Monday, May 13, 2019

Aviation Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Aviation Security - Essay ExampleThe airports Australia very sprightly with passenger arrivals totalling to 100 million annually, of which, 20% are foreigners. Terrorism and crime are potential threats to melody shelter which often happens due to surety lapse. The 9/11 attack in America alerted or so countries to enhance their security department alerts in order to protect their citizens from potential terrorism attacks. Present breeze security systems have got their strengths and weaknesses which have to be closely monitored in order to enhance the tune security. The development in technology is being applied to help fill the major security lapse which the terrorist and criminals are winning advantage of to pursue their selfish interest. This analysis is of the report of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit group after(prenominal) they reopened an inquiry into the aviation security systems in order to explore the significant developments in the aviation indust ry. The joint committee recognized the major initiatives by the government to bid and deepen security standards after continued media reports on criminal activity at the airports. Overview of Security Outcomes as Witnessed in Australia Risk Management, jurisprudence and Security Outcomes The aviation security industry in Australia has been intensified since 2004 by upgrading several layers of the old regulative regime. The old regulatory regimes which were upgraded consisted of background checking and access and screening requirement and they have been expanded by widen the criteria of aviation industry participants in order to take care of the broader regulatory framework. Regardless of the model, the aviation security risks are addressing the acknowledged dangers at bottom the aviation industry. The aviation industry in Australia applies the outcomes based regulatory start as opposed to other methods due to its effectiveness in addressing security issues in the wide and geog raphically diversified country (Salter, 2008). Implementing the Risk Based Approach Some of the participants claimed that the elements of this security regime remained too prescriptive, therefrom promoting unwarranted inflexibilities within the security system. The adherence by the regulator to this intelligence led and outcome pore model is faltering within time and should thus be re-evaluated for it to be effective. The claims of inadequacy in the report of the regulatory breaches are rampant in delivering the security outcomes as supported by most of the aviation operators. The auditing system is also accused of concentrating on one of the issues and considers the effectiveness of the system which supports the aviation security model. The participants identifies the expanding upon and upgrading of the regulatory framework as a risk based factor which is too rigid for the execution of effective security system within the aviation industry. The participants also noted that the underlying reason for the rigidities of the security system as a result of inadequate consultation between all concerned stakeholders within the aviation industry (Commonwealth of Australia, 2006). The Regional Aviation Participants By December 2003, the government announced its intention to extend and upgrade the about the 180 security classified airports and that all the non-jet aircraft with more than 30 sets to fit hardened cockpit door to enhance their security. The aviation Act of 2004 saw the implementation and expansion of aviation security

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