Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Positive and Negative Effects of Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana, pot, weed, reefer, ganj, ganja, bud, grass, loud, yay, yayo, loud, Mary Jane, dope, skunk, or chronic; all of these words, and an estimated 300 others, summon to unitary plant and whizz drug. Marijuana is the virtually wide utilize drug in the world especially here(predicate) in the U.S. Weed is so prominent in the U.S that in fact matchless give away of all eight 8th graders, one out of every four tenth graders and one out of every trine twelfth graders have used it in the past year, provided 80% of students exit interpret pot at least(prenominal) once by the season they graduate from high school. The worrying reality behind these statistics is that despite ganja being categorize as a chronicle 1 Drug by the DEA (the same as heroin, LSD, and ecstasy) it is highly accessible to student and fundamentally anyone who unavoidablenesss it.\nIn a cultivation done in 2010 it was show the approximately 15.4 million Ameri mickles report that they have used marihuana in the past month. This issue shows that it is not only juvenile throng who are experimenting and/or using this drug, but it in addition affects adults in society. According to another(prenominal) scientific study marijuana rarely becomes addictive it is state that less than 3% of users will ever become attached or dependant of the substance, so in theory to incessantly smoke pot is a choice whereas 8% of all in all ADULTS in the U.S are accustomed to alcohol. That is about 17.6 million people!\nThis leads into the number one pro marijuana arguments; Marijuana is safer than alcohol. As is well known to most alcohol consumption tooshie lead to liver constipation and/or failure which can in turn last lead to death. Drunken hotheaded is also the number one cause of death in America. Every hour at least one mortal dies and twenty others die overdue to driving below the beguile of alcohol. On the other expression there are not even a fraction of those acciden ts due to driving under the sour of marijuana. Dont get me upon I am not advocating driving under the influence of any mind alt... If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website:

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