Tuesday, May 7, 2019

What Are the Attributes of a Good Supervisor Research Paper

What Are the Attributes of a Good Supervisor - Research Paper ExampleA good supervisor should be discreet, impartial, and unflagging for he is in charge of some(prenominal) employees. Employees develop conflicts of interest and it is the jurisdiction of a supervisor to condition that all the employees work as a team. On condition that a supervisor is self-driven and treats his employees well and without prepossession then it means that they will eventually work hard and exploit their potential fully. This is a supportive attitude towards the success of an organization. For instance, promotion should be awarded to the hardworking employees but not to relatives or corrupt officials.not all supervisors be good, some have developed undesirable habits in the process of running their organizations where they tiret observe equality and they further appoint their employees using the cache system. Here, merit to the position infra concern is not considered but a person is employed on a kinship basis. Others are corrupt and receive bribes so as execute some of their duties which are supposed to be their responsibility.First, a good supervisor should possess excellent organizational skills for he is the person who is responsible for organizing business meetings with several other companies, so he is required to give his secretary instructions on when and where the meeting should be held. In case that an employee is sacked or is not feeling well, then the supervisor has to oversee that a replacement is done before it is too late. It is real important that a supervisor associates with his employees according to the expect norms. He further has the responsibility to ensure that he hires the right person who is competent and well undergo and can sufficiently execute the work as expected.Additionally, a good boss should be very free with his juniors as good communication facilitates efficiency and effectiveness.

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