Thursday, May 30, 2019

Women in Art Essay -- Arts Females Gender Artistic Painting Essays

Women in Art Throughout history many nice works make up been deemed great and many individuals have been labeled masters of the discipline. The question of who creates art and how is it to be classified as great or greater than another has commonly been addressed by scholars and historians. The last quarter of the 20th century has reexamined these questions based on the assertions that no women artists have ever created or been comprehended to the level of greatness that perpetu bothy befalls their male counterparts. The position that society has institutionalized on women as unable to be anything but subordinate and unexpressive is a major contributor to this claim. Giving a brief history of gender discrimination in the art field, examining different theories in regard to why women have been excluded from art history throughout the ages, and finally, discussing the contributions and progress that women artists and historians have achieved in the past two decades, will help to better understand the complexity and significance of women artists. The former(a) years of the 1990s mark the 20th anniversary of the womens movement in art. The exact date of the movement can not be ascertained due to the item that there was such an immense number of things happening for the Womens Liberation movement at that time. Nevertheless, the achievements of the 1970s womens art movement were enormous and it is one of the most influential movements of that decade. 20 years later, the struggle for representation in the arts continues. In 1990, a U.S. study was conducted on Gender Discrimination in the Artfield. The results are as follows 50.7% of all visual artists are female and women hold 53.1% of the degrees in art,... ...Feminist Art. Harry N. Abrams, Inc, 1994. Chadwick, Whitney. Women, Art, and Society (revised edition). Thames and Hudson Inc., 1996. Freud, Sigmund. Femininity. Feminist Frameworks. Ed. Jaggar and Rothenberd. McGraw-Hill, 1978. 9 1-98. Morse, Marcia. Feminist Aesthetics and the Spectrum of Gender. Philosophy East & West 42(April 1992) 287-289. Nochlin, Linda. Why declare There Been No Great Women Artists? (1971). In Women, Art, and Power, and Other Essays. Harper & Row, 1988. Portwood, Pamela. Feminist Views Schapiro helps female artists shed their cloaks of anonymity. The Arizona Daily Star. 19 Feb, 1999. Starlight 6E. Strawter, Lisa Marie. Facts About Women in the humanistic discipline Women Artists Archive Online Available. http//, (accessed April 19, 1999).

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