Thursday, May 2, 2019

Family Violence across the Lifespan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Family Violence across the Lifespan - act ExampleMy reading of this chapter has benefited me a lot. I have learned that ethnic minorities should be treated with distribute to avoid oppressing them. Professionally, this knowledge will help me interact well with such people. Such activities will supercharge the ethnic diversity in various communities. In the same token, the knowledge will assist in providing professional support to women who go through battering in their homes. Most importantly, I will intimately offer assistance to my battered sister who is suffering in her marriage in a irrelevant country. The discussion on domestic violence is grave to the world as it will provide guidelines for the formulation of appropriate legislations to protect women from issues of forced early marriages, rape, and domestic violence among other atrocities women are subjected to by males in the communities. The chapter depicts that family violence affects all professions across the board. It will also serve to enlighten both men and women of the c role women play in our societies. Lawmakers will apply this research to enhance the place of a young lady child in the society as well as defend the rights of the homosexuals to salvage them from the aggression of the mass who demean them because of their sexual orientations. In the recent past, homosexuality and equality have elicited heated debates, activists concern for better treatment of such minorities in the communities. Additionally, the knowledge will help societies overcome the extremism we are experiencing instantly and the massive influx of homosexuals in the communities.

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