Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Computers in Elementary Education :: School Technology Papers

Computers in Elementary Education When trying to describe the meaning of education, one might think of the relationship between a instructor and a student. The essence of this relationship is stregthned by the teachers ability to adapt to the students needs. With many advancements of society and technology, todays teachers be better equipped with tools so powerful that the standards of yesterday are being challenged more frequently. Among these great tools exists the computer and the Internet. Unfortunately, history reveals that great tools often have their consequences. For example, how great must it have been to be among the first few to single-valued function a knife thousands of years ago. We all know, just as those first few might have found out, that with all the positive and useful shipway we can use knives, there are just as many evil ways we can use them. With the help of the media as well as first hand use, millions of people already know of the risks having to deal wit h computers and the Internet. A nonher issue that plays a factor is the tradition as a whole. It might be possible that a few of the teachers around the world fear being replaced by a machine. Can the computer really substitute the help and guidance of a teacher? This idea itself raises an some other issue. Deciding how many computers per school, how many computers per class, how many lessons involving computers, whether Internet access should be granted, and planning security issues with expensive equipment is not going to be an easy task. I believe everyone is very excited right now about having computers in their class get ons. Its also happening at the unproblematic school where I am currently working as a T.A. There will be at least one computer in each classroom. The fourth and fifth grade classes have more than one because they have projects that they can type during class or they have any other activity that will enhance their computer abilities. I work in a kindergarten c lass and when the children were told they were going to have a computer in their room they all said, yeeaaahhh. I would be excited too because theyre only thought about the computer games that are going to be available for them. Theyre not thinking that their whole instruction is going to be in front of the computer. The decision making responsibilities are probably going to be left to the government.

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