Saturday, June 22, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Report - Essay ExampleThe main reason for the accidents is lack of proper formulation and lack of safety equipment. The management does not provide proper personal protective equipments to the employees. When new employees are hired, they are not inducted mightily which result in accidents. Record of all the accidents inside the work place is maintained. By analyzing this record I was able to make a hypothesis more or less veritable areas which were or so dangerous as compared to others. Primary source of Information I did not use whatever other source of information instead I center on see the employment personally and to collect data about potential hazards personally. I went to those areas which showed higher rate of accidents and injuries in the record. I noted dash off all the potential hazards for the workers. I visited each and every corner of the work place and collected information about all the potential hazards. By visiting the whole workplace I was able to ident ify the potential hazards and the old data gave us information about the total number of accidents and injuries in certain areas of the workplace. However I wanted to know about the whole incident, how that happened and who was at the fault. For this purpose I had to arrange interviews with the workers who fell prey to those accidents. So, I interviewed the workers and asked them how the accidents happened with them. They told me the real facts about the accidents. Some workers admitted that it was totally their own mistake. Had they taken some precautionary measures, this accident could have been avoided. Some workers mentioned the carelessness of the management for not adopting safety measures on feature machines. After these interviews we were able to make an opinion that why those accidents happened in the past and how they could have been avoided. Recommendations It has not become possible in any part of the adult male to create a hazard free workplace. However through adopti ng precautionary measures it has become possible to reduce the accidents and their severity to a great extent. By properly arranging things in the workplace we can easily reduce the risk factor in the workplaces. If we focus more on training it is possible to get down the accidents rate to almost zero percent.( Armstrong & Baron, 2002) The management should follow the recommendations given below in order to avoid accidents in the future and to make the workplace safe for the workers. Management should not send in experienced and newly recruited employees on machines without any senior worker. They can only work on machines in the presence and supervision of a senior employee for a specific time period.( Price & Price, 2011) There were many large and small objects on the floor when I surveyed the organization. All the objects should be placed properly and there should be some marking with different color lines. A walking area should be pronounced separately which should be kept clea r all the times. Forklifts were moving around in the workplace carrying some heavy objects. Those forklifts should have a separate track marked with yellow color and forklift should operate only in that marked areas. There were few cranes in operation inside the workplace and they were carrying very considerable and heavy objects from one point to another. Any mishap can happen there. There should a strong net of steel above the workers, so that if any object may fell, it may not hurt the workers. All the

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