Monday, April 29, 2019

Whether the rise of China is a threat to Asian stability Essay

Whether the rise of China is a threat to Asian stability - Essay Example insure of indicators that not only include measurable wealth (GDP) and military spending, but a host of factors that essentially defines a states reflective position beyond its borders. That the Asia-Pacific is undergoing tectonic shifts in terms of the elements of backbreaking power in now a forgone conclusion China overtook Japan in 2010 to become Asias largest economy, only second to the United States globally in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), and in the process, taking advantage of the latters woes in the wake of a deadly financial crisis to extend its influence in the neighboring nations growth momentum. The increasing influence of China in this region, not to mention its strategic office as a major international actor, coupled with its gradual move towards greater power status, a puzzle widely theorized as the China Threat with uncertain predictions, none of which has ever materialized, forms th e basis of solution herein.All nations pursue their interests of security and prosperity within a context of political diplomacy that ropes in economic, and, if need be, military forces as directed by a history that underpins national ethos and the existing relationships with states in question (Lemke, Douglas, and Suzanne Warner 237). In the mix between the national ethos and political history are the personalities of leaders in power and their respective abilities to further the two elements to certain commensurate heights. As the adage goes, nations only restrain permanent interests. Accordingly, friendly nations may turn hostile to a neighbor with weird interests, bringing together former enemies to secure a common interest a grim picture captured in literary analysis in the context of an increasingly influential China in the Asian power political sympathies during the past quarter century (Kaplan 3). Indeed as expected, the collapse of the Soviet Empire, marking the end of the mothy war, heralded an era of fractured global power structure, hitherto

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