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US Governor Campaign Example

US Governor streak ExampleGubernatorial Campaign for Jane Bitzi Johnson milling machineI. IntroductionJane Bitzi is a granddaughter of the previous Texas Governor c eached Joe Miller, likewise k right away as Big Daddy who was in office from 1954 to 1958. She is Caucasian with a Swiss ancestry. She is a conservative Republi screw and is running for Governor of Texas. Jane Miller was born and brought up on a ranch in western United States Texas. She was a former developer and the founder of a softwargon company in D tout ensembleas in 1993. She sold her company, Comp Soft, for $2.5 million to Dell in 2010.Jane Miller tended to(p) The University of Texas at Dallas for only one year, barely had to stop due to monetary reason owing to her fathers bankruptcy. However, she managed to get a justness degree from Yale following financial last from her economise. She is currently divorced from her husband Paul King with whom she had two children, Ian King and Robert King. Jane Miller worked as a Senator for the Anderson County in Texas for two terms since 2008.II. Cultural and Regional Support policy-making culture denotes what tribe feel and believe about the administration, and how they consider people ought to act towards it.A moralistic political culture is one in which society is regarded to be much(prenominal) signifi burnt than the individual. This group acknowledges the need of individuals to move on value to the group. Govern workforcet appears to be perceived as a supportive force, emphasizing the commonwealth conception as the source of democratic giving medication.In an individual political culture the administration is perceived have a practical orientation and is largely instituted for utilitarian reasons. It puts emphasis on modification the government intervention on private activities and the government is largely qualified to the areas that encourage private initiative.In a traditional political culture, family and societal and ties are prominent. The government is perceived to have a positive place in society, but this role is largely restricted to safeguarding the preservation of the customary social order.Daniel Elazar believes that Texas political culture is strongly individualistic with some traditionalistic elements in that administration is supposed to preserve a steady society, but arbitrate in the lives of Texans as little as possible. This exit be Bitzis likely strength amongst the different political cultures because Texas politics are identified with social and economic conservatism, solid support of personal politics, and discredit of political parties.The geographic regions where she allow for prosper and have the majority of support allow be East Texas, North Texas and Central Texas because they are republican stronghold, particularly in the siemens Plains and the Panhandle. Despite being a nonmigratory of West Texas, she will do poorly in West and South Texas because they are democrat stron ghold. Historically, The republican troupe has been politically weak in Southern Texas, especially the areas around and near the Mexican Border (Jeffers, 2010).III. demographic SupportRegarding the demographics of Texas according to the 2010 census, the state has approximately 45% white population, 38% Hispanic population, 11% Black population, and 6% of mostly Asian population. Texas is now becoming less white and much Hispanic (Stiles, 2010). The majority of Bitzis regional and cultural support will come from the white population. This will be mostly because she is white. She will get fewer votes from Hispanics and African Americans because the snap exercise in Texas is often divided along racial lines.Also, she will get fewer votes from the Black and Hispanic population because the Republican Party is stereotyped as a white party. However, she can sop up more black votes by appealing to the African-American population by advocating for more access to teaching method and job s to benefit poor African Americans, an emersion that has been traditionally Democratic.She can also rip more Hispanic vote Hispanic voters support abortion rights in large numbers. The GOP has always made the erroneousness of assuming that individual conservatism corresponds to political conservatism. Hispanics, especially the working-poor and the working-class, tend to gain on the few state benefits compared to other races because of the cultural and language barriers. Bitzi can also appeal to Hispanic voters by stopping her move to abandon Obama Care because most Hispanics are poor and they regard subsidized wellness business concern (McKinley, 2010).She will get more women votes because she is a woman. Fewer men will vote for her because she is a single mother and a feminist. She will gain more votes from higher income earners and meat class groups compared to lower income earners. This is because high-income earners and middle class citizens are known to vote for the Re publicans because the party rejects tax cuts for the rich. The Republican Party is infamously recognized as a blue-collar party, but she can appeal and get more low income earners to vote for her if she promises to raise the stripped engross.She will get more conservative votes and votes from older people compared to juvenile people. This is because the young population is more liberal and tends to support Democrats. She can attract more liberal votes by appealing to young people by advocating for an activist government that supports same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana (Hylton, 2010).IV. Campaign ThemesThe trine issues that are central focus of her campaign are in-migration, Healthcare and Education.ImmigrationBitzis campaign wishes to keep the in-migration subject from erupting because she needs to attract Hispanic voters without isolating the conservative whites. She has been successful so far because she has supports the 2001 Texas moon Act, which grants in -state college tuition fee to undocumented immigrants. However, she treads lights on the topic because she does not want to be closely tied to the strict anti-immigrant position of her party, which requests this law to be repealed.Regarding set up security, Bitzi wants to appeal to conservative supporters with a $400 million border security strategy that could extend 600 state troopers at the border. Her campaign wants the immigration laws to be reformed She stresses the need for more liberal immigration policies because she wants to apostrophize many Hispanic voters. For example, she supports the issuance of drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. She addresses the issue as heightening border security and not tightening immigration (McKinley, 2010).HealthcareBitzi wants Obama Care to be reformed because she believes that it has led to the increase of government regulation over one sixth of the economy, resulting the demand that citizens must barter for health insurance. Sh e wants Obama Care to be restructured because it tremendously expands Medicaid, leaving the state to take up unmaintainable financial burdens. In addition, Bitzi is advocating for block grants and wants to solidify health care liability reforms to reduce the number of flippant lawsuits and increase the figure of practicing doctors in Texas.Regarding the treatment of the terminally ill, Bitzi opposes assisted suicide, euthanasia and any withholding of reanimate for any reason. She believes that medical care causal agencys must be concentrated on research to cure the terminally ill, in addition to pain stand-in of the patients for their lives to be more comfortable.Bitzi is advocating for a reformed Medicare that can give seniors citizens picking and flexibility. She wants older Americans to have access to favorable insurance plans and medical nest egg accounts. She also wants to ensure that incentives exist for the private sector to produce drugs. She wants to lessen the admini strative complexities for an improved Medicare program that will deliver reimbursement at all levels and permit healthcare providers to continue caring for patients.Regarding abortion, Bitzi is strongly against federal finance of abortion, because she views the practice as a destruction of life, thus she do not believe that the administration should support. With regards to HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, she supports prevention procedures that sham early and regular testing, abstinence, and behavioral changes that can eliminate the threat of characterization (Jeffers, 2010).EducationBitzis view on education involves a build of central ideas. Firstly she believe in the streamlining of higher education that would move on the majority of students prepared for their preferred fields and less minimum wage occupations that are unrelated to their education. Bitzi believes that the expansion of technical institutions, community college programs, online universities, private raisin g schools, life-long and work-based education in the private sector will create emulation for higher learning and is a good way to make education more accessible and to motivate institutions to match the alternative expenses and level of job-preparedness.Bitzi also believes in limiting the central government in education by only having private loans and abolishing federal student loans. This is due to the uncontrollable insurrection in college tuitions consequential debt that is rising above the pompousness rate. She believes federal loans aggravate this problem due to their lack of transparency, and because they are more expensive compared to private loans. Bitzi considers that a bigger private sector employment in loans could reduce tuition costs. However, she wants the federal government to function as an insurance sponsor for private sector loans.Bitzi also supports initiatives that will increase benefits to scholars who are undertaking difficult courses, create partnerships with major universities and colleges in an effort to expand math and science programs, and invite engineering, math, and science students to join lower-income schools. junior people voters are likely to respond to this move (Hylton, 2010).V. Win or LoseBitzi will win because her stand on top Texans concerns education, health care, and immigration is favored by and appeals to most of the voters.Through her move to reform immigration laws to be less strict on undocumented citizens, Bitzi is hoping to appeal to the Hispanics, who create more than a third Texas qualified voters.Moreover, in spite of the demographic changes that continue to happen, Texas voting population of is still conservative and racial, indicating that if Bitzi could mobilize all Republicans and right-wing independents, she will win with a great margin.BibliographyHylton, H. (2010, March 17). Has a Democrat Got a Chance of Becoming Governor of Texas? Retrieved Mrch 03, 2015, from The Time time http//content.time .com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1972070,00.htmlJeffers, G. (2010, September 24). Rick Perry, Bill washrag clash in separate interviews. Retrieved March 03, 2015, from Dallas News http//, J. (2010, November 02). Perry Re-elected in Texas Governor Race. Retrieved March 03, 2015, from The New York Times http//, M. (2010, November 05). 2010 Texas Governors Race Maps. Retrieved March 03, 2015, from The Texas Tribune http//

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