Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Essay --

Over the last 30 years, videos games have become in truth desirable for people of all ages, genders, and race. With the rapid growth of technology these games have become very life like and some seem as if your actually in that respect in person. The rapid growth has made the video industry into a multi-billon dollar industry and this has created much controversy among the people because the games are decent very realistic, but also more violent. Since the creation of violent video games there have been constant disputes to whether these games will increase emphasis in the player. Nevertheless, there have been researches done to try and understand the correlation between video games and violence. These researches havent only showed that the violent games dont transfer violence to the players, but they actually help players.With the rise of technology people have begin to drift away from connecting in person and have adapt to this variegate by speaking or communicating threw som ething electronics. With games like call of duty and many others, players are able to communicate with many others, th...

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