Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Prince of Los Cocuyos

After reading The Prince of Los Cocuyos Ive disciplineed the major them of this fable: change. Changes occur everywhere in the world; every minute, every second. Most people more often than not frown upon changes. Changes can select fear, doubt, isolation, or even pain. When I was very young, I use to like changes. Changes were something to look forth to; it was period of play to tuck advanced people, fun to see bracing places, and even fun to scan new things. At the term of ten, my mom told me that we are abject to the States. I paid no mind to her words and aspect it would be a fun trip, notwithstanding little did I know that this was going to completely alter my perception change. These changes that happened oer night will carry on as unpleasant memories and discipline experiences throughout my life.\nThe very offset issue with moving to America was communication, which includes reading, writing, and speaking. In Argentina, schools are not required to teach Eng lish, release me with very little intimacy of the language. I only knew a fewer basic sentences such as Hello, how are you? or My name is Bruno, nice to meet you. I learned these few sentences as the basics of English. When I started going to school in America, the first I sight was that I was unable to take with my peers beyond introduction. This caused many problems for me. I was unable to learn decently in school, and even at home the only soulfulness I could talk to was my parents. I wasnt the only single to struggle as my family had a tough time adapting here. My resemblance consists of Jews and African Americans, none Hispanics. So for many years it was mostly us, the family.\nMy parents were struggling the most nourishment here at first. When they arrived they had to learn English quick so they can read the bills. in any case learn to speak quick so they know what an comptroller or federal agent. It was ponderous for them at first but they didnt give up. They t ook English classes late after create for a few year...

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