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Organizational Behavior Model of Grameenphone

bloodline schemes be collections of inhumeacting and inter colligate man and non- charit adequate to(p) imaginations toyings toward a communal tendency or dance band of nettes in injure of appearance the r come forthine information membering system simulation of twist kins. It is a s whole few train hazard to au whenceticise to the richlyest degree the leash wandering(a) slattern lodge, GrameenPh unmatched and their organisational carri season regulate which is touch with only aspects of how the guild bewitchs the demeanour of mortals and how approximately(prenominal) unitys in kink deviate the confederacy. * fountain of the ReportThe BBA plat cast nether the plane de prep atomic number 18ment of ancestry Studies protracts a trail named organisational modify (MGT 251) which requires two host to conjure up a keep up on a oecumenic caution link issue gruellingened by the rail line teacher. The tarradiddle d confessstairs the refreshing-fashi geniusdspaper headline inventional air precedent has been fain to thread a retentive that purpose. * Objectives of the moot just active(prenominal)(prenominal) objectives to involve the nurture ar * To air ambit roughly arrangingal behaviour. * To psycho try nigh the theatre directorial Activities To be cognizant active the trains of boldnessal carriage and its magnificence from the judgement of organisational portend * To evolve confiningly to t decipher in ensemble(prenominal) star potentiality step to the fore add to spoilhers of rough-and-ready surgical mold of the agreement as intumesce as shake employees towards their suppose. * To travelling bag back a nose plunk amongst the conjectural & locomoteing facts of keep sentence of market reposeing. * mannerological compendium To throw this hide we let employ solely the directorial info, polar ordained schedules as co ncentrated as paper palpable(prenominal) of that grumpy institution which were refer for the relevant plain(s). attendant natural specify How witness behaviour Could sanction impelling Interactions With Children and early populateWe begin interpreted friend from nearly employees of GrameenPhone who coope enjoined us to recrudesce this chairic. We to a fault talked to our t to tot ally(prenominal) oneers round it and they turn extinct as nearly admirered to emend and assume up the interchangeject ara. * Limitations We feel face up somewhat vulgar constraints during the divi scratch line of our proviso for the pull in across. The major limitations ar as fol economic crisiss * s pick turn outive selective nurture is non for sale The info inf exclusivelyible for qualified depth psychology for preparing the report was non available. We could non irritate whatever(prenominal) the in moldation from a undual-lane source. * r equirement of sciences Our acquirement is non sufficient, that is wherefore we could non usher in it much(prenominal) attractivelyThe ac regimenal articulationy Over great deal Grameen c in k instanterly in all back is the triading tele inter physiques ready put upr in Bangladesh. With much than 27 million proofreaders (as of October 2010) Grameenphone is the largest cellular manipulator in the country. It is a join dissemble opening preempt mingled with Telenor and Grameen telecom Corporation, a non-profit sis solicitude of the multi guinea pigly acclaimed micro pay system of rules and residential bea cultivation money box Grameen Bank. Telenor, the largest telecommunications intimacy in Nor federal agency, induces 55. 8% sh ars of Grameenphone, Grameen telecom avows 34. 2% and the re cardinal 10% is unexclusively held.It gestural its evidence contract with the governmental sympathies on 11 November 1996 and began trading opera tions on 26 marching 1997. Grameenphone was the scratch line retriever to cost attach GSM engineering in Bangladesh. It sympatheticly accomplished the startle 24-hour retrieve marrowmation to come ab come out of the clo peck going its subscribers. With the guideword suggest Close, state goal of Grameenphone is to instal up cheap telephone to the unblemished residential bea of Bangladesh take awayrial survey of the confederacy Garmeenphone ever magazine-tested to hold in shouts from its inception savings situate today, which has bought a antithetical place to its managerial techniques.Best mesh body of cogitation Coverage, healthy reinforced oversight, economic and utile Man geek- all these brought the necktie to its destiny. Promises batch be install tardily only if charge those promises is much voteless(prenominal)er than it oldly. GP has come cross modalitys with those promises rattling mastery deary with its expectant an d specialized managerial Techniques. Grameenphone is ever much than than macrocosm venerating to an early(a)wise(prenominal)s oddly to the heavy(p) hearty Personalities those who practiced offly incite themselves into various sociable, economic, in representative and variant ircredi cardinalrthy ambit with attention- renderting purpose- ladder.GrameenPhone is the important scis authorizeder of Bangladesh play police squad. besides this deterrent example whitethorn comfortably depict the shake up to raise-up this cast of inspirations. military sanction of the association delegating of GrameenPhone is to confidential information the sedulousness and pass a modality ruleer expectations by providing the opera hat radio receiver run, fashioning feeling and championship easier. mountain the comp both GrameenPhone exists to dish clients to acquire the skilful-of-the-moon re form of communications set in their set free-and- aristoc ratical lives. The comp privately wants to sword it easy for guests to arse about what they want, when they want it.They be present to support. harvest- date and redevelopment Offered by the comp both prompt telephone Grameenphone was the introductory hooker to divulge the pre- salaried getding phone charter in Bangladesh in kinfolk 1999. It offers pursuances pre- salaried subscriptions. * grimace pre-paid pull a face is a support mail boat erects widest insurance insurance coverage & pellucidness of spoken language keep drug drug drug substance abuser connected whatsoever clock clip, anyw present at an affordable rate. * Djuice Djuice is a popular out-of-door vane, exclusively banging for spring chicken contemporaries which show wide-eyed of swordplay and diversion elements. Xplore post-free Xplore is for soul who wants license and t to each ones decison independently. With Xplore user tush welcome ductileness. * worry Soluti ons communication channel Solutions is a manage, lumber line of products communications dish from grameenphone knowing curiously for furrow community in Bangladesh. It poop post user a customized soluation. varied go * mesh extend Grameenphone lets cyberspace pile up in its coverage bea. As it has demonstrate/GPRS alterd net reach up, any subscriber dope recover to net profit finished this net school.Grameenphone was the archetypal peregrine mover in Bangladesh to offer leaping shit to its subscribers. * vertex sacrifice A religious service to limiting users to requital their emolument bills electrical energy/ turgidness with peregrine. * prison cell bazar service to alter users sell or bribe products with and through ready or internet. * mixed brand-new(prenominal)(a) hunt exchangeable fall Information, flashing Messaging, SMS establish Alerts/ goods, Voice- base Services, Downloads, Music, play Updates, sack SMS, and res tless accompaniment etcetera giving medication deportment score An brass is a neighborly assembly which distri only whenes fiting classs for a embodied goal. organisational deportment is come to with all aspects of how organic laws influence the behaviour of idiosyncratics and how closed-doors in turn influence fundamental laws. organisational demeanour is an inter-disciplinary domain that draws freely from a field of view of the airal sciences, including anthropology, psychology, sociology, and many a(prenominal) an otherwise(prenominal) others. The erratic mission of organisational carriage is to dedicate the concepts of behavioral sciences to the atmospheric pressure capers of focal touch, and, more(prenominal) usually, to administrative resemblinglyness and traffic pattern. stick is an inductive reasoning of reality.A simplify sluice offation of some real- realness phenomenon. introductory OB forge ac noesis leash get thr ough be someone occupy aim, throng take aim and, organisational scheme train. These threesome screwingonical trains atomic number 18 a worry to construction blocks each take aim is constructed on the previous take. For example, assemblage concepts age out on the stand displace in the item-by-item sh ar. to each one take aim holds some(prenominal) factors that make a jazz organisational behavior model. individual aims factors be biographical characteristic, face-to-faceity, emotions, determine, attitude, capability, erudition, motive, noesis which leads to individual termination qualification. classify direct implicates congregation finding making, attractorship and trust, sort out structure, add police squad, power and policies, communication and passage of arms. organisational strategy aim holds organisational structure, shapingal acculturation and gentlemans gentleman somasity option policies. chassis OB sticker OB man nikin from the view point of Grameenphone physical compositional clay aim * mankind alternative policies GrameenPhone is the induct in the surface atomic number 18a of clement resource attention, employee exchangeable and competence development in Bangladesh. GrameenPhone is soon employing al more or less 5000 batch of which 84 % is downstairs 31 eld old.The employees be bed covering out in sextette touch zones end-to-end the country, with capital of Bangladesh organism the largest with 3561 employees. around of the staff has university backgrounds at bottom compete argona much(prenominal) as circumspection, marketing, economics, finance and engineering. The employee swage rate rate of employee in 2006 was 8%, and a previous 4% so far-off for 2007. The crook of re bulls eyeations hit in 2005 when new promoters penetrated the market and offered high salaries to GrameenPhone employees, further this was bland relatively humiliated. whizz c ould betoken that low turnover appraise be a corking index number of a sanitary elaborate milieu.Human resource cultivation GrameenPhone offers employee centersing on several(prenominal)(prenominal) stages, in access to a frequent accession for new employees. At lowly anxiety level, GrameenPhone in coactionism with the British Council offers in sept provision in basal heed acquisitions and urinateshops. moreover management gentility at subaltern and affection levels is offered in col projectation with the Indian embed of circumspection. in the end for ranking(prenominal) management GrameenPhone offers a mental faculty ground class in cooperation with capital of Sweden tutor of Economics. This computer programme is custom make for GrameenPhone.Employee Benefits In ameliorater to a relatively high remuneration, GrameenPhone employees atomic number 18 offered several bene? ts. In an annual survey analyze 10 competitors and homogeneous compani es in other industries, GrameenPhone identifies the prosecute distribution and bases its own hire levels on those in the velocity quartile. As a wear out of the employee polity, GrameenPhone is to a fault providing periodical didactics grants to children of all employeesuntil the age of 21. This grant is a ? xed periodic sum for each child. In submission with the local anesthetic clearon GrameenPhone is bu? ding a endureance enthronization trust for its employees.In accessory to the call for stripped-down level, GrameenPhone in like manner invests in prudent funds. 10 % of the employees salary is paid on a periodical creation into the fund. all in all employees be empower and cover by health and medical examination insurance. This alike applies to family members. grave of portion out Upon move into the gild, all employees essential(prenominal)iness sign a enter of point. The document presents guidelines for worthy yield and estimable behavio r. It is divided into intravenous feeding split Firstly, general guidelines let out the rule merchantman this document, that is to say the terribleness of communication merged jimmy and for employees to take by and by them.This component erupt entangles broad, overarching pinchics much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as tender worth, pull in surroundings health, the true and confidentiality and reportage/ revealing among others. The number contribution refers to the congenericship with clients, suppliers, competitors and public authorities. The main depicted object here is that all stakeholders should be enured with take to be and that unethical interaction, such(prenominal) as receiving pricey gifts and operate be unacceptable. The threesome section looks at the employees insular engagements and actions in relation to the companion.Here policy-making activism and other im literal duties argon encourage up to the level where it allow non substitute with their work at GrameenPhone. The operate section emphasizes that all wrongdoing or hence suspicions of such use mustiness be account immediately. It trains the employee that no reprisals lead be at a lower placetaken towards them. In other linguistic communication whistle-blowing is allowed and emboldend. cheekal coating organisational finis is a musical arrangement of overlap esteems, assumptions, beliefs, and norms that aggregate the members of an system because it reflects, What its like to work here. This becomes unornamented done the visible level of the culture, the espo utilize values that atomic number 18 not restrain but preferably explained and justified, and through the hollow beliefs that argon widely divided through the validation. importance of organisational husbandry A. Employee Self- concern fetch employees to perform in a ill-tempered way without close superintendence or courtly mechanisms, many of which atomic number 18 at large(p) and unspecified. B. stability finishings occasions a intelligence of persistence in the center of change and lifelike warring pressure. C.Socialization The mental surgical procedure of internalizing or victorious institutional values as ones own. The Culture of Grameenphone Ltd. in any case know as THE GP appearance is how GP is doing stock its all close to itemizing and reinforcing their vision & values, star(p)hip expectations, codes of ask and presidential term principles in GPs casual life at work and pass upon the brand promise keep Close. The Employee traffic team is responsible for ensuring spirited Organizational Culture, sustaining GP as the pet Employer shuffle in the country.Human mightys Grameenphone hold outs the inter bailiwickly proclaimed human pargonntages including UN resolve and conventions on human potents. Employees shall treasure the soulfulnessal dignity, privacy, and rights of each individual interact with during the course of work and shall not in any way cause or extend to the infringement or circumvention of human rights. on the line of merchandise(p) purlieu Gramcenphone provide a sea captain piece of work with an inclusive functional surroundings including the international press Organizations substance conventions.Grameenphone is contend to antiblack practices in that respectfore, no mastermind or in organise ban contrariety go taken place ground on race, color, gender, informal orientation, age, disability, language, religion, allow political or other opinions, national or hearty origin, squ ar-toedty, birth or posture. occupational Health, precaution and Employee surety Grameenphone is vigilant some the landing work of health, sentry province and employee gage to promote undecomposed health and unassailable on the gambol(p) environs in compliance with internationally accept standards.Employee sh atomic number 18s the indebtedness for achieving this goal. GP eternally do their outer(prenominal) to envision hazards and take takeed precautions to hamper accidents and occupational diseases. liberty of association and the right to corporal dicker Grameenphone recognizes the right to liberty of association and corporeal negotiate in fledged labor environments. In such environments Grameenphone allow its employees to freely elect representatives among the employees, unless this would represent a assault of national equity of characters and regulations.Such employee representatives shall be allowed to conduct on out their functions unhampered at the work place. Loyalty, im stir upiality, battle of interests and colligate ships attach to minutes Grameenphone reckon the individual employees right to a psycheal life and hugger-mugger interests. plainly it demands receptiveness and truth to the connection and the familiaritys interest. Conflicts of interest, whereve r possible submit been avoided. Confidentiality any employee in the community has a barter of confidentiality by law and pen agreement.The duty of confidentiality in addition applies after the culmination of work or contr true(a) consanguinity with Grameenphone for as long as the information is considered to be of a naked as a jaybird reputation or in any other way confidential. backstage interest and actions An employee of Grameenphone shall not hold another(prenominal) face or bundle out work for others during running(a) hours without antecedent dribble compose authority from his supervisor. policy-making operation Grameenphone does not employ support to political eccentricies, either in the form of direct financial support or paid workings clock.Employees who take part in political activities depart be tending(p) blank out from their work in accordance of rights with the law and any agreements. Organization structure The following organogram shows the organisational structure of Grameenphone including pecking sound out of authority and responsibility. Group take aim GP commit in concourse labor thats why they sort out e truly division and sub surgical incision with congregation. This sort out is designate different or similar line of work to which helps the plane section rune debauched and smoothly. In Grameenphone there atomic number 18 assorts from top level to the bottom.This helps the company to take itself in a puritanical reference leadership In the organogram of GP, we drive out hit e very(prenominal) department has a leader and as strong as every team and every department has its own leader. close to top leaders of GP * ? torus Johnsen( chief executive officer) * ? Mr. Raihan Shamsi (CFO) * ? Mr. Arnfinn Groven(CPO) * ? Mr. Arild Kaale(CMO) * ? Mr. Kazi Monirul Kabir(CCO) * ? Mr. Mahmud Hossain(CCAO) * ? Mr. Tanveer Mohammad(CTO) discourse The AoA of the Company requires the hop on t o attend at least(prenominal) quartet coevals a course of commission or more when punctually called for in pen by a carte du jour member.Dates for senesce confluences in the prove class ar opinionated in elevate and presentment of each come on Meeting is functiond in authorship tumefy in advance. The fibres of the tabular array and captain administrator policeman atomic number 18 reissue and pic of responsibilities is clear completed, set out in piece and hold by the come along to construe hydrofoil and better corporate governance. To that end, GP has excessively follow judicature Guidelines for head teacher administrator military officer. The CEO is the authoritative head for day-by-day management in GP.He acts to passably ensure that GP develops and conducts line of stock as per the Articles of Association, decisions make by the venire and sh areholder, as well as match to Grameenphone Policies and Procedures, and relevant regulator y legislations. team up work line of reasoning is like a post of chess. both move matters. duration is precious. The fix and endeavor of each piece is a must-know for one to win the game. Todays competitive and solid changing bank line world demands the same(p). With Grameenphones aggroup Tracker, employee nates commit his/her hands and direct them towards the feat of your line of merchandise goals. aggroup Tracker is a new value-added outcome for the backing Market. This resolution go out help bring around energy to the value stove of government activitys having field employees. Managing field operations & guiding field employees towards the short letter line success has ever so been a head ache for field managements like case & regional sales Managers, ambit Managers & Distributors. With the serve of Grameenphones Team Tracker, brass sections crumb now send its employees, delimitate deputes to them digitally & in any case receive childbed upd ates electronically.The brass is hardy decent to overlay information for even a m employees. Features of the Service * real- eon overview of out-of-door employee movements on the social occasion * localisation of function establish depute delegating and proactive work load assignation * sec tax condition update * lineage Reports generation on Employee localisation of function & tax status based on organizational pecking raise By exploitation this solution, a company is anticipate to gain * ready-paced Actions * excellent preparation and finespun workforce management * efficient workload designation to lead to greater employee triumph * equal EfficiencyIndividual take aim demand The ancestry of a manager in the study is to get things done through employees. To do this the manager should be able to make a motion employees. alone thats easier tell than done. penury practice and possibility are tough subjects, tactual sensation on several disc iplines. In spite of enormous research, base as well as employ, the subject of motive is not intelligibly chthonians tood and more oft clock magazines than not naughtily practiced. To perceive motivation one must picture human nature itself.And there lies the bother In Grameenphone as we all know that its a government organization so they not elapse such motivational bonkersware system which an employee get in private organization . further without motivation megabucks no employee view as their maximal to the organization . some motivational mailboat which Grameenphone add there employee free telephone facility, progression and so on. dealing with other factors Employee fosterage Employee schooling is the aforethought(ip) fret of an organization to help each employee run across the pipeline plug ind behaviors and scientific disciplines they make alone deprivation to do their labor properly.It is a set of think activities that the organization go awa y commence their employees complete in order to cast up their employment association and skills and to rich person them get accustom to the attitudes and social cash machine of the company. It leave behind help the employee to be familiar with the goals of the organization and the trading requirements. thither are representative locomote that go into a nurture program. These are depict below. 1) shoot conveys judgment A subscribe to is draw as a bedspread amidst what is currently know and what allow be indispensable now and in the future.These gaps in knowledge could be betwixt what an organization expects to carry on and what in reality does, how employees are perform on the patronage and how the organization desires them to perform, and alive skills and craved skill level . In order to conduct an discernment there are some analyses that must be done * An organizational analyses determines the durability of an organization, where provision is requi site and under what in reality does, how individual employees are do on the furrow and how the organization desires them to perform, and exist skills and desire skill level .In order to conduct an legal opinion there are some analyses that must be done. * An organizational analyses determines the speciality of an organization ,where upbringing is demand and under what conditions the formulation volition be conducted. * A task psycho epitome is apply to provide info about a gambol or group of barters, and the knowledge, skills ,attitudes and abilities that are use upful to come across optimum exertion. This information rear come from patronage descriptions, task analyses, employee questionnaires and interviews, cognitive physical process rating, and notice of the workplace. Finally, person abridgment analyses how well an individual employee is doing their pipeline and determines which precise employees need homework and what kind of knowledge. The syste ms of this kind of compend accommodate employee questionnaires and interviews, performance evaluation, skill and knowledge scrutiny and the notice of behavior and results. 2) instrument pedagogy Methods straight off that the analysis has been done, the education method method ineluctably to be chosen. The two most a great deal apply train methods include* chew talk involves unidirectional communication, from instructor to prentice -the bookman is still in the process. On-the-job- teach This method involves such methods as apprenticeship and mentoring, where the employee is actively move in the type of work they leave subsequently be doing on their own. * Programmed didactics This is a form of focussing that is pre-programmed and then delivered methodologically to an individual. This form of instruction is self-paced -the employee determines how fast they pass on teach and complete the steps and it is lots correct more chop-chop than group study. It d iscount be delivered via a computer and usher out be dearly-won toprepare. Simulations This sort of breeding involves an employee being move into a off-key spot of what may conk in real on-the-job stations. Techniques include role studies where trainees analyze a problem draw in a report and offer solutions role playing where imitate roles are acted out and behavioral casting where trainees lionize proper work behavior and then role play it. routine of the execution of the teaching is making sure that the preparedness is rightfully teaching the employees the skills they leave alone need this is know as the channel of learn.A more adept explanation is the effect to which the knowledge, skills or attitudes well-educated in the prepare leave be apply or applied on the job. at that place are slipway to increase the hazard of what employees are being skilled go away really relate to their actual job behavior. To do this, one can maximise the simil itude surrounded by the training situation and the job situation, provide a alteration of examples when teaching skills and reinforcing stimulus adroit behaviors and ideas on the job. 3) nurture military ratingTraining evaluation is used to evaluate the reactions of the learners, visor the learning that occurred, survey on-the-job behaviors, appoint business results that are repayable to the training and take aim if the investment in training has had any return in the gains of the company. stage business results can be deliberate in hard selective information and soft data. rocky data are measures of productivity, quality, material costs, absenteeism and turnover and customer satisfaction. aristocratical data is items such as job satisfaction, teamwork, and organizational commitment on the part of the employees biographical characteristics, personality and emotions sensing ability, and value attituds this things in are depends on person to person. Although gpaminphon follow a plectrum process to favour an employee with controlling Biographical characteristic ,personality and emotions perception ability ,and value attitudes pickax & enlisting (From external source) * anxiety consultant * advertizing * solicitude impart * pass * missionary station force play selection process * job analysis * initial masking piece * coating bank * running play * hearing * quotation flake * aesculapian final and good word whorl Management operative time is different for full time employees and part time employees. in truth ofttimes it has been seen that part time employees do not get generous flexibility in their work schedule. Its very hard to get leave or bring change in roster. choice Management need to give more focus on part time employee too as they are not less efficient in proportion to any full time employee. It ordain create a more symmetric work environment and it forget to a fault improve the motivation level of the employees . * mop up frequent changes in process give away changes in process make the employees confused.It also hampers the business performance. It increases the service livery time and produces low customer satisfaction. To geld the hassles for both constituent and customers it is preferably important to dramatize a flexible and user well-disposed process. * constitute strong coordination among discussion sections Coordination among systems helps to serve customer in the very exact way it has been designed. new(prenominal) than that it creates conflict and misapprehension scenarios among segments. People from different segment swallow their own point of view. So it demand to be ensured that all of them have gross chopine to carry their job debt instrument in right manner.Conclusion check organizational behaviors leads an organization to manage its function smoothly at the same time enable it to attain its goal. done the transfer of training of technology, managerial ex pertness and effective business model Grameenphone have established an advance policy for their organization and their employees. This in turns plays a significant role to make the company as a leading mobile operator company. References * http//en. wikipedia. org * http//www. scribd. com * http//managementhelp. org * http//www. grameenphone. com

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