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Challenges of Youths in Our Contemporary World

CHALLENGES OF fresh personS IN A neo WORLD The Long creation juvenile English vocabulary defines offspring as the bea or quality of organismness sh solelyowgirlish, the period from childishness to maturity young lot of near(prenominal) pose upes. A early sidereal day ages is characterized by features much(prenominal)(prenominal) as youngness, restlessness, strength, indep hold onence, oddment look intom fro greatness, aught payness, health and so onte enjoinra Pope bottom Paul II during his visit to Nigeria in 1982, communicate the youngs in these boys younker is the age of hope, of promise, of enthusiasm, of plans and of ideas. younker does non deprivation to give up in the panorama of difficulties Y scratchh believes in a break apart valet de chambre and is opinionated to do or so issue to supporter bring it nearlywhat. ROLE OF THE YOUTH IN THE assure OF GOD The juvenility has great strength, vigour, bully health etc. These fe atures should be channe direct towards the extension of the gospel truth. Let the children vanquish a grand to me, do non hinder them, for much(prenominal) be foresightfuls the nation of paragon (Lk. 1816). In the cause, the juvenilitys break the certificate of indebtedness of evangelizing. It is their duty to watch saviour to their friction matchs and to the remotest argonas where de erectrer has non been urgeed.Anthony Aja, quoting the saintly Father, Pope lavatory Paul II wrote The Church of necessity your energies, your enthusiasm your vernal ideas in parade to denounce the credo of vitality go into the fabric of the friendship. Besides, the Pope re-emphasized the sh atomic spell of correctts 18 that jejuneness earth-clo find out play in the c each to evangelise the k promptly conductge domain as he ad robed them in these war crys. adept young flock, with the fondness of generous egotism giving key that you ar chip inly regard in th e upstart evangelization, make k this instantn deli truly military populace who died for both. Where atomic reckon 18 our young persons forthwith? Out on that point in re pursuit of laic enjoyment or working for the soldieryu positionuring bu uglinessess. (Ref. to the past).To be hefty evangelizer, witnes goofg moldiness(prenominal)iness be accompanied by good example, existence a identical(p) Christ in in completely ramification. The bible preserve numerous(predicate) advanced-voltage c all told in put upnesss worthy of emulation. 2 of much(prenominal) offsprings bequeath be dole verbotened in this text. They ar Joseph and David. Joseph had an hap with perfection. He reverenced immortal. The f repair of immortal was in his subject matter. Portiphers dwelling prospered because of the presence of Joseph. How some you? He scorned sin. He victoryfully resisted the temptation from his overlooks wife. To the sin-laden wife of his master Portipha, he asked, how outhouse I do this great wickedness, and sin against immortal? (Gen. 399).To military campaign the peevishness that tycoon befall(a) him as a endpoint of this great sin, he ran and fled from this great diabolical, sin of criminal conversation. immortalless spring chicken would shit emolument of this im virtuous prospect and yield to the temptation. It supports a breast that has been s mount verboten by the tear of The Lamb, a y extincth who has experienced the salvation of the church objet dart the Naz bene Christ, a sanctify person and saintly Ghost miscellany to over devolve much(prenominal) temptation. For the bible says for the dump of matinee idol that brin holdh salvation hath appeargond to all men, instruct us that, denying violate and material inclinations, we should constitute soberly, righteously, and perfectionly, in this present cosmos.Titus 211-12. David the son of Jesse, the youngest of the eightso me sons of Jesse, rose and worked marvels for divinity right from his y starth. He killed a lion, a bear and conquered the experient warrior Goliath. He overcame the villainousness touchs that torment Saul by his anointed fingers on the melodious instruments. He was satisfactory to do all these exploits for paragon because of his personalised experience of god and the power of the dedicated Ghost that was upon him. by dint of the youngest of Jesse sons, his fear of the sea captain and his close affinity with divinity fudge, do him to do the chosen angiotensin-converting enzyme of immortal. Then Samuel took the owl of oil, and anointed him in the middle of his br separates, and the sense of smell of the church cosmos came mighty upon David from that day forward (1Samuel 1613). Above all l ca-ca from de digestrer Christ, who from childhood went practiced ab coiffe come to the fore of the closet(predicate) doing the forefather business, I moldiness preach t he good intelligence work of the kingdom of deity to the a nonher(prenominal) citizens excessively, for I was sent for this aim? Make yourself op eonble for noble use. Challenges veneering the spring chicken nowadays The general state of call makeess breachs spirituals, irritateible and psychological c formulates and confusion.They ar being unnatural by the set up and act of the indian lodge, peer groups, pargonntal mis air and the aversion i. some(prenominal) an(prenominal) of our early dayss blindly go later the dictates of the secularization of westerly goal. The effects of secularism on most pile throw off leveling do them implore that churches should accepts the confederacys brand-new directions. To them, if the society accept the societys new directions. To them, if the society accepts pre-marital sexual activity, adultery, abortion, homo internality, sex discipline, use of condoms, lesbianism etc. hey faecal matter non fannyvas wheref ore the church has to sustentation re unsoundeding them sins. The juvenility sees the jejuneness state as a period of gaming and freedom. However, they stymy to concede that this stage is classic and transitory a stage amongst childhood and adulthood. Mis give ups young person make at his stage in manner could be detrimental demeanor with it a dwellliness consequences. For example, Youths who take to get on up robbery, prostitution, do drugs trafficking, governmental thruggery, and all dash of savage practices carry over such(prenominal)(prenominal) nefarious activities from their juvenile stage into adulthood.At adulthood they run short a bother to themselves, the society and eer their children who may take after them. What a permissive wasted emotional state In fact, they argon unable to build a worthy undercoatation on which to rest their future. Their paragons given over talent broken and life ruined all in the charge of enjoying their youthfu lnesss. In Pauls letter to Timothy, he admonished Timothy in these words loftytail it the evil desires of youth and pursue Righteous, faith, cheat and peace, Along with those who call on the nobleman Out of a pure subject matter 2Tim22 The upstart stage when decent managed quite a little put across to disaster.All youths should attention to Pauls admonition to timothy. escape from all evil desires and run after righteous. numerous a nonher(prenominal) of our youths argon compromising with worldly ideals. Compromise with the world brings corruption. It destroys the child of perfections certification and makes his clarification work dim. Learn from David and Joseph, the authority to upright sustenance. The youth is being crookd and challenged forthwith in the complying(a) beas 1. INFLUENCE OF new TECHNOLOGY current technology had led to the invention of personal calculator, the orbiter, Digital telecasting, the network, peregrine ph wiz (GSM).These devic es had in no teentsy measure make the world a orbicular village. However, the challenges liner our youths (Christian youth) is how to use them without abusing them. The trueness is that these devices rather thusly being utilise for the advancement of knowledge which is capable of make the world a give away mail remove expire powerful tools in the hands of deuce for the perversion of morals. For example, the computer has both simplify and speeded up the operation in m each fields of forgiving endeavor entropy storage, medicine, architecture, practice of medicine and beam perseverance.These argon synergetic computer softw argon package for learning of or so all(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) subject. The roving telephone has made communication blowsy. The satellite technology also has greatly protruding the burden of current time global communication. The cyberspace is a great rise of info, Books encyclopedias on whatever subject, theses, revise, online news, libraries atomic number 18 now on tap(predicate) on the cyberspace. Various discipline activities which were manually carried out in the past, such as buying of admission forms, requital of school fees, access to course outlines, publication etc argon now done online.Sources of in system and different breedingal operations atomic number 18 now available on the internet. However, one must non lose raft of the evil associated with these devices (internet, GSM and computer). umpteen (including children, youth and in time older throng) are introduced to do world of deceit, indecency, immorality crime, sexual perversions, violence and some(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) other vices done the use of these inventions of ripe technology. The computer and the internet amaze to a greater extent damaging influence on the youth. Youths make it long hours ceremonial occasion digital videos (DVD) or playing violent, withal bloody and devilish computer games. s ome youths spend hours or the totally darkness seek command site on the internet at that placeby getting unfastened to inappropriate materials, such as grown and erotica because some youth get initiated into Satanism, middleism and other secret region. The TV and internet fall in taking over the drive of the bible and petitions in a good number of homes. Youth treasure their abundant exploration of the internet in home base of reading their books and other intellectual activities. This a leading to a dramatic even up in the pedantic performance of the youth and a tall rate of fruitlessly of the youth in all spheres of life. brisk parents should rise up to this challenge, and set up corrective measures to book this trend of self destruction of the youth. 2. THE movie INDUSTRY umteen youths spend long hours watching the television denying themselves of meaningful activities that go away promote heathy living and advancement in life. The danger of the fritter industry right away is that it present a distorted Afri heap culture which negages pious virtuousnesss. For example, pre-marital sex is against paragon an abominable niceg in Afri foundation culture, tho the conduct industry at once presents it as the norm and what must stick with or be part of a descent.Invariably, the film industry is promoting promiscuity and without restran our youth are imbiding it as the norm. Similarly, traditional idol worship and loyalty to the devil which run done been overtaken by Christainity is stepwise being brought to light and encourage by the film producers. What active movies reign with violent operations?. This negates paragon peaceful co- cosmea among men. Parents must at that placefore rise up to say-so what their children watch on the television. 3. NEGLECING OF HARD pass some youths disastrousity to go the easy way of life. No work unless pauperizations to be rich.They appetency for success in life without compensab le the price of diligence. You impoverishment to see the coutless number of youths at the cyber cafe, browsing the internet looking for innocent preys to cut of thir hard earn money. somewhat pentecostal pastors are non left out in the rage for prosperity finished miracle galore at the expense of bustling labour. 4. SEARCH FOR GREENER roll some youths run the risk of probing for illegal fashion to go out of this country for better life. Experiences of those who attempted expiration this country reveal the agony many had to go though traveling with with(predicate) waste cut down to cross over to their promised land.In the process many had muzzy their stand ups and their understanding of value of life. Those who made it to their dreamed land are out their doing menial parentages and wipe up still are out into crimes of discordant degrees. 5. Domestic Problems umpteen youth are confronted with Domestic capers ranging from aggression from parents, strife betwi xt their fathers and mothers, parents inability to render the basic necessities of life. Youths from such homes run away from home, get problematic in all forms of crimes such as 419, arm robbery, thuggery, prostitution or employ assassions.Parents should wake up to their responsibilities and make sustainable plans for their children. 6. INDECENT grooming AMONG YOUTHS We do been marvellously made by divinity. Praise the Lord Let us trace our book binding to the Garden of Eden. When decade and Eve sinned against theology, they realised that they are naked. They fasten fig leaves in concert to make themselves aprons (Gen37). This masking piece only a part of their bodies. This is fact was non padful clothing and so the Lord God made for cristal and his wife garments of skins and intent them. This implies that the lord God covered their nakedness. in that locationfore, any clothing that does non cover the system fully is an inauspicious cloth. Let us also consider t he demigodiac in St. Lukes gospel Chapter 8 26-35). The demon possessed man was naked. The bible expound him as a man from the urban center who had demon for a long time he had exhausted no garb, and lived non in a house hardly among tombs. With encounter with Christ messiah, he was delivered from the legion of evil spirit, he was clothed and he was in his right mind (Luke 835). This implies that only heap who are non in their right mind would go about without tog not voluminous enough to cover their nakedness.The modern day christains especially youths are without estrain imbiding and embracing worldly principles, values, culture and usage without making refence to the word of God. The bible says bask not the world, incomplete the things that are in the world. If any man effs the world, the beloved of the father is not in him. For all that is inworld, the crave of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the primp of life is not of the father, just is of the world . I privy215. iniquitous attitudes or sophistication has belong the culture of the church. just about church members tell you what you carry does not matte, after all trust is in the heart.However, they forget that there is a link betwixt the state of mans heart and the outward appearance. In fact, ones outlook is greatly influenced by the human bole of the heart. It is not whimsical directly to get word different kinds of overweening and indecent trick uped worn by the majority of young people and some older people in the society, even in the church of God. These ladies dupe liquid and body hugged enclothe under the pretense of fashion and civilization. In fact, you see girls of flashy and easy virtue wearing exciting or beguiling apparels that partially conk out sensitive reas of their bodies such as breast, navels, breadbasket and thighs, such youth are not left out in their gruelling make-ups. Their make-ups are so excessive and outrageous that the girls are not less than masquerades and notifynot but be preposterous for prostitutes. Why would a Christain womanhood or lady pursue Jezbel? When Jehu came to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it and she multicoloured her eyes, and adorned her strait and looked out of the windowpane 2King930. Some ladies dress in such way that they make up lustful desires in men. The harlot dresses dishonourably only to appointise, comete and do the opposite sex.They wear revealing clothes which bring forth in men some immoral desires. Mini-skirts are symbolic of those ladies who neediness to seduce men. both mini-skirt is a can that sets the mind of a man to bet the most demoralize thoughts. On the other hand, ladies who are temptingly dressed are more promising to be irritated by men. In the actual sense, a lady who is immodestly dressed is enti blaspheme adverstising herself, telling the staminate ordinary people that she is available. No wonder, today that the rate at which women are ra ped is extremely alarming. The men folk are not left out of this craze for fashion.They heat their whisker (jerry curls or perm0, weave their hair, wear earring, leave their shirits unbuttoned, exposing their beareded chest, have funny styles of hair cut, consecrate make up yet to give themselves as senior guys. 7. familiar Immorality/ fornication Many youths do not see sextual immorality/formation as sin. They see it as a way of expressing their love to a person of the opposite sex. In popular advert which says if you love me prove it by making love to me adultery is the sexual descent surrounded by unmarried persons.God condemns fornication Do you not know that your body is a tabernacle of he devoted spirit, who is in you whom you have received from god? You are not your own, you were received with a price. thereof, honour god with your body (1cor 619-20) Anyone who destroy the temple of the sanctum sanctorum spirit which you are impart face wrath of God. The bi ble says you are Gods temple, anyone who defiles that temple, God depart destroy. Some youth who suck up in fornication (pre-marital sex) tell you they are in search of happiness, pre-marital sex has brought shame, place down and to many, unfulfilled circumstances and untimely death. concord to Ibid Pre-marital sex has many adverse effects surrounding it. By so doing display themselves to many risks such as pregnancy, abortion, death, death, veneral disease, fear, shame, disrespect, sterility, uncomplete career are grievous sins against God, your creator. These are what we risk ourselves for, fairish a unsullied pleasure which does not last. Similarly, punch theme had on one of its publication pointed out that Pregnancy is vertical one of the slipway one can reap on unpleasant increase from fornication It is better to avoid pre-marital sex. 8. Wild competition Youths, no uncertainty are very determined.Being ambitious itself should be commended. scarce when the ambit ion becomes obnoxious, wrong signals are elayed. It is not uncommon today to find youhs bind in all manner of nefarious activities that are impertinent to Christain virtues in a bid to sweep up great wealth, fame and success. They are usually recruited as political thugs, mistaken drug peddlers, armed robbers, hostage takers, murderers, assassins plot of ground others become cultists, prostitutes and so on. Some become involved in dubious and consummate business. The bible tells us to flee from all appearance of evil. some(prenominal) you do, do all to the glory of God.Finally, brethren, any(prenominal) things are true, some(prenominal) things are honest, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are good report if there be any virtue and if there be any paise, think on these thing (1 Cor1031. Phil 48) Do not get involved in any activity that is opponent to the tenents of God. Anything setback leads to hellfire. 9. colleague Group wreak Many Youth have been led ast ray by those they regard as friends. The influences of peers can bring about a positive or a ostracize change in ones life. But today, such influences have been found to destroy the lives of those who nurse had club.Thomas Martin as reported by Stan Ilo had this to say What can be more dangerous to youth than braggy companion what more fatal to all moral rectitude and looking than influence of bad example. Bad company ruins good moral. It bequeath be extremely recommended youths can be involved in authentic friendship. John Chidi once classified advertisement friendship into 3 1. Friendship establish on genius 2. Friendship establish on inner pleasure 3. safe griendship Youth should be encouraged to get involved in good friendship I =n which a man and a woman can be close friends without any sexual relation back whatsoever. 0 ill-gotten Language, noisy medicinal drug, dingy Dance, pornography Music is an ancient instrument with which Gods people adored, magisterial His Holy name and praised his majesty. This is still Gods hope from us today. However, Christain practice of medicine of today has untrue a new dimension from what obtains in the bible. Most Christain symphony today are emotional, sensual and noisy. The tuneful instrument sound than the wordings as obtained in worldly music. such(prenominal) songs do not give any inspiration, and it lacks modesty and moderation. So also is the lewd dance that accompanies the music. hightail it from such music and from any apprearance of evil. 11. UNEMPLOYMENT There is a high rate of battle in this country. Many youths who had managed to go with thick and thin to obtain a university degree or other degrees are out there on the streets roaming about in search of anything to do for living. His has been the engage of both youths and their parents. Many parents have lost inetrest in investment into education of their children. This has increase the number of youths without any formal educatio n or vovational training. angiotensin-converting enzyme sees them in high dense areas/cities move around move parks, marj=ket places, in hold back outs, practically doing naught meaningful. Their daily existence depend on how much they can steal, extort from people or just waste away. Some engage in menial jobs that can hardly take care of them, temporary hookup others become preys in the hand of evil men who take advantage of them by providing debase jpbs such as drug trafficking, prostitution. The self utilise are approach with problems of generating power for tjose whose jobs conduct electricity. The question is, for how long then can we watch the leadership of tomorrow waste away.We all must rise up to this challenge and commove corruption, injustice that have premeated into the whims and caprices of this nation. 12. Marriage Many youths today are faced with the problem of getting a wife or a husband. This could be attributed to a number of factors such as parental inf luence or control, self, sin and the devil. Youths becomes so haunt with their inability to be married that they now abadom God. To every man there is a wife and to every woman there is a man. Therefore wait on the Lord, and He bequeath provide. THE WAY forward-movingIn handling the problem of our youth and the difficulties confronting them in this factious generation, parents, churches, society and the youth themselves have precise subprograms they must perform to bring reasonableness to our world. Let us reflet on the role of the youth themselves. The youth who desires life and the fruits of elated life must desire God and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. desire first the kingdom of God and all its righteous and all other things exit be added unto you (Matt. 633). To the youth who had turn away from the Lord, I say come back with a repentant heart and the Lord leave receive and have you back as his own.Repentance involves a) Admitting your weakness, being sorry f or your weakness b) Renouncing your weakness The Lord tell us in Issaiah, come now let us agent in concert, says the Lord through your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, they shall become loke wool (Is. 118) Go for sacramental reconciliation. Having regained your relationship with God, He wants you to live a spic life even in this era of godlessness. You are to bind unpolluted and unruffled in the unendingly ever-changing world where you dwell.The unchanging God result substain you, for he has verbalise. For I am the Lord, I change not (Malachi 36). This implies that Gods children have no excuse to allow themselves to be swayed by the rapidly changing world around them. What is expected of the youth therefore gibe to the word of God is outlined as follows 1. The youth must treasure the unreduced word of God in his heart, life and mouth, civilization or no civilization. 2. He must eer and diligently with prayer guard hi s psyche so that he is not overtaken bythe whirlwind of globalization and modernization. . Must be resolved to live a sanctum life. This involves daring to be different with a resolution not to look back. 4. weigh on the grace of God. Paul tells the Ephesians, for it is by Grace you have been saved through Faith and this is not from your selves, it is a contribute of God (Eph 28) In the sane vein, Jesus tells us in Jn1516 not to rely on our own strength but yo abide on the Vine 5. Invite the Holy spirit, the sanctifying power of God into your life. It is the spirit that gives life. In all thid fullness, live in the spirit.So I say, live by the Spirit and you go forth not gratify the desires of the pixilated reputation. For the sinful nature desires swhich is contrary to the spirit and the spirit which is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in contradict with each other, so that do not do what you want (Gal516-17) 6. Associate with thos who love and fear God. theorize on the portrayal Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do function and wickness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What consonance is there between Christ and Belial? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?What symmetry is there between the temple of God and Idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said I will live with them and manner of walking amongthem, and I will be their God, and they will be my people 7. Plunge into interminable opportunities The Lord urges us to plunge ourselves into countless opportunities that he has set us. Like Joshua, He was to be strong, dauntless and to observe the word of God. Joshua did as God commanded and he prospered. at once God is verbalise to us that he has given us great opportunities to succeed in life and have all our needs met.However, many go through life dejected, defeated, defrauded, dominated and at the end doomed. you are a child of God. For success to come your way, start now. Do not be idle. You can still go back to school and get education you can re-write your cover and improve on them. Are you unemployed, apply to place no matter how little, or you can create a job yourself. You need not suffer, the sky is the limit. Finally, do not conciliate away from sacraments (Eucharist and the rite of Reconciliation). Heaven is real. What shall it earnings a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the loss of soul.

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