Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Each student will provide the class with an overview of the marketing Term Paper

from each one student will provide the class with an overview of the marketing strategies used by two companies competing for the same cu - Term Paper ExampleP&Gs marketing strategy is to develop scattering channels at the local level, and has correspondingly organized its market development units according to its regional markets. It overly aims to develop new product brands and enhance its current brand portfolio. Its core competencies include innovation, brand-building, go-to-market capabilities, scale, and consumer understanding. Among the companys strengths are its slopped R&D focus, market leadership, product portfolio diversification, and strong cash position. However, it has experienced change magnitude incidences of product recalls, high product prices that have caused a decline in sales volume, and a exhalation in market share. The company expects to recover, however, by widening its customer base and increasing its worldwide market share by advancing more aggressive ly into emerging markets. It will realize this goal by means of three initiatives, namely integration, simplification, and digitization. Eventually, it expects to resume its former positive market ingathering. Unilever is a international leader in the manufacture and distri just nowion of fast moving consumer goods. Its portfolio includes some of the best known brands in the world, in foods, space care, and personal care. The companys forerunner was founded in the late 19th century by William Hesketh Lever, but assumed the name Unilever in 1930 when it merged with other consumer goods companies that had likewise been in existence before the debate of the century. It turned global in the sixties, and attained market leadership in the eighties which it maintains to the present. The firm has manufacturing facilities worldwide, and serves a broad cross-section of the market since its products target customers of all walks of life. Among its core competencies are the ability to conc eptualize products, its global logistics network, its scientific research in nutrition, and the ability to communicate and influence public behaviour. Its strengths include a strong brand portfolio, diversified revenue streams, and strong focus on R&D and sustainability. It has a problem, however, in maintaining its sales and profitability performance which have constantly declined in the three years covering 2007 to 2009, indicating that it has a particular vulnerability to the current economic recession. This is attributed to intense competition, rising inflation and reduced consumer demand. The company foresees opportunities for growth in emerging markets and chances to enhance its product portfolio by making some select acquisitions. The firm intends to foray some of its non-core business activities and concentrate on its principal product lines. In the immediate future, it aims to double the size of it of its business while reducing its impact on the

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