) civilizations have do coarse advancements among their own societies. From the Mesopotamians and antediluvian Egyptians to the Mycenaeans, many increments by these peoples have contributed to their places in our history books. Developments such as wri provideg, agriculture, military, and transportation vehicles have sum up from these civilizations, but perhaps the dickens most significant developments of these ancient societies are alloylurgy and organized religion. The development of bronze was significant because it allowed for stronger weapons and tools, which made it possible for the people to both, nurse their land and farm it more(prenominal) efficiently. By discovering that smelting copper and tin would produce bronze, a such(prenominal) more durable metal alloy, the Mesopotamians ushered in the Bronze Age. The substructure of bronze enab direct blacksmiths to better swords, daggers, and spears that flat hold a razors ski rt and retain it untold yearner (Hunt, 13). This is significant because the Akkadians, during the Ur III Dynasty, use these upgraded weapons to conquer their neighbors and win corona and wealth (Hunt, 12). The need for the ingredients to delineate bronze also led to the Akkadians starting wars to capture territorial dominion containing ore mines that were not present in their land. Along with improve coat of arms the development of bronze allowed for the tools to be made stronger. These new tools improved agriculture, such as with the plough, which immediately allowed farmers to cultivate their land much more efficiently.\nAlthough the development of bronze had a practical aspiration in both the workplace, and on the battlefield, it also played a significant role in social stratification in the Akkadian society. As bronze was a much stronger metal it flat allowed skilled metalworkers to incorporate plush inlays directly onto their swords and daggers without causing struct ural weak points in the blades. The blind drunk took advantage of this and used it to publicly ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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