Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kingdom of Heaven Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Kingdom of Heaven - Essay ExampleSeveral skirmish between Muslim and Christian forces occur, like when zany and Raynald kill everyone on a Muslim caravan. Saladin, the Muslim leader, retaliates. Balian is captured, then freed by the servant he had turned loose. The Muslims and Christians reach a tentative truce. The Christians murder Saladins sister, cause Saladin to siege capital of Israel. Balian leads the defense, but has to surrender. Saladin allows them free passage back to their countries. When King Richard I ask Balian to crusade with him, Balian refuses. At the end, subtitles explain King Richard I failed, and fighting for Jerusalem continued over the centuries, even today. The film states Peace in the Kingdom of Heaven remains elusive (Kingdom of Heaven).There was not too much ghostlike content in this movie. Balian wanted to go the crusade to gain redemption for him and his wife. This is a Christian trait. Repentance, penance, and forgiveness is a Christian concept. So h is motives for going on the crusades were religious. Most of the Christians in the movie have no religion, or were hostile to religion.Good and bad Christians were portrayed in this movie. Good Christians like Balian left the Muslims in peace, but bad Christians wanted to kill all Muslims. A Christian crusader is someone who was planning to go there and come back. Crusaders were alright with several(prenominal) Muslims, but a Muslim state would have been unacceptable. They would have wanted to conquer the Holy Land for Christians.There were no churches in this movie, save for in the knighting scene. That was odd, because in the Middle Ages religion and churches were very important to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. There was crosses, but no crucifixes. The closest religious symbols were during the knighting ceremony where Balians father gives his oath, and Balian is knighted. During his knighting ceremony Balians father gives him his oath. slow him there is an

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