Friday, May 31, 2019

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Fitting in     Fitting in is an important part of life because it has almost everythingto do with turning out in life. Knowing the mighty good deal allow for directly effect apersons life later on, job wise and high school reunions.     Part of tantrumting in is rejection. This happens because when somebody doesnot reject a particular person then they might be rejected for not rejectingthat person. "... waking up in the morning and wonder if anyone would re bothymiss me." this is a thought that might course through someones mind after beingrejected. Most people respond differently, Some people might dress and acttotally different just to try to "fit in" that way. Most will just forget aboutthat congregation or single person. I have often observed that people often times tryto find out why that person or group rejected them and try to make it better.Being rejected is like someone saying "You do not fit in with us so lea ve usalone" its a nasty feeling. Some people let others down easy and that is nice ofthem.     Why is it so hard to fit in? There is so much social pressure now thatit is getting harder and harder to "fit in". When I say social pressure I meanhow to act, look, sound, walk, and so on. Clothes play a very important role infitting in with the crowd. People say that a number 1 impression is the mostimportant one so people try to make the best first impression by dressing up orshowing someone there not. Some people try to stay in fashion, they do this tostand out or be noticed. A Brobdingnagian role in fitting in is changing or, in otherwords, being someone you are not. To describe this I think of putting on a maskover your whole body. Some people just spend all day "lying there and thinkingabout all the stupid things Ive done today."     Lastly, being liked by other people is what "fitting in" is all about.Like I said before, you change yourself, dramatically sometimes, just to fit in.Changing yourself might include dress, hair, self. Changing yourself might justmake it harder to fit in so people just nog to what they have changedthemselves since they do not know what else to do. Often people wonder "What ifI say this to them, well if I say this then they might not like me. Eventhough...." Emotional stress can damage a person so much they just do not careanymore. Individuals will do amazing things just to achieve "Fitting in" after

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